When Dreams Speak…. While Visiting New Places

I have been away on a relaxing vacation visiting my mother-in-law in Arizona. Completely out of my element in the desert of the southwest, as I have been living in the PNW for so long. … but the wonderful thing about being somewhere out of my element is that I feel as if I have traveled far far away – similar to my astral dream traveling, as if I am out of body.

What I love about going to Arizona, a place that exists opposite from where I live — amongst tall towering trees surrounding by thick lush green forest, partly cloudy skies, along with the different shades blue representing the sky reaching mountain ranges so close in the distance — is the dry hot desert weather in both morning and late evening. I also love seeing the wide open clear skies; I found myself just standing looking up in awe at how humongous the sky looks even in concrete of the suburban jungle of Phoenix. And my favorite place to visit so far in Arizona (note: I have not visited every place in Arizona as of yet) is when we get to drive north on I-17 and I soak in the rolling hills filled with cactus against the canopy of the wide open blue skies. Destination: Sedona. I have now only visited Sedona twice – the first time I experienced hiking the red rocks and spotting the vortexes. This second visit was just wandering around town amidst the back drop of the amazing red rocks, soaking in and cleansing from the energy rays of the red rocks.

The first two days of my trip I did not sleep well (uncommon for me) and dream recall was scarce (also uncommon for me). But a day spent in Sedona, wandering…. just existing without any cares or worries, changes and shifts the impact of my dreams profoundly. For the next 6 nights I dreamed, I dreamed deep, I astral traveled to realms healing and guiding souls to the afterlife, I spoke to my beings – the Arcturians, and again I was shown my inner power and the strength of my intuitive abilities through more practice and training. I also tapped into a friend’s experience at the ocean on the Oregon coast hundreds of miles away…..

My healer friend and I were at the ocean, it was a small beach area near cliffs and rocks. We had to drive up to a gravel parking area, walk down a short trail pass some large trees and down a tiny sand dune onto the beach. The tide was very low and there were several people playing around the ocean’s shore. My friend and I looked at each other as we sensed what was about to happen. We discussed quickly the outcome of what we were able to see through our psychic senses. She said to me “We need to go back and get our tools.” I nodded and we left. We did not mention to anyone the outcome we had sensed, as we did not want to scare others, our intention was to save and help heal, and nothing more.

When we returned I had my crocodile with us to help us with what we were meant to do. As we walked through the trail in the woods we encountered this guy (who I must add was absolutely gorgeous – and a few days later after re-energy of my dream realized was a young version of Merlyn – or the idea of what Merlyn would represent). We knew him well, as we were connected with him in a soulful way. We asked him what he was doing here and he said “I have the box.” We explained to him what was going on and how the worst was about to come through the ocean. I continued on speaking explaining how we summed my crocodile to help. I suddenly felt very attracted to this guy standing before me and he reached out giving me a big warm hug. I did not want to let go of him, I felt he was a soulful piece of me. Soon he left go after our melting and merging, as if he empowered me to move forward, fusing me with my own abilities. As he stepped back away from me he said “I have the cards — tarot, dream, oracle. They will be very helpful with what we have to do.” Surprised, my friend and I looked at each other for a moment. And then we both blurted out at the same time…. “You can’t use those cards! They are too powerful for you to use! We will use them if you feel we should, but the outcome of you setting an intention and casting a spell would be 10 times fold bad karma back to you.” He replied with, “I would use them if I had to, but it is not why I brought them. I understand these cards are for you and you alone to use. Do you understand why I am here? I am your protector I set the boundaries for the other energies to remain outside your circle.”  He handed me the wooded box with the cards. My friend then said, “We can use them to summon a storm. This will help frighten the people off the beach and get them to go home. We need them to leave if are going to set the crocodile free. We do not want anyone to become harmed.”

