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A couple of years ago I created a quick posting on the general dream meanings of a house and the rooms within a house. Lately I have received many more dreams from dreamers in regards to understanding how a dream of a house and the rooms inside a house relates to a dreamers life. As all dreams are personal to each dreamer, my intention here is to guide you through the general meanings of houses, rooms, and hallways in a way that empowers you to find some meaning to your dream. What I am hoping to do within this post is to add a little more insight, and to give your house dreams back to you – the dreamer – so who have the ability to sit with your dream(s) and explore deeper and further on your own. I suggest after reading this posting, to re-enter your house dreams and make the changes, clean up, or embrace the house and rooms you are dreaming most about.

A house within your dream symbolizes your life — it is the foundation of who you are, the foundation of your soul’s essence, and what your physical life represents at that moment. Your house will change as you change (both in positive and negative ways)… it will evolve as you evolve. And at times it is quite possible you will have to change houses, move, or choose to move into a bigger or smaller space. Just remember this all has to do with YOU, the inner aspects of YOU, your physical, mentally, and spiritual self… the essence of your human spirit and your young or old soul.

Some general questions to ask yourself either in the dream, after the dream, or during your dream re-entry: What does the house look like within your dream? Are standing on the inside looking at the outside of your house? Or are you standing in your house looking out?

  • If you notice that your house is old, falling apart, or has not been kept up you may what to think about what you are not tending too within your physical, spiritual, or mental life. Is it there someone or something that is tearing you down? Or maybe your personal thoughts are a crumbling foundation and it is time to change the way you view something? Are you not tending to your whole Self any longer?
  • If you see your house as new or unfamiliar there may be a new aspect of you that is beginning to shine through. Or an aspect of you that you never took notice to before. How do you feel about this new and unfamiliar house? Do you like what you see? Or does it represent a part of you that you have chosen not to believe in?
  • If the outside of the house is familiar and looks just fine, I suggest asking yourself how you feel about the house. How does this house make you feel?
  • Are you drawn to the house? Or do you sense more of an ominous feeling?

Each floor and room in the house represents an aspect of your overall life:

  • The ground floor is your daily life – the present… always changing, full of activity and energy flowing. What does the ground floor of your house look like? Cluttered? Empty? Full of life? Or is there a sense of comfort within all the whirling daily energy?
  • The second floor is your mental life – what you are thinking or planning; this is also where you rest and learn to use your voice. What is it that you are thinking about? Are you in deep thought? Or do you feel scattered and unorganized? Your voice, whether small and quiet, or large and loud, is important to use and have others hear. Are you feeling mentally at peace and speaking your truth?
  • The top floor or attic is your spiritual life. Are you afraid to walk up to the attic? Is this area dusty and or cold? Or is it warm up there, inviting, a place of peace where you may reconnect to yourself often?
  • The basement is your deep subconscious – a deep mystery of yourself rarely explored. Items, feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories stored in the basement can range from your past life to your present. However, stored items here can also be deep forgotten gear, heartache, and pain. Be careful when lurking around the basement – enter & explore when you are strong enough to unlock all aspects of the past, present, and future. Are you afraid of walking down into the basement? Is it dark? Or is your basement refurbished and a place where you can retreat to?

The rooms in the house represent every aspect of your life, and the different aspects of who you are mentally, physically, spiritually:

