Snakes and Black Cats as Divine Oracles

Snakes and black cats are popping up for people in both their dreamstate and waking life. Although I do not believe that having the general meaning for a symbolic image is always the answer a dreamer is seeking (or needing), I do think that sometimes having some type of foundation for a symbol helps guide the dreamer down the right path to find his / her own personal meaning. Please also remember that although an image can be very powerful / profound I suggest that dreamers embrace all the images (the setting, voices, colors, people, etc.) in the whole dream and “see” how everything fits together (or does not fit together) before embracing the truth within the personal message given to them. generally represent transformation (death and rebirth) and sexuality. A snake has a secret to share with you given to them through the vibrations of the earth. Many people see snakes as part of the darker side of life because snakes create fear in many people. However, as are all animals, snakes are of pure form. Snakes actually appear to help get you back on track or to guide you through the beginning stages of a transformation you have recently entered. Snakes shed their skin regularly – symbolizing transmuting and renewal; shed the old to invite new in their life.  If you fear the snake it is only because you fear the change it has brought with it. If a snake bites you it is trying to “wake you up” from your stagnate life or from the negative choices you once made. It’s time to rethink those thoughts and create a new life. Snakes can also represent sexual creatures and if this is the focus of your dream you may want to ask yourself… are you a predator? Or are you holding back from something you desperately desire?

If a snake appears as a guide for you (in dreaming or waking) know that it is offering you a lending hand during your rebirth — a major change and a new direction for your life. You may not accept the change at first, that is your choice, but you will have to eventually in order to evolve through this current stage of your life. The snake or many snakes will continue to appear until you decide you are ready to embrace your rebirth. Once you open your heart to change, you learn how to look into the hearts of others and offer guidance. (All new directions offered by guides are always positive directions – some journeys just take longer then others.)  Colorful snakes appearing are reminding you of the vibrant vibrational light you hold deep within your soul – it is time to transform and let your light shine. Cats crossing your path: Long ago I decided to change my mind set about black cats crossing my path— which I was told created several years of bad luck. What fear this creates in all children! Instead, I decided to believe that when a black cat crosses my path, or appears out of the blue over and over again… or even in packs … to receive this crossing as a positive and magical message from the universe. I began to think that when a black cat crossed my path that a new glorious adventure was hidden right around the corner. Why not believe in the positive? If the negative created fear which in turn projected something bad to happen, why not believe in a positive outcome so even the mundane or simplest things in life that popped up could be viewed as something wonderful happening!

So what message does a black cat offer compared to a white cat or a gray cat?

Cats in general represent independence, magic, freethinkers, many lives, ability to fight, seeing the invisible, guardians of the gates between the underworld and the upper world.

When a Cat appears (pops up, reappears in waking and or dreaming) their spirit is trying to grab your attention so you will notice that they are here to offer you guidance. There is a message for you to receive that surrounds a mythical and magical time that is coming up in your current life. Free thinking and independence is important more now than ever before. Do not become bored with the mundane because within the mundane great adventures arise. Cats are great oracles and assist in seeing within meditation – maybe it is time to sit quietly for a moment, close your eyes, and take a closer look at what is beyond your mind’s eye.  A black cat represents very deep healing qualities, within the healing it is offering you it is also bringing to you new and powerful energies. It offers both the dark and light to you within this magical time of your life that is just about to pop up. Choose wisely. It is now in your power to create beautiful healing magic out of the high vibrational white light…. Or disregard the offering and drink the dark shadows of your past. You are now able to see clearly within the invisible, view carefully, and it is in your best interest to use your sense of sight wisely – to help others rather than to use against others.

The above oracles are from my own (i speak in dreams) personal set of dream oracle cards I am in the process of creating. Digest what I say and find what resonates with you in order to guide you to the meaning that fits with what is happening in your life (past, present, future).

~Enter into a World of Divine Dreaming~