We walked towards the beach. The guy walked behind me and I placed his hand on my lower stomach. Feel this. I said to him using telepathy. There was something within my tummy that was growing shifting changing. I felt the bubbling within me and I needed him to feel it also. I realized that the warmth of his hand was helping this movement within me. We arrived at the beach and watched as the clouds moved quickly over the horizon and began rolling in over the beach. To our surprise the tide had risen and was at its highest – water was covering most of the beach. We watched as the waves grew larger, crashed against the shore, and the strength of the current grew stronger. Then suddenly as if snapping us out of our physical selves the guy spoke softly, “You two are the high priestess, you know what to do, and the ocean is waiting.” We both smiled brightly as he said, “I am casting a circle of light around you both. Whatever you do this moment forward you are protected when you use your abilities, skills, and powers. Be forewarned of the strength of your power, yet do not be afraid of the power within you. Use wisely.” He stepped back away from us, almost fading out of our sight. The people on the beach began to notice the storm coming and scurried off the beach into their cars. I summoned my crocodile to appear the moment all the people had left the beach area. My friend called in a storm, in which the wind began to whip the waves around wildly. I feared the depth of the water swallowing me as I walked in it, but I knew I must touch the crocodile in order to infuse it with the power to eat the negative energies that lived in the water and surrounded the land. Greyness of the storm fell, and the sky darkened. I stood knee deep in the ocean waters calling the crocodile, as my friend worked with the wind keeping it from creating a funnel on land.

I woke up. The dream had a heavy but positive feel. I felt as if we were our true selves in a situation that was normal to our souls.

I informed my friend I had a dream about her and she invited me to email it to her. A couple days later she responded with her experience that same weekend I had this dream. I know she would not mind me sharing it with all of you. However, I did leave out a couple of personal pieces and am not sharing with you her name.

I wanted to tell you that I camped at the coast last weekend of your dream.  I slept just on the other side of a dune, in my tent – alone – but had the two dogs with me.  Sleep was strange that night and I was restless, but at one point the waves crashed so loudly that the ground shook and I fell into this state between being conscious and sleep.  I started visioning a tsunami and part of me was panicked that I was going to drown and the other part of me was at such peace.  It was really powerful.  In hindsight, I wonder if it was the waves crashing or a tremor?  It moved and startled me that much.  I slept there all night and no other waves after that bothered me like that. 

She shared with me a few personal things that were happening in her life (as we have not seen each other for several months… and have not spoken since beginning of August). The beauty of my dream, and her response, is that we are still connected in soulful ways. When there is a need or desire for finding help along our paths we are able to reach out within the energetic realms, beyond the physical, and empower each other with the fusions of our spirits. I understand that this dream was for both of us. We are at a time in our lives when we are finally evolving into the aspects of our Self that have been calling upon us for years. Muck, life, other people, other energies seem to find their way upon our paths and distract us in moving forward. However, the work we both have been doing over the past several years is now transmuting into our truth. Ohh… this is such a beautiful, amazing, and powerful dream for both my friend and I as we move past our pasts and move out of our present and into our futures. And this dream again reminds me how dreams speak to me, as I within them, and that my abilities, my skills, my gifts lay within the dreaming realms.

There are more dreams I experienced during my time in Arizona which I will discuss later in other postings… even guest postings I have been invited to write over the next few months on other blogs.


Before I end this, I feel need to discuss the symbolism behind the Crocodile. The crocodile is new to me; it appeared before me in this dream as a power animal for the moment. It holds a deep healing message for me, that is very profound for my current Self I am moving through and out of right now. I had to do some research and meditation around the crocodile to understand its meaning and its message for me. This is what I unraveled:

General Meaning (to work off of): When a Crocodile appears it holds inner teachings for us that we need to listen to: living a fulfilling life is possible, enriched life even through cycles of constant balance between inner and outer contradictions. Value your strength and build upon your resources of personal power. One must learn to balance the energies of the upper world and the underworld; along with understand that the crocodile will share all wisdom with you, as they are the keeper and protector of all knowledge. Eye sight is important; tend to your eyes as they represent seeing in both the light and dark –seeing the invisible clearly.

For me the Crocodile appeared as my power guide when using magic to stop an energy storm from taking place. (I was wide open for some reason while in Arizona, partly because I was out of body the whole time). The crocodile represented strength and empowerment while I continued to seek for knowledge that existed outside this physical world. My ancient soul of the past – my lives that once existed within other realms on another planet, appeared to contact me as I entered back into who I once was, who I have always been long ago. I don’t know if I will see the crocodile again, but it has left an impact on what lies ahead for me as I completely leave behind the fears of who I thought I have always been, and enter into who I truly am. I thank you Crocodile.

To learn more in depth about the crocodile I suggest checking out the following websites: (There are many resources for understanding spirit animals, find the books and websites that resonate with you personally.)




The beauty of animals appearing in our dreams is that they hold such important and powerful messages for us to be viewed in such a simplistic way. During my time spent in Arizona I encountered other animals I usually don’t see in my dreams and healing work –such as the Bat and the Lizard. I will discuss these animals, along with my other dreams during my vacation to Arizona, in near future postings.

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  1. Who are dream characters? I have really been giving this question really thought. As far as I can deduce there are two types of dream characters… those that are made up by my subconscious and complete strangers that I have never met, it’s this latter group that really intrigues me. read more here…http://lucidsafari.blogspot.com/2012/10/who-are-dream-characters.html

  2. Thank you for your comment! I read your post on your blog, and I am so happy you brought up this question to explore. This is something I have been researching for my current book I am writing. Dream Characters…. however I think of them as Dream Guides also. They are not one in the same but I believe that some of our dream characters are our dream guides. Similar to dream visitations but also an aspect of guidance dreams. From my own experiences, and from reading dreams of many others I do not believe that every single dream projects an aspect of our self from our subconscious. I do agree some dreams are like this – venting dreams, some healing dreams – but I have seen, I have come to know and understand, that we are visited by many different beings – alive, deceased, from many different realms & dimensions both of higher and lower vibrations, ET’s, Angels, people we know, people we don’t know, beings / souls from our past, present, and future … and list goes on. I feel when we start viewing our dreams from this perspective lucidity because more natural, as we each find that we exist within our true self outside our physical bodies.

    Yesterday I spoke with the radio host of Intuitive Minds to set up a date for me to be on her show. We ended up having this great conversation about the difference between lucid dreams and astral travel. I am a naturally lucid person and I tap into the energy of ‘knowing’ ‘feeling’ and sensing to find meaning within something. I believe we all have the ability to lucid dream and astral travel, as for me they are one in the same…. the moment, years ago, I stopped trying to define these and I began to feel through them was the moment I stopped struggling with become fully lucid in my dreams. I stopped questioning who the people were that appeared in my dreams and accepted there presence as these are “beings”/ souls that are meant to be here… so I began asking them who they were and I began asking who I was. It is a wonderful surprise the gifts, messages, information, we are given if we just let go of our egos and fear, and just view our “dream characters” as other souls, beings, people (what have you) we were meant to come across. Maybe we tapped into their energetic field, maybe worlds, lives, society’s of the sort exist on other realms / dimensions and for whatever reason (personal to each of us) we happened to travel there.

    Have I completely gone off track now? I have experienced many amazing dreams with “dream characters” who exist in the past, present, and future. And I know they are not created by my subconscious, because I sometimes have these amazing conversations in which I am given insight and information I did not create myself – how could I have known this about someone else? Is always how I look at the information I am given. And … ohh… sometimes, those I speak with in my dreams that are living, I sometimes bump into these people again in waking. Have you ever passed someone, met someone (or the like) in which your first reaction is “I know you from somewhere.” For the life of you you can’t remember where…. ahhh you encountered them in your dreams at some point in your life.

    ok well, I just babbled away… sorry… What do you think or feel about all of this? Does any of this resonate with you, or am I alone in my thinking and feeling around this topic? I sharing insight on this aspect of dreams.

    If you have anymore to share or if you have questions for me please don’t hesitate to email me. Or if you would like to submit a dream for my research visit my posting on Calling All Dreamers there is a link to a questionnaire… and more information.

    There are some great books out there. Have you read anything by Dolores Cannon? Also view my Books I Recommend posting.

    Thanks again.
    Blessings, M

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