Simple Ways to Cleanse Yourself of Negative or Unwanted Energies

 After speaking with David Schrader and Tim Dennis on Darkness Radio last night. I decided to take my list of Simple Ways to Cleanse Yourself that I posted here… and expand on it.

 Before entering into you home ask any energies that have attached to you to remain outside your door. Do not invite them in! Rather tell them they are not allowed inside your sacred space and home. Call in your guides / angels to help remove any energies that may have attached to you.

  If you feel you have negative energies or someone else’s energy attached to you. I suggest taking a salt water bath a few times during a one week period, or wash with sea salts in the shower.

 Burn sage or sweet grass in your home or in an area (office, house, car, etc) that feels off kilter to you. I suggest burning sage in your home or sacred space at least once a week. Rose water also helps when cleansing yourself and any space of unwanted energies. Rose water also helps with lifting your mood and vibrational level.

 Place crystals near windows, above doorways, and or in corners in your home / rooms. Crystals are excellent cleansers.

 Each morning when waking up or before leaving the house, take a moment and give gratitude. Close your eyes …envision a light surrounding your spirit, soul, body. Envision this light forming a bubble around your energetic field. You can start out with a white light, however, pick the color that you are drawn to most: blue, white, gold, green… and let it exist all around you.

 Surrounding yourself with a bubble of light will help you from picking up other people’s energies (which can affect your mood) throughout the day. Once you have strengthen this light around you, it will also keep you protected from unwanted / unneeded energies, spells others may try to cast on you, emotional and psychic vampires and spirits that may be attracted to your radiant vibration.

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 Light candles, meditate, do yoga, sit in silence, listen to soft music, or find a ritual that creates a mind, body, and spirit balance before going to bed or upon waking. This can help you remain strong and healthy during psychic energy attacks from others.

 Each night before going to bed check in with your Self. Vent out your day by writing or expressing through art (or a creative outlet that resonates with you), this will help in letting go of thoughts you don’t need to hold on to. Rid yourself of negative thought patterns about the past, present or future, and instead fill your mind with encouraging and loving words. If you find that you are low say a prayer or give thanks to your day and the people you love – this helps in lifting your vibrational energy field.

When we feel run down, have a low energy, feel as if something is not right or off kilter within us or in our physical surroundings, we find ourselves living a daily pattern of unhealthy habits. We each can change this when it happens: Manifest Positive Energies!

A couple of reasons we experience low vibrational energy fields are:

1. We have (continuous) negative thought patterns.

2. We have unwanted energies that have attached to us and they are sucking on our energy life source.

3. We are not tending to our mind, body, and or spirit on a regular basis.

4. We are not eating healthy foods.

5. We are surrounded by someone (or many people) who have low vibrational energy.

6. We are not living our truth (we are not being true to ourselves or others).

Always remember that whenever you invite someone into your home or space you are inviting energies that are attached to them also.

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  1. thanks this is great, good postive advice, especially important to harmonise and purify one’s emotional state before sleep, reading something sattvic in bed such as life stories of yogis and saints
    Peaceful blessings

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