Interview with Kim Larocque from Muse In The Valley

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Kim Larocque (fellow Dream Intuitive) from Muse In The Valley. Funny, Kim mentions discovering my blog through Zementa (which I never heard of before until today and will now have to go check out) ….. and I came across her blog through WordPress fresh press when I was seeking out other dream bloggers.

A few weeks ago she asked to interview me because I have a book coming out next month – you may have heard about it…wink….wink…… DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams.

I would love it if you clicked over to Muse In The Valley blog and read my interview! You will gain a little more insight on me and about my DreamWorkers book. You may even find that this interview will add a little more excitement for you about my new book coming out on October 3, 2012 …..Anticipation is growing!!  Wink wink!

While you are over at Muse in the Valley blog, I suggest spending some time reading & flipping through other interviews and blog postings on dreams and interpretations. You will quickly discover that Kim Larocque has this beautiful way of writing her perception on dreams, while tapping into her intuition. You may even discover that her postings are helpful to you as a dreamer, and that she too speaks in dreams. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Interview with Kim Larocque from Muse In The Valley

  1. I am SO excited you agreed to do this and I am anticipating with great
    eagerness .. reading your book! I know I will learn so much from you.

  2. You know ClearMind, I don’t know if I ever thanked you for all those times over the earlier years when you encouraged me to live my dream. All those talks we had about dreams and Indigo’s. I have to say you pushed me through some aspects of my healing process and continued to believe in my abilities. I appreciate you 🙂 You too are a vibrant, rare, and unique soul. Blessings, M

    For all of you who would like to hear ClearMind’s thoughts on dreams, Gillian & I interviewed him back in November of 2010 on the subject of Coping with nightmares and paranormal dream events. He has such a happy, light, and positive perspective on dreams. Visit: and scroll down the page to the date November 18, 2010. You can stream the show or download it. Enjoy!

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