Encountering a DreamWorker

….when a dreamworker helps us.

Last night I experienced the most fascinating dream, I encountered a person who was offering me guidance in my dreams. Not the type of guidance I usually received from any of my dream guides but rather a lending hand from a fellow DreamWorker. I am unable to recall all the details of my dreams, such as why someone appeared to help me and my family; but I am able to recognize the difference between departed souls, dream guides, and a dream worker. The pieces of my dream are as follows:

I found myself in an area that was unrecognizable to me. My husband and daughter were both there, however I was in the mist of working and I was extremely tired. A young man showed up who was in his early 20’s (somewhere between 19 to 24 I believe was his age). We were on this L-shaped street, similar to the corridors within dreams that are designed as portals to other realms, but this street felt like earth (or earth’s twin); he reached out his hand and pulled me up tall so I was standing face to face with him. “I will help you carry those. You cannot tend to all this and those people alone.”

“But I am not, my family is helping me.”

“Yes. However, it is not their job to do this type of work.”

He patched me up with some sort of energy within his hands, touching my achy body so I could continue to keep moving. This young man was vibrant, full of life, and eager to help.

My dream is blurry here: We were walking back and forth on this L- shaped street and sidewalk. What we were carrying was heavy, as if it was the burden of others – unable to help themselves – who stood watching on the outer rims of this L-shaped sidewalk.

My dream still blurry: I recall being able to view from the outside of this scene as if I was peering into a window. I noticed the young man had shaggy blonde hair. I noticed red hot spots all over my body (even though I was wearing clothes I could see through them and see these red splotches in random places on my skin). I watched as we continued to carry this “stuff” of others back and forth along this sidewalk.

More of my dream took place but my memory at this moment is a blankno images, no recollection of what was taking place. Finally I recall at the end before waking up that the young man and I were saying our goodbyes.

“Thank you very much I could not have completed this task without you.”

“How do you feel?”

“Sore. Extremely sore for some reason.”

“This time you will wake up more exhausted than usual. Your body aches from this, I should have arrived sooner. This work is taking a toll on you; it feels as if you have forgotten your life is here, not over there where you think you exist. You keep living in two places like a double life. You know Meredith there was a time when you accepted your life in waking as a place to rest in order to do your work here. You must regain that feeling. We will meet again soon. Look for me.”

He flashed a smile, which felt so young and innocent, how pure. Before I could respond he turned and walked away…. however, his walking away was actually vanishing into thin air with just a spark of light trailing behind him. My husband and daughter ran up to me and stayed near looking the opposite way, as if to keep the souls on the outer rim out. I bent down and began to pet my cat. Her body had tiny little bumps from the fleas which she is allergic to. I rubbed her body and my hands filled with heat as she began to purr.

I woke up slowly. My body achy and feeling so exhausted I began to retrace the dream. As I replayed the dream in my memory I fell back to sleep. Waking up 2 hours later then I normally wake up each morning. Struggling to get out of bed from pure exhaustion, I laid there for many moments longer. Then this voice popped into my mind, “What if a Dream-worker helped you?” I quickly sat up.

Yes, yes that is possible of course.

“Listen.” The voice spoke again.

“What if a DreamWorker – some random person you have never met before in waking, but will meet soon, helps you with your work?”

Ok. That has happened in my limbo dreams.

“No this is different. Yes you have encountered others like you, but more in shifts – changing shifts. And I am not speaking of a dream guide, nor a departed soul, ghost or spirit either…. But others like you, who are looking for similar DreamWorkers to form a community within the dream realms. To meet, help, guide, discuss. We are never alone in the work we do.”

I woke up again. Still exhausted, body aching. I could not help but wonder if I had that conversation with myself or with the voice within the corridor of my dream realms.

“Don’t doubt.” Was the echoing whisper I heard to the response of my thoughts.

The following are questions I have been asking myself and researching as I receive other dreamer’s dreams. This is not a complete list of signs that fully neither answer the following two questions…… nor are these two questions a final answer to my questions. These are recognizable signs, put simply, that I have been able to decipher from my own dreams and the many other dreams submitted to me. There is so much more to unravel…. Why is it when I fall asleep I wake up? ….. And when I wake up I feel like I am watching life through a 3-D mirror.

Carl Gustav Carus [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What Are the Signs Within Our Dreams to Identify Other DreamWorkers?

  • You have a sense the person is a living person (not a departed soul / spirit).
  • They could be familiar or unfamiliar to you. You may end up bumping into them on the street.
  • They are doing the same type of work (which varies for each person) as you are doing in your dream.
  • Your interactions and or exchanges with them are very human like.

What Are the Difference Between Dream Guides and DreamWorkers?

  • A dream guide can materialize in any size, shape, or form.
  • A dream guide is (for the most part) a departed soul or ‘being’ from the past, present, or future.
  • A DreamWorker is someone who has a physical waking life form.
  • A dream guide is a non-physical non-waking life form in which you usually have some sort of connection with, even if you have not realized this yet.
  • A DreamWorker helps and heals both the living and the departed. They appear most often in times of need for other souls, earthbound spirits, and waking life humans who are stuck in some way or need some tender loving care.
  • It is possible to meet a DreamWorker in waking life (as they are physically alive).
  • It is possible to meet your dream guides during meditations, journeys, hypnosis, and any other out of body state experience.

This is a never ending quest I am on…… to be able to shed light on dreamers who find themselves working in their dreams. And to be able to explain to others why some of us have Night Shift Dreams and are known as DreamWorkers. There is a big community of us that are naturally tapped into our dreams, we are dream travelers with a purpose to roam the astral realms lending a helping hand, provide guidance, heal others through radiant energy, and help cross souls (stuck and unstuck) over into the light. Why were we given this purpose? To what extent do we use this and share our knowledge? Why do only some dreamers have this ability while others do not? And why is the “knowing”, our own intuition and sixth sense, all we need to believe in, in order to evolve our dream traveling skills & abilities and help both the living and departed?

More to come! 

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~Enter into a world of divine dreaming with me and learn how to speak in your dreams.

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2 thoughts on “Encountering a DreamWorker

  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your experience. The advice given to you applies to anyone who reads what you’ve reported. I see it as a message to any of us poking holes in the eggshell. Wonderful to hear! Someday even books will be known as impediments beside living truth and contact with each other.

    There are people of all abilities allowing Christ’s will and power to work through them in ways most people would dismiss as impossible or delusional. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you for your post. I apologize for my delay in reply. I have been offline and out in the wilderness backpacking the Olympics — in the mist of nowhere within the wilderness is my cleansing, re-energizing, and re-connecting place.

    Yes I agree that one day books, and the like, will no longer be needed as we will be living on a frequency that will allow us to be tapped into each others energy and living as our true beings. I do feel our nightly dreams allow us to this already, however, even with dreams we must traverse through the muck of our daily mental venting and egotistical fears to reach the realms in which our true beings, our soul, exists within energy and frequencies we have detached from in our physical bodies, waking selves.

    Blessings, Meredith

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