Enter A World of Divine Dreaming

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Dreams and Visions come naturally for some people. Others have to find techniques and tools to get in touch with their dream world.  We all dream, we all have the abilities to reach inward and explore the images and messages sent to us in our dreaming state. Here in this parallel world (what at times may seem like a bunch of puzzle pieces fallen apart) is where lays the truth for our Selves and for our Souls. These realms are as familiar and meaningful to each of us as our waking world. 

There was a time in waking life, in many cultures of ancient past, where dreams were regarded highly and people created shrines, found sacred spots, and built temples serving as dream oracles. In these places one could sleep and dream to heal  themselves and receive messages of divine guidance. Somewhere between the past and the present human beings lost touch with their dreams, and visions were regarded as evil or unhealthy.

But times are changing, and we are beginning to awaken from our waking slumber, realizing that there is much truth to these mystical and ancient ways that worked for centuries long ago. Our current ways are crumbling and have been out of tune with our dreaming realms for too long, we can no longer stand blinded and watch ourselves loose the very essence of our being. We are now realizing that each of us holds the truth within and listening to our intuition speaks wonders to our soul. It is now time to return back, full circle, and begin creating a sacred space to sleep in order to reach the realms our dreams have to offer us is highly recommended.

~Entering into a Divine World of Dreaming~

To ask for the messages you need to move forward…. To ask for your spirit guides and angels to help light your way through the images your dream realms have shown to you… to incubate, to meditate, to get back in touch with your true Self, your Soul .. is becoming an unconsious universal truth in order to survive within this society of today.

I encourage you to invite your dream messages into your space, into your sleep, into your waking life. I invite you to dream when you sleep tonight. And when you wake up if you are unable to understand the images, the voices, the messages.. I welcome you to call on me to help guide you through the translation of your dreams.

For I am a translator of dreams, a dream intuitive, a messenger, a spirit rescuer, an energy worker..  I am here to help guide and heal you through your dreams… I Speak In Dreams.

Dream work is a way of re-establishing contact between your body, mind, spirit and soul… while connecting with realms beyond the physical.

Providing guidance as you Enter A World Of Divine Dreaming~

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I am currently making major updates and changes to my website and blog over the next month. As exciting things are taking place for me (such as in my DreamWorkers posting) I must transition with the changes that are being offered to me; like a gift I have been given I choose to receive it with open arms, perceive it to have the most positive outlook, and utilize the gift wisely. Please bare with me as I make these changes – this is becoming a slow process for me…. transferring website providers in order to upgrade, combining my blog and website, finding the right template for my blog / website. Website is now http://paradreaming.com

I look forward to dreaming more with you.

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