My highschool encounter with a familiar

Jacob’s Beloved Books invited me to write a guest post. As I write through inspiration, it is sometimes hard for me to write on a time limit. My anxiety raises and I keep thinking… what am I going to say… what am I going to say! As you see I probably stress more then I should. Once relaxed my hand and thoughts collaborate beginning to flow as memories of dreams, ghostly encounters, and lucid conversation flood back into my senses.
What popped up for me was a hidden memory of a night shift dream that had been long forgotten. I sat for a moment and re-entered the memory of this dream, recalling the hidden feelings of my encounter.  I decided to write about this awakening dream, I experienced, I shared with someone I once knew back in high school…. for a split second in time…. where suddenly I found myself connecting with him the moments after his death. 
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