Am I Astral Traveling? Or maybe….??

Are we two places at once? Is it possible our soul leaves our body while we sleep and travels out into the invisible – the realms and dimensions beyond the physical? I have never thought to question what my dreams have spoken to me to be true. Am I lucid in my dream state? Am I astral projecting while I journey? What happens when I space out for a few moments, in waking, and find I have gotten to point A to point C without noticing my surroundings (or point B) in-between?

Excuse me if I begin to ramble here…

Do I need to define these terms for myself? Because my whole life I have called leaving my body while sleeping astral traveling — I leave my body, while it lays to sleep, and wake up in realms within out my physical self. And those moments when I am waking, moving, going somewhere and I suddenly leave my body, have a peaceful experience, and then arrive at my destination without any awareness of the waking journey I call (a type of?) OBE.

Why do we see ourselves or each other in physical form while we are astral traveling? I believe our soul, our energy body, is currently attached to part of our body, which exist presently within the 3rd dimensional realm. We are still alive with our body through a cord (many have seen to be a silver cord) and we begin to astral travel, we see each other as we are most comfort to view. As we manifest our ability to astral travel, as we gain higher vibrational frequency levels we begin to “see” others in their true form – their energy body……. or even as they are projecting themselves, allowing us to view them from what they project telepathically. For example; sometimes I see souls in energy form or silhouettes and shadows outlining their souls or energy bodies. Other times I see souls in their physical clothing (skin, clothes) – as they currently are, or once were. I see dark energy or low vibrational frequencies as it itself, and how it wishes to project onto me; it is my sixth sense that allows me to prepare and protect myself when encounter the “muck” energy of this dark form.

I have been asked recently by several people, how do I know that I am astral traveling?! And I like to respond with, how do you know you are not? Our minds, what others define for us or how we contain ourselves in a box of knowledge, determines the strength of our abilities. Life has never been consistent, it is hard to rely on, and I never know when people are telling me the truth… yet I have managed to survive awakened this long because as some people meditate and find truth in meditation or religion, or god, or money or business (and the list goes on)… I find truth, peace, and connection within dreams. I find truth within my dream state – my true state of being. I lay down and fall out of my physical self to allow myself to seek. My dreams have been complex and puzzling through-out my life…. But they have yet to mis-lead me. I must be traveling somewhere to gain the messages I receive, the questions I seek, the guidance others provide me and I am provided for myself and others.

What is the difference between Astral Traveling and Astral Projection? What about Lucid Dreaming and OBE (out of body experiences)? Can these all be related?

Astral Traveling as I am aware it to be: during states of sleep our soul leaves our sleeping physical body to travel through realms and dimensions of lower, equal, or higher frequencies. Our soul is attached to our physical body by a silver (?) energy cord, this is how we are able to return and resume our physical life. Most of the time you are able to awaken to your travels and recall the details of your journey, settings, people you encountered, etc; however, there are several times recall is difficult but the feeling of ‘knowing’ is deep within you.

It has always been my understanding that OBE’s and Astral Projection are similar to astral traveling. We journey out of our physical body in a waking or relaxed state, again are connected to our physical bodies through this silver (?) cord so we are able to return back and resume our human life. I have found that with astral traveling, OBE’s, and Astral Projection you are able to see your physical body and the atmospheric space in which it resides. For example; if you are in your bedroom at home when you leave your body you are able to recognize your body, your bedroom, your house, objects related to your waking self. From my experience Astral Projection is similar to remote viewing – projecting your Self out and seeing beyond your present reality or present surroundings, and entering through a portal to “see”, “hear” beyond your physical Self and at times into someone’s else’s energetic field. You are aware – from the moment you choose to leave your body in waking – what you are seeing, hearing, communicating with.

For me astral traveling is like OBE’s and lucid dreaming – you awaken in your state of being in a dream (or awake) or being outside your physical body. From example; when I practiced OBE’s I would go into a state of waking meditation and then leave my body. I would see myself float above my bed, watching my body laying or sitting there awake, but in a low state of consciousness. When I astral project, as I do a lot of waking journey’s this way, it is easy for me to sit (or lay down) awake and project myself out of my body and into other realms and energetic fields to gain information, retrieve messages, do energy-work and healing, or communicate with my guides or other ‘beings’. I am aware at all times I have both a physical body, and an energy body with a cord connecting me to each other.

