Seeking Answers to Our Dreamtime Realities?

Do you have a question that pertains to your nightly dreamtime that you happen to be seeking an answer to? On Tuesday November 27th I will be a guest on the BSFollmer podcast. What is really going on in some of your dreams? I would like to invite dreamers to submit questions about dreams (night shift dreams, DreamWorkers, visitation dreams, afterlife communication, dream guides, astral traveling, and soulmates) via email to Ashley:

Submit questions on dreams or any of the topics above by Noon on Tuesday Nov. 27th. Host Scott Follmer is an amazing soul and if you have never heard his podcast you should check out his previous shows. I am lucky to have been a guest on his show in years past, and I am happy to say I have been invited back to dive deep into our dreamtime w/ Scott and discuss … well…. Scott and I are known to explore the dream realm many people seem to hold fear around…..

What is really happening in our dreams? Do we exist as souls during dreamtime or is everything just the imagination of our mind? Why do some dreamers work during the hours their physical body sleeps? While other people either just sleep, or have venting and wish fulfillment dreams? Who are those dream characters we encounter, are they our dream guides? Have you ever wondered if dreams can actually be healing? These are the questions Scott and I love to discuss together – hope you will download the show to listen in to our otherworldly conversation… visit

The myths that captivate us in waking are actually magical truths birthed from our unconscious selves residing within the realms of dreamtime.

Ghosts of our past, present, and future are a part of our waking and dreaming realities — each being (alive & deceased) have a bowl full of wisdom and knowledge to share with us. In living human form we exist as the spirits of our souls. Our souls originate from other dimensional realms that are naked to the human eye, only because long ago we shut the curtain and darkened our sight. It is time we begin to lift this veil again, and bring our true sight back in order to evolve… not only as positive living human beings, but to evolve as spiritual higher vibrational souls. The first step is for all of us to tap into our abilities, our intuition, to raise our vibrational energy levels, and to stop thinking that if it seems it is impossible then it must not be true.

Dreams are pieces of our soul’s reality, they are not always a manifestation our waking self, working through our daily lives. Dreams bring messages of our future back to us. Once you decide to take a look behind the veil, you may begin to notice your individual self awakening, and with a sudden thought to begin seeking out what you have thought to be the impossible –only to find the most amazing happenings manifesting through unconscious connections, natural sixth sense abilities, unconditional love, and radiant light.

Here is the link on my website to find out about all my past, present, and future shows I am (will be) a guest on… also to read reviews on my book DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams, and to read the guest blog postings I have written up for other blogs. 

Upcoming Conversations:

On Wednesday Nov. 28th at 6pm I will be speaking with host Karen Tate on her show Voices of the Sacred Feminine in which we will be discussing Night Shift Dreams and the DreamWorkers who find themselves working to heal, guide, and help other souls living and deceased.

UPDATE:  My Guest Spot  on Soul Revolution Radio (I  mentioned below) with host Lorri Woodmansee has been changed to Wed.  December 5th at 10am! Tune in!

Next Monday December 3rd I have been granted the opportunity to be a guest on three different fabulous radio shows. 12-3-2012 must be a highly positive day for me… three 2’s and a 3…. Numerology buffs can you elaborate for me on the meaning of such a day for me? I start my day speaking with host Lorri Woodmansee from Soul Revolution Radio. Lorri and I will be exploring astral traveling and our dreamtime starting at 10:30am PST on Dec. 3rd. Then I will be speaking with Jim Harold in the early afternoon 1pm ET on his show Paranormal Podcast about this dreaming phenomena of Night Shift Dreams…. Why are some dreamers able to ‘see’, hear, and communicate with the deceased in their dreams while other people are not? Why do some dreamers work all night in what I call ‘Night Shift Dreams’ within other realms, while other dreamers choose to remain planted in the active imagination of their physical minds? Last I close my Monday evening by appearing on Z100 talk radio the BUZZ
at around 7:00pm PST. I will continue my conversation with host Scott Rorek on Night Shift dreams (afterlife communication, and the DreamWorkers helping both the living and the deceased).

~Dreams are the essence of our Soul ~ it is time enter into a world of divine dreaming ~

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