i speak in dreams

Dream Recall Techniques: (Simple techniques for those who have trouble with remembering their dreams and for dreamers that would like to more practice.)
Ways to remember your dreams:
  • Set the Intention, each night before going to bed, to wake up and recall at least one thing (image, sound, words, characters, settings, color, smell) from your dreams.
  • Incubate:Think of an object, place, or person you would like to see in your dreams. Think about this thing before falling asleep each night. While you are sleeping as soon as you see this person, place or dream tell yourself you are dreaming. Most likely at that moment you will wake up. The dream will be fresh in your mind – quickly write down everything you can recall from the dream.
  • If you have a hard time recalling your dreams… Do not watch TV, read a book, or drink any alcohol or caffeine…

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