Sleep paralysis and hypnagogia

Over a year ago I was lucky enough to speak with Ryan Hurd twice about sleep paralysis and hypnagogia on the Flash of Spirit show I co-hosted with Dr. Gillian Holloway. It was amazing to speak with someone so down to earth that held so much knowledge around such a intriguing topic. I suggest listening to the podcasts HERE and scrolling down the page to listen both interviews with Ryan Hurd.

I bring this up, again, because Ryan Hurd posted a lecture he gave on Borderlands of Consciousness — Sleep paralysis and hypnagogia at Stanford on his website and I wanted to share it with all of you. Well worth listening to.

I know about sleep paralysis and hypnagogia well, as I have experienced it myself off and on since childhood. I am bringing up this topic up today because I encountered such an experience last week while having a camp out at a friend’s house. The difference this time (compared to the many other times I experienced sleep paralysis and hypnagogia) is I finally have a sense of understanding sleep paralysis and hypnagogia more now then ever before. 

Even though I still felt the terror the other night,  I realized quickly that it was I who was returning back into my body from my astral travels …. Awake and aware in two forms (physically and in spirit) I saw myself returning from a dream realm in which I was interacting with others who were extremely important to my current journey – in both my waking and dreaming life. I also realized that I returned, fully aware now, with a piece of energy that belonged to someone else – a spirit, or the essence of a spirit, followed me back into this 3rd dimensional realm. 

by Starr Weems

I felt my mind in fear as my spirit, my soul, touched my body waking my mind up. I could see nothing but fear, the energy of myself, and something else present in the room with me. My body was unable to move, but that makes sense…. how could it move if my true essence my soul was not in my body – as I do not truly exist, physically, without it. I hovered above myself, yet could not see the purity of my energy, my eyes were not adjusted to see beyond the veil and into the invisible. My mind felt terrified and I wanted to scream, move, jump up, yet I was paralyzed, well so I thought. Me of all people should know there is nothing to be scared of when the lights are off, when the darkness sets in, and quickly my soul hushed my mind whisking it’s powerful energy across my body from heard to toes. Suddenly I felt myself quickly  moving back through me, within the physical part of me.

Yet, still I could feel the presence of someone else hovering along side me. My eyes popped back open as I now was whole inside my body. Fear and calmness mixed. I had returned from a realm in which I recall speaking to on of my teachers (known as Merlin in the 3rd Dimension). He showed me symbols of ancient cultures who now exist in worlds far beyond the one humans are capable of seeing. He showed me ancient runes and discussed the writings on each one. He then discussed the solstice, the sun, and the moon and how we are all off centered because we follow the hours of time rather then the rise and set of the suns and moons. However, at this moment of my settling back into myself I could not focus on where I was or where I had just returned from….. rather I held this tingling terror of wonder, ‘who was it that returned with me?’.

When my daughter and I returned home from our adventures overnight, the next day we took the day off from homeschooling, writing, dreaming, we just relaxed our bodies and minds… enjoying the fact that doing nothing is wonderful.  I decided to catch up on my personal emails, newsletters, and anything else that kept me from working… this is when I noticed that I had received Ryan’s new newsletter which contained his new podcast on Sleep paralysis and hypnagogia. I have not thought of this topic in a while and it is one that has always fascinated me….. a topic in which I may see and understand slightly different from others….. Funny how the universe works. 

I suggest all to listen to this new podcast, and the ones when I was a co-host and spoke on the topic (links above). 

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