Collaborating with Artist Starr Weems

I would like to share with all of you how very lucky I am to have recently met (through friends of friends) the artist Starr Weems.

In The Forest Night

The moment I was showed her art worked I instantly felt aha! someone finally sees the way I see! I believe she must have a special portal in which she is able to see and recreate the images within our dreaming minds. As if she had a special power to view the images, colors, and energies that float in an endless spiral around my mind, waiting to be set free onto paper. Her art work is whimsical, other-worldly, and filled with colors that hold true to the way fantasy uniquely speaks many of our dreams. 

There are two wonderful reasons why I am sooo happy to have been introduced to Starr (and I am now excited to introduce her to all of you):

One… because she paints the way my vision wishes to bring many images and stories back from the dream world …

and two….

because I am lucky she wants to collaborate with me by submitting images for my future blog postings along with working with me on some (near) future dreaming projects I am in the process of creating. Yay!

Now… while I leave you dazzled by her paintings on her website: Starr Weems Fine Art and her Art Blog  …… I must get to work on producing written dreams in which I hope Starr will happily paint into images.

Want to see more art by Starr on my blog???… check out: The Beauty of Our Dreams

…….Enter into a Divine World of Dreaming

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