Elephant Dreams

The following dream was sent to me back in February. Since I am utilizing the dreams in which clients / dreamers submit giving me permission to reprint (use for my research and writings) I do not find myself often posting their dreams and their interpretations on my blog.  However, Elephants keep popping up and I wanted to share a tiny piece of my new dream book I am currently writing and the explorations through the dreams of others it has taken me on….

The Dreamer Stated: “The elephants which were the main focus of my dream did not speak to me directly, their ears seemed important and their out of placeness in the landscape + their speed, my idea of an elephant would be slow usually in waking life. I usually dream of tigers, snakes and bears (am scared of them all and trying to exit or have the animal removed) however never previously elephants. I have had 2 elephant dreams in quick succession and although I am aware of my fear I was able to be near/touch this animal.”

I live in a forest and across the ravine on a hot sunny day, I see 2 adult grey elephants galloping through the forest with noble people on their backs. I am amazed as I watch them, I know they are going somewhere but I do not know where it is. They seem purposeful. I notice their ears and grace. The lodge that I am staying in is behind me. I am mesmerized by their speed at the same time knowing that this is not ‘usual’ movement for the animal. I am also aware that this is not their landscape as I know it.

The scene switches to me being in a flatter area of parkland on my side of the ravine. I am riding a white elephant, smaller, not a baby elephant but not fully grown. I have held onto it’s ears and balanced myself safely enough on the ride. I am awestruck and am aware of my fear of riding the elephant at the same time but get down off the elephant knowing that other people may wish to interact with it. My nephew who’s 8 asks for a go. I tell him he must be careful if he is going to charge on the elephant and he needs to hold onto the ears. This is an important message I want to communicate to him for his safety. I feel he hasn’t heard me, so I shout after him again. I am suddenly confident that he knows what he is doing and he completes the ride safely.

The location is not a familiar one, the land is lush and green on the side of the ravine I saw the grey elephants and dry and arid on my side of the ravine where it is flatter and less forest. Elephants have appeared previously in my dreams in a herd. Previously I have had similar feelings of been amazed and fearful at the same time. Usually the dreams feel on the side of pleasant.

My translation to the above dream:

“The elephants are your guides at this moment in your life –They may evolve with you as you grow or they may only be here until they have fulfilled their service to you. There is nothing to fear with elephants as in nature they are gentle and very loyal beings. Think about what elephants mean to you and how they make you feel.

Elephants are known to represent wisdom, strength, and peace. They will guide you to new inner powers, energies, and ancient wisdom you may have forgotten about. They will happily lead you inward and show you the way to your own inner wisdom that is ready to emerge. 

What is holding you back from drawing on your own power in order to evolve? As in your dream, the sky is blue, the grass is lush, you have endless parkland to explore. Draw on the power and offerings of the elephant in order for your gifts to emerge – let them guide you.

Suggestions to the dreamer: At anytime of the day ask the elephant to appear. Know you can lean on the elephant; know he/she is with you through the ups and the downs of your days. The more you are able to visualize the elephant the more you are capable of drawing from your own inner power. Tape a picture or pictures of elephants in areas of your home or office to remind you where you are on your own path, to remind you the work you want to do for yourself. Before bed, light a candle, sit quietly and as your elephant to appear again for you in your dream realms, prepare any question you wish to ask, be clear and direct. Guides want to help, they are in service to you, and they will answer any question you directly ask.

What was discovered later: White elephants are spiritual masters, highly evolved souls, leading the dreamer down her spiritual path to enlightenment, while offering teachings along the way.

Reply from Dreamer:

“It feels very apt that you offered about the power and inner strength as following  some body/movement work, I realize that I am trying to bring dreaming/my dreams to be embodied into my work and no longer have them as just a concept/detached images using them in a more empowered way for guidance –  (I have recorded my dreams for around 3 years however whilst I love working with the unconscious, they have seemed interesting yet external/unembodied in some ways so far).  The elephant has even come out in movement in my legs! So the white elephant dream meaning which I am sure may continue to evolve has brought a lovely insight into how I need to perhaps harness the ‘vehicle’ and embody my dreams/spirit somehow.  I have recently had illness that has also invited me to cleanse my body so the elephants cleansing colour energy is closely related and one of the meditative messages was to listen very closely to my body (perhaps some of the holding onto the ears).”