When Voices Speak

Listening to Voices in Our Dreams and in Waking

Recently I experienced a visitation and message download late at night from a voice I was unable to decipher. This happened during an weekend visit with my friend and her parent’s at their house.

One of my guides, angels (still deciphering seeing angels from my spirit guides as angels will also appear in human form) – Intuitively I feel it was the archangel Metatron who appeared. He woke me up from my deep sleep – I had been dreaming of a man with a technical / computer animated voice speaking to me; it felt as if he was downloading a message to me. I recall saying in my dream, “I am trying to understand your message but I am having a hard time decoding what you are saying.”  I woke up suddenly; but before I could fully open my eyes and see clearly around the room I heard the same voice speaking again to me but this time a little more slowly. I telepathically told the voice I was unable to recall what he told me. At that very moment my eyes popped open and I noticed a man bending over, kneeling down beside the couch I was sleeping on. It seemed as though he was looking down towards the floor so I only caught a glance of the right side of him. I forced myself paralyzed. I was not afraid to move, rather, I did not want to disturb what he, this angel (spirit) was doing. I slowly shut my eyes thinking if I fell back to sleep it would be easier to communicate with the angel in my dream realm.  When I realized I was not going to fall back to sleep with my heart racing and my mind talking to itself, I reopened my eyes and I no longer captured a image of his presence. 

Moments past with me staring blankly into the atmosphere of the living room as I slowly started to feel sleepy again. As my eyes became heavy and heavier I felt them close themselves and I quickly fell back to sleep. As my soul detached itself from my sleeping body I floated above my physical self setting the intention to call in the angel guide, who just moments before kneeled beside me. Off I floated up up and away, on a search for the guide in hopes of finding more out about the message I had been given. The voice stuck with me as I traveled through to my dreamtime. Soon I felt myself floating past the boundary line of the visible crossing into the invisible realms and I no longer was present in physical.


I am highly clairaudient; it is common for me to intuitively hear voices easily in both my worlds of dreams and waking. My personal practice I am working on is to find ways to recall everything I am able to hear. My recall varies, but the voices appear often to speak with me asking me to embