The Beauty of Our Dreams ~ Healing within Dreams

Lately I have been doing more writing off the blog and more healing for myself, for my friends, and for my clients. This healing I do, and writing I create, are both taking place within my dream realms, then moving into waking… this happens naturally for me—so naturally that my waking and dreaming become meshed together. Recently someone asked me the following questions ‘What are the healing benefits of our dreams? And how do we know dreams send us healing?”

The best way to share my answers to this inquiry is to ask this: Think about a time in your life in which you may have experienced depression, an illness, emotional or physical turmoil, or a time when something in your waking life was sucking your energy or dimming your light. What were your dreams like during this time? By any chance were they more vivid, powerful, in abundance?  If so, these were you dreams communicating with you, providing you with much needed guidance, and sending you ways to heal.

Do you recall your dreams during a time in your life that you were emotionally, mentally, or physically ill in some way? The most important thing to do when you wish to identify a healing dream is to track your dreams during a difficult time in your life. Write them down, draw them out, do bodywork, meditate on them, create art — whatever it is that resonates with you best. By recognizing dreams during times of turmoil you will be surprised how you can watch your healing story unfold. It is quite possible that you may not understand everything happening in these dreams (remember I always say dreams our pieces to our personal life puzzle) you may find confusion, sadness, anger within the images of your dreams, but this is all part of the healing process. Move with these dreams, embrace them, honor them – both the good and the bad ones.


We all heal in different ways. Dreamer’s should remember that symbols and images are personal to each dreamer. Like a snowflake no two images (symbol) within dreamer’s dreams are alike. Each of us receives, translates, and downloads information in the language that is best understood to them. For example: A burning bridge may mean the end of a path for one dreamer, while it may represent a warning to what is to come on a path for another dreamer; it could even mean that the path once traveled is no longer available; or it could represent the dematerialize of an old way or thought that was no longer needed. This one image could have a million different translations and a unique healing remedy for each dreamer. In order to interpret the image one needs to realize it depends on who is dreaming the image, why the image has appeared, and what is going on in their waking life.

I also always ask dreamers to remember that sometimes when other people appear in our dreams they may not always represent aspects of our own self, or our inner child, or past or present lives of who we are and once were. Rather it is very possible these people who appear in our dreams are truly other world beings, or loved ones, or power animals, and or familiar & unfamiliar people each personal and individualized to the dreamer. They appear as guides or messengers for us (the dreamer) to help us find the strength, the light, the love within ourselves to move forward through our healing process, through transitions in which it is time for us to make in order to continue on, to grow, to evolve.  The messages, symbols, signs, images that appear hold meanings that differ for each dreamer and it is the process of finding out what the images means to you, as a dreamer, that gives the dreamer permission and power to heal. Yes permission. Dreams show us that we are allowed to give ourselves permission to heal, and dreams give us the power to heal ourselves.

Are there particular signs that a dreamer should be aware of in order to identify a healing dream? Yes and No. Yes there are signs, but they are individualized to each dreamer. No, not one symbol or image fits all. Be open to all signs and symbols that appear. Feel through your first reaction to them — how you react my be associated with what the image is speaking to you as part of your healing process. Try not to turn away from what you may fear. Embrace all that appears in your dreams and bring that embrace and those emotions into waking.

The beauty of dreams and our dream guides are that they appear at that moment in time when we need them most (yes, this goes for bad dreams and nightmares also). Dreams hold within them the power of perfect timing; now if we actually recognize this or not that is up to us. But by recognizing the simple, the complex, the bizarre in our dreams sends the message that you are ready to begin your healing process.

What are the healing benefits of our dreams?  The benefits are being healed physically, emotionally, mentally, and or spiritually. Yes it is that simple. Imagine that. To be empowered to heal oneself by taking the steps and reading the signs given to us in our dreams.

Summer Magic by Starr

Being open to the possibility of receiving healing within our dreams to me is the same as going to a doctor. Now I am not suggesting in any way to give up your doctor and just call on your dreams for healing. What I am saying is that if you are open to the healing benefits of your dreams less people may have to spend time asking their doctor to tell them what is wrong with them. Sounds crazy I know but deep within you your true self is already aware of what pieces of you need healing, and your dreams are bringing you that message. I am very lucky to already be tuned into my dreams, one rarely finds my daughter or I going to the doctor, only because I am able to recognize and listen to the signs within our dreams (and within our bodies, thoughts, actions) that alert us to an upcoming illness, emotional outbreak, or mental crisis. I tend to our personal emotional well being, our physical well being, and eat a certain way – long ago my dreams alerted me to what was to come if I did not spend time in waking nurturing myself, and tending to my dreams. I have been on both sides ignoring my dreams and honoring my dreams. At one time in my life, when all was falling apart for me, I learned the hard way what happens when one does not honor the intuitive messages given to us in our dreams.

  • Dreams in general alert us to pass, present, and future physical, emotional, mental issues.
  • Dreams identified as healing dreams tend to us, nurture us, and guide us through the process of our own particular healing needs.
  • If you listen to your dreams (even the scary ones) and associate symbols, signs, images, messages with what is happening in your waking life you will be able to prevent or heal whatever ails you.

By no means can all dreams prevent an outcome that was meant to take place, but you as a dreamer can better prepare yourself to embrace the outcome – positive or negative – and dreams can help you with finding comfort in both the good and bad; the healthy and unhealthy, your healing and your pain.


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