I have experienced Lucid Dreaming to be when you go to sleep, fall into a deep state physical relaxation, leave your body as you fall into mental dream state—and suddenly wake up inside what you perceive to be a dream. You are lucid (soulfully awake and aware) whether you are seeing your current physical surroundings (waking surroundings) or you wake up and find yourself in other dimensional realms – some setting or location familiar or unfamiliar to you. In lucid dreaming once you are awake and aware in this dream state you can begin to take control of your surroundings – and manipulate all your senses to create (most of the time) what you desire. However you can be awake and aware in your dreams and decide not to control or manipulate anything, but rather take notice to everything and flow with the way your dream is taking you.

By no means are any of my definitions (if that is what you want to call it) confined in a box – this is the best way I am able to explain in words what I am capable of doing outside my physical body. I speak in my dreams, journey’s, healing, meditations through telepathy – I hear, see, feel all at the same time through my telepathic communications… this means that not only words are being used but symbols, images, smells, colors, sounds, vibrations — all types of energy are being used all at once. I believe that astral traveling, astral projection, OBE’s, and even lucid dreaming are all limitless explorations……. and it is quite possible all of us have not even reached the grand possibilities it has to offer us as humans (what we already know as ‘souls’)

I suggest asking the great oracle (the internet) “What books should I read on Astral Traveling” ….. and of course free yourself of your fear and ego, break down the wall that limits you, digest what you read but don’t stop once you understand… as there is always someone you will find has unraveled a little more information than the last person you spoke to or read about on this topic. And practice practice practice – set the intentions!! You may soon realize you have been astral traveling through your dreams all this time.

So what is it that you are practicing? Well with everything I say you have to find what resonates with you. Start out with following someone else’s techniques, but always remain open to adjust, rewrite, and explore others and your own style. Here are a few pointers:

  • Meditate / Listen to relaxing music / cleanse your mind / relax – before bed. Find what works best for you so you are able to ‘be’ in your comfort zone —- releasing your waking hours before falling asleep. Sometimes I wish, if I could, I would take a run or a long swim before going to bed, because after I exercise alone and outdoors I find serenity. This is the state I like to be in before falling asleep (probably why I am most aware of my lucidity and astral state when camping in the backwoods after a long summer hike).
  • Don’t consume too much alcohol before bed. I admit I have a couple of glasses of wine some days before bed….. but any more then that puts me in a state where I feel like crap after a decent night sleep – in turn I am unable to recall anything except blackness. This is an icky feeling.
  • Set an intention to wake up in your dream state and astral travel. Don’t become excited when this happens (hard to do the first few times). Just know that astral traveling is familiar to your energy body – remove thought and fear and just be, just exist in the state (form) that you are.
  • Understand that what you think you know, what I am suggesting to you, what you read, and what others tell you is limited to our beliefs, to our knowledge, to our own explorations and comprehensions….. be prepared to keep an open mind, body, and spirit during this process. Remove any expectations that you may think or feel. There are no limits, there are no rules, there are no definitions, there are no boxes to place your Self in. If you stay open to all possibilities then there are no road blocks to deter you.
  • Ask your guides to help you, to lead the way. Ask them what it is they want to show you. Ask yourself, where do you wish to go to today and what is it that you need to learn on your travels. It’s a funny thing, we think we can do everything on our own… but if we just ask simple and direct questions we are given the most amazing answers to help us through our road blocks and lessons in life.
  • Take a moment out of your day and begin to set your intentions for the upcoming night. This helps relieve any anxiety your negative thoughts that may seep through before bed. There is nothing to fear – you astral travel each night… it’s just time to begin to recall those travels, identify those travels, and manifest an understanding for those travels.
  • You may not recall every detail of your dreams at waking. And you may have nights that recall feels impossible upon waking. I suggest sitting (or remain lying in bed) upon waking and feeling through the night you just awoke from. The littlest memories, feelings, senses will be very helpful to you… but what is most helpful to you is ask yourself at waking … “What did it feel like to me last night?” Some mornings I wake up and I say, “oh yes I was astral traveling all night” even if I am unable to recall the details of the dream; I know what happen and where I went. And other mornings I wake up and think “ugh I sat around venting out my day – stuck sleeping in the state between my mind and waking.”
  • Don’t worry if it takes you a little while to recall your travels. You are there, just believe it… and then the knowing, the seeing, the hearing, the communication comes.
  • Don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. Don’t limit yourself in any way….. And find what resonates with you.
  • Read what others have to say about parallel worlds, astral traveling, and everything related…. Draw your own conclusion and practices.

and enjoy yourself through your travels…..

What are your thoughts or feelings about astral traveling?

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