  • The kitchen represents your diet – your intake of food. What you are eating, what you should or should not be eating depends on the cleanliness of your kitchen. It can also mean how you tend to yourself or nurture other people close to you. When you enter the kitchen is it warm and inviting filled with smells and sights to embrace all your senses? Or do you find your kitchen empty and stale? Sometimes dreamers enter into a kitchen that is a mess, cluttered with food or dirty dishes. This may represent your lack of nurturing or not eating a healthy diet. If find your kitchen a mess, ask yourself… what is it that is keeping you from cleaning?
  • The dining room is a place of gathering, sharing, eating as a family, as a community. It is a place of celebration, long conversations, and sometimes even arguments. Yet the dining room holds the beating heart – within the physical, mental, and spiritual. (If your house does not have a dining room as many houses do not – refer to the eating area in the kitchen as your place of gathering around the table.) What does your dining room feel like? Is it a beating warm heart where families gather and celebrations take place? Or do you sense it is empty, long forgotten about, without conversation and laughter, a place where you find yourself steering clear of? 
  • The living room symbolizes your daily life. Here activity and energy is in constant flow even during the peaceful moments or lonely days. How does your living room feel to you? Do you find the sun shining into it, windows open? Do you come together with friends and family here? Or is it dark and dim, a room you avoid?
  • The bedroom can symbolize your secrets, your sex life, or other intimate details you may not share with others. It is a place of love, sexuality, privacy, and connection (physically, spiritually, and mentally). Do you find your retreating to your bedroom to be alone with yourself? Is your bedroom filled with passion and love? Or do you avoid your bedroom more often than the hours of sleep it allows you?
  • The bathroom represents your overall cleanliness or your need to be cleansed or to purge something physically, spiritually, or mentally out of your life. Do you enter your bathroom to cleanse? Are you finding yourself purging and then feeling a sense of lightness at waking? Or have you found that there is fear bubbling up when you enter the bathroom?
  • A pantry symbolizes where things are stored – where you store all your memories, your gifts, talents, and spiritual abilities you may or may not be using. You take items from the pantry when you need them, you store items when you do not need them. However, many times we forget what we have stored away. The pantry is a good place to start looking for items within yourself you may need at certain moments in your life …or during those times when you do not want to forget about something. What are you storing in your pantry? Do you find yourself opening the pantry often and retrieving items? Or is your pantry empty?
  • The home office represents work. The work we do to survive in this society and within this human form. What work are you doing? Is your office away from your house? Do you find yourself always in your office working? Or do you schedule your time in order to tend to your family, friends, and private time?

Hallways are corridors between each room of our house. They are portals between aspects of our whole self. We can use these hallways to enter into higher and lower realms… or we can choose to just walk through these hallways and place no value on their existence. Are you walking from room to room with blinders on? Or are you moving through your corridors with an awareness of their energetic power and the doors they can lead you through?

5 thoughts on “House, Rooms, Hallways

  1. Of course, the last dream I had was about the dining room which you didn’t mention. My friend showed up to visit and left her personal effects bag on the dining room table since she was coming to visit (as she had done in the past). The dining room is a place where we eat for sustenance, like the kitchen but unlike your excellent take on the kitchen this is where we share food. We can break bread both literally and spiritually. Thanks again.

  2. Ahhhh I forgot the dining room! Thank you for pointing that out to me. I was thinking about all the different types of rooms that are within the house… foyers, library / studies, closets, guest bedrooms, kid’s bedrooms, music rooms, patios / decks… and the list goes on but then I decided to keep it general. And I completely forgot the dining room. I am going to update this post right now and add the dining room.

    Blessings, Meredith

  3. This reminds me of my dream where I was trying to escape the decrepit gloomy and for some reason frightening and seemingly unfamiliar house that I was in with Yasuhiro (my deceased love). The only room I distinctly remember was the bedroom which was neat and orderly but so dark and unsettling with my poor frightened cat hiding in the darkest part of the room… It’s been four months since his death and there’s the fiercest sense of unrequited love in me because I can’t reach him the way I want to. I feel comforted by my dreams because it’s the only way I can be with him, but there is an element of my “keeping house” in a dark and gloomy place. And honestly being a gloomy, sad, grieving mess everyday IS unfamiliar to me so I guess I really do need to “change houses”…such an awesome understanding I’ve reached. Thank-you. really!

  4. Hi Kitty, I hope you are starting to move through your grief. Thank you for your post (sorry for my delay reply). Houses in dreams can be very powerful representations of different pieces of our Self. Houses / rooms / doorways is a language all in itself that speaks to each of us personally. Paying attention to a house / rooms that appears in a dream and learning its language can help you with each of us with our own evolutionary growth both in human physical form and in our spiritual soul-ful form.

    You will emerge from all you are feeling beautifully. Many Blessings to you as you continue down your path, ~ Meredith

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