Attending School in Our Dreams

Education at its finest!

“You can go to school in sleep and study anything you are studying in physical life and make marvelous progress.”

~Yacki Raizizun, the Secret of Dreaming

Many dreamers may find themselves attending classes, studying new lessons, or sitting listening to a teacher or mentor lecture on a topic a person has always wanted to pursue. It is not uncommon to find yourself reading new materials on a topic you never thought you were capable of learning. However in dreams, possibilities are endless and the desire to learning a new subject may be at the moments your physical self is sleeping, and your soulful self is tapped into all that is being offered.

How can we translate dreams that center around studying, education, going to school / class?

Generally these type of dreams may be translated as... learning is a center focus for you right now. We all have moments in our lives when we focus our attention on something that interests us, and other moments when we carelessly pass up opportunities to learn and grow mentally and intellectually.  These dreams suggest the quest of growth you are discovering (even if you are not tending to any type of studying in your waking life).

Many dreamers have found themselves walking down the halls of unfamiliar but familiar institutions, universities, ancient castle like structures which all hold, within their walls, knowledge of endless topics, endless subjects, all dealing with the past, present, and future. Within these walls many of us find ourselves seeking out what our soul desires, are curious about, or what we are asked to find an answer to; and each time we peer into a thought, and idea, a fact, a theory, we are opening the doors to what feeds us in order to evolve into enlightened beings we came to earth to become.

Many dreamers who are students in waking will find themselves dreaming of school when they are stressed or overwhelmed with a subject or the amount of work they need to accomplish in waking. This type of dream is a venting dream, helping you relieve some of the daily waking pressures you are experiencing. These types of school dreams are an excellent resource to listen to when seeking help with your studies. Some of the answers you need are right there in the dream.  

But of course each dream is personal to each dreamer, and no two dreams are alike….. which indicates that no one dreaming meaning fits all sizes. Details in dreams and emotions and actions in waking help unravel the magical translation to each of our own dreams. Upon waking, let the ego sleep, let your fear remain in slumber, and listen to the spoken words of your intuition – this is where the answer resides.

art by Starr Weems

My recent dreams of studying / school:

A  couple of weeks ago I dreamt I was a student at a higher educational school. It was a very silly, yet fun, dream…. however the school I attended was serious and there was no room for laziness. I had dorm mates and we all worked together to study and help each other out. I was delayed in turning in a paper and taking a test, which worried me greatly. I felt sure I would fall behind in my levels. Merlin was my main teacher but I did have other guides who worked with me to advance my skills.

I recall one of the teachers saying to me “You just missed Tomo, she just graduated. Don’t worry you are not far behind her. You two are really from the same class.” I smiled and imaged (as I just stood there looking up t the ceiling in my dream) that Tomo (who actually is a dear enlightened friend of mine) was off on this amazing adventure. I felt so happy for her and wished I could be along side her.  After daydreaming within my dream, I realized  my test & paper were due and I became frantic. I ran to find a, or my, teacher and gave my reason for falling behind. The teacher replied with “You know I understand you have a lot going on in that other life of yours. You have taken on tending to others and your family, following your passions, living a life that you never imaged you could. But you seem to forget YOU took it on, you let those aspects of your life in, without seeing what it ultimately meant. I have decided that your life, the things you do in it, and the people you tend to, can be part of your education. I will not fail you for not turning in your paper or taking the test because your life right now is a test. I pass you for that reason.” Stunned at her words I continued to smile. I woke up.


Dream Last week:

“I can’t believe it you are a high priestess!” She was so amazed and happy. I am still trying to recall all the pieces of this dream but the woman took me by surprise. She went on to say “I never thought it would be you but all this time you have been right here. All the studying you have done, all the internal and external healings, the tuning in, and practicing. This must feel wonderful to you! You are a high priestess! This is amazing for all of us, Congrats!” She began running around to others joyfully telling them who I was and how far I had come to achieve so much. Everyone smiled, the atmosphere filled with colorful lights and we all embraced the  energy flowing between us. I looked around and I noticed tons of books at our feet.

I woke up.


My dream the other night:

I was in a new dorm and I found myself late for class. I had arrived that same morning and felt lost at the idea of being here at this school. What is was I was going at a community college? As I was leaving my room to rush to class, I bumped into my adviser.

“Just the person I came to welcome. Settling in?”

“Actually, no. I am late for class and I am wondering what it is I am going to be taught here.”

“I am confused. How do you not know this, you registered for classes?”

“No ….. did for me. He told me I needed to attend this school to advance further. I am trying to understand why attending a community college after gaining a Master’s degree will help me.”

“Oh you have a Master’s degree. Is it accredited?”

“Yes.” I wondered why she would ask me such a question.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Very sure.”

“And do you have student loans?”

“Yes a bundle to pay back.”

“And are you working.”

“Well yes and no. I wrote a book that will be out soon. I am writing another on. And I am a Dream Intuitive. I get the sense the money will be flowing in within 6 months.”

“Yes, Yes I see. Well this makes sense why you are here. Run along, you are late for class.”

“But wait. You have not answered my question. Why am I here? Will it help me?”

“What are your studies again?”

I looked down at the palms of my hands and listened to what they had to say. Next I heard myself saying; “Advance Medium-ship; Visions; and Realms within Dreams.”

“Well there you have it. People who come here already have those gifts, they come to this community college to enhance them to a higher extent in which they can manifest for the greater good. Now run along.”

She suddenly gave me a shove down the hallway before I could speak again. I walked forward and soaked in the white hallway gleaming with light. I heard the women call out to me “It is important for you to remember that you can teach others and make a little money, even while you are in a constant state of learning and education.”

I stopped and spun around. She no longer was visible. “Not a bad idea. Lead classes to make some money.” I turned forward again and noticed all the dorm rooms were shut yet I was able to hear chatter as if I was surrounded by a group of people. When I stopped for a moment and tuned in to the chatter one voice stood out; “Why am I here? Why am I here?” As the words continued to chant through me, my arms quickly became heavy and filled with books. These happened to be the exact books I needed for my studies. Without looking back I found myself racing to class.

I woke up.


This afternoon I drew my Tarot cards (which I have not done in a long time) I received….

Past – Empress / Present – Hermit / Future – High Priestess

I laughed. How fascinating these cards correlate with my education dreams I have been experiencing as of late.