You’ve Got Mail!

Dream messages from the other side of the veil come in all forms now a days…. Voice, sight, phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media. As we evolve as humans and as technology grows & expands (on a weekly bases) bringing us information in multiply ways… we are finding that spirits (ghosts), loved ones, guides, angels (and the like) will use these same tools and technologies to communicate with us during both our dreamtime and possibly in waking.

A dear friend of mine who has been a dream analysis & psychologist for many years (once a mentor to me back in the early 2000’s who opened doors helping me heal through my dreams) is collecting visitation dreams in which messages come through via text message, email, and social media. Have you ever experienced a dream like this before? If so, please contact John Rehak by emailing him your dream related to this topic —

Want to learn more about John’s research? Just drop him an email and inquire directly with him. John is an amazing, kind, fun-loving soul! He has been on several TV and radio shows speaking about dreams… check out his past appearances by clicking here and scrolling down the page.

Gillian Holloway and I spoke with John on our show Flash of Spirit back in 2010-2011. Want to hear how wonderful John is? Listen to us discuss nightmares with him: FoS111610_JohnR11162010  John takes a frightening topic and sheds light and warmth to our nightmares and bad dreams. Enjoy!


On another Dreamtime note…

I am collecting Night Shift Dreams related to taking on the persona of someone else (living or deceased). For more information about what these type of dreams might entail visit the questionnaire to review…. I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING DREAM SUBMISSIONS. My book has been published and you can read it (and my other 2 books) by purchasing via any online book store.

And one last tidbit of dream information….

I am starting to see similarities in the different levels of dimensions and realms we visit during our dreamtime travels. I am still creating a questionnaire to identify settings and locations on dimensional realms – notably the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions. If you are noticing that you are visiting a location within a dimensional realm repeatedly during your dreamtime astral travels please feel free to send me these dream and detailed locations. I am hoping to have a questionnaire dimensional realm dreams up on my site under the questionnaire drop down tab by Jan. 2013. This research is very important to me in understanding astral traveling and waking up into your dreams as DreamWorkers – where we go, why we go there, our soul’s purpose….. and our continuous evolution through the dimensions… and how we can arrive in these dimensions often in both waking and dreaming (is it possible during our waking hours also?). Where are you going in your dreams? What does it look like? Feel like? And do you find yourself visiting certain places often?

Thank you dreamers for all you share with us!

For in sleep, I am at home.

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