Dreamworkers, Behind the Veil of Night Shift Dreams


My book Dreamworkers, Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams is Coming out Soon (end of this month) …. [update] Release date is set for October 3rd, 2012. Yay! I am so very excited and nervous to be sharing this book with everyone.

Dreamworkers: Behind the Veil of Night Shift Dreams takes you on a journey through the dream realms far beyond the visible.

As you watch the curtain lift, find yourself being whisked away through extraordinary dreams awakening you to the magical world of those who work the Night Shift.

Dreamworkers is a collection of dreams – from myself and dreamers all over the world – where you will read about dreamers traversing through astral realms, provide guidance and healing to the departed.

I will add another post when I have the exact release date … but until you are able to buy my Dreamworkers book I suggest watching the book trailer Oaklight Publishing created. Pretty Cool! Click HERE to watch!

cover design by Tamara Morris

“I had the pleasure of watching Meredith dedicate herself to the path of dream work. It was so impressive to see her appetite for knowledge and experience in the understanding of the world of Dreams. Her book is witness of that labor of love and commitment that  Meredith now shares with us. As a fellow Dream Worker I take my hat off to Meredith and her new book” ~ John Rehak www.clearmind.net

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