Flash of Spirit Radio Show– Discussion on Dreams and the Symbolic Messages Given to Us from the Universe

Back in October 2010 through May 2011, Gillian Holloway and I co-hosted an internet radio show Flash of Spirit on Sedona Talk Radio. Here we were able to discuss and explore all different aspects of dreams, nightmares, the paranormal, and the amazing universal messages we are all given in waking and within dreaming. If you happened to miss any of our internet shows (or would like to hear them again) they are still available for downloading or streaming. I welcome you to take a moment and search through our previously recorded shows and take a listen: http://www.sedonatalkradio.com/flash-of-spirit (just scroll down the page to view our topics by date and click listen or download).

Gillian and I were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to spend one hour each week speaking to many different authors, healers, and dream researchers about their views and revelations centered around dreams.

As the year moved on, and I spent time reading and speaking to other authors, revelations for my own dreaming future began to unfold…… I sensed there was a dreaming topic no one was mentioning, a topic of working in our dreams I felt needed to be explored, discussed, unraveled. And with that urging sense of exploration, it was time for me to start writing and exploring more in depth, and on my own. Gillian and I decided to push pause on our radio show for the summer of 2011. I spent hours and hours putting on paper my dreaming related adventures, along with opening the door for others to submit similar experienced.

Konstnär / Artist: John Bauer (1882-1918)År / Year: 1914 Source: runeberg.org

For both Gillian and I these dream related projects took our time away from continuing the show, however our voices can still be heard through our previously recorded shows. It is wonderful to know that they are still available to listen at any time (and for all of you who have apple related products you can find our shows through the iRadio… I think that is what it is called.)

Searching for more on Gillian? You can find Gillian Holloway, her dream books, listen to her guests spots on many different radio shows, and discover information on her dream training online classes at www.lifetreks.com. I also suggest Wrapping yourself up with the wisdom of Gillian’s inner voice and follow her dreamy blog at www.flashofspirit.com.

I am excited to share with you my inner knowledge of Intuitive Dreaming. For those of you who would be interested in exploring & developing your abilities / gifts of telepathy, communication, guiding, and healing shown to you within your dreamtime, I will be offering this (inexpensive) online workshop this fall. Stay Tune for more information!

(When I co-hosted  Flash of Spirit Internet Radio Show I was formerly known as DelphiDreams.)

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