When Dreams Feel Magical

A couple of weeks ago my 8 year old daughter woke up one morning and had a big smile on her face.

“Mommy I had a dream that I rode my bike. I got on my bike and was able to ride it. I pedaled so fast and just went so fast and so far. It was cool.”

“I think that the dream is telling you that you are ready to ride your bike. You are capable and there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s like the dream is saying to you, “Hop on and see where your pedaling takes you.” She laughed and gave me a big hug.

“Do you really think I will be able to ride a bike now?”


“I want to go try and ride my bike today…. Or when it is not raining.”

These are the best dreams. The ones in which you are capable of doing something that in waking you aren’t so sure you will ever be able to accomplish. The ones where you are unable to decide on something but then your dreams show you exactly what the best decision is.

My daughter has been trying to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels for about 6 months. We used to do a lot cycling and had a trail bike hooked up to the back of my husband’s bike. She thought for so long that she was pedaling and creating the movement of their bikes moving forward, but really her dad was doing all the work. And my daughter rode on the trail bike enjoying her surroundings, looking all around her with a big smile on her face, yip yapping away as my husband pedaled for the both of them.

When we removed the training wheels from her first bike, a couple of years ago, we thought for sure the transition from four wheels to two wheels would be simple for her (she had loved riding her bike). Instead after a few times falling, creating scrapes and pains all over her body, she manifested a fear around riding a bike. Six months ago, as parents, we decided it was time she learned how to ride her bike, we felt it was an important life skill to know. She wanted to learn to ride her bike but the fear she had created was holding her back. Back in January she tried to practice riding her new bike, and experienced little victories here and there, but after 30 minutes she was ready to go back inside and give up riding a bike.

Until her magical bike riding dream when everything suddenly changed and the fear vanished.

A couple of days after her dream, when the weather shifted and the rain stopped, I took my daughter down to a bike trail near our house. She hopped on her bike and off she went. Just like that. She was elated! She could not believe it; it was exactly like in her dream. She rode and rode far ahead of me, I was not able to keep up (I was on feet). I watched her in the distance hopping she would decide at some point to turn around, which she eventually did. Just like that, poof! She is a cyclist. Yesterday, just 2 weeks after her dream, she rode 8 miles.

I call these dreams magical dreams. I have had several of these dreams myself over the years. They are the dreams that grant our wish, give us the confidence we have been looking for, suddenly resolve a simple or big issue, give us the answer to a question we had been asking for ourselves, point us in the right direction when we are at a fork in the road, and even show us we can do something we may have or have not been fearing, like ride a bike. I am not sure what causes these dreams, do we have several before this final magical one, not realizing that we were given the answer in symbols already? Or do these dreams grant us a sense of peace to our own insanity over something – the dreams that free us from our mind. Could these be the dreams that awaken us to the power of all our dreams? If you ask we will tell you the answer. Maybe once we let go these magical dreams just happen.

Magical dreams are very vivid, this type of dream feels as if you are in waking reality and not dreaming at all. There are no complex symbols or puzzles to solve; there are no stories surrounding mythological history or spiritual evolution.. they just are — simple and to the point dreams; as if the light suddenly switches on for you.  And when you awaken you feel a inner deep knowing that you must act on the information just provided. You realize in the moments after, as you embrace the dream, something amazing begins to happen in your life; as the magical door opens, you walk through it and a whole new piece of the world welcomes you.