Online Intuitive Dreaming Workshop – November 2012

I am leading a Online 3 session 90 min Intuitive Dreaming Workshop starting Thursday November 1st from 5:30pm to 7pm PST

Dream Intuitive & author Meredith Smith will guide dreamers through “seeing”, receiving, and listening to the messages given to us in our dreams. Many dreamers have the gift of mediumship — while their physical body sleeps, their soul astral travels through the realms of dreams, those parallel dimensions in which dreamers encounter spirits, guides, loved ones, angels, and all types of unearthly ‘beings’, (some familiar and others unfamiliar to all of us). These dream encounters (from realms beyond our waking) offer messages of importance and healing not only for our self but also for others we may know, or may not know.

Spend three evenings exploring these types of nightly dreams, and enhancing your natural techniques of being able to “hear” and “know” when the deceased and the living speak to you in your dreams.
View the following link: Intuitive Dreaming Workshop Nov 2012
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By Amedee Guillemin, after Jean-Philippe de Cheseaux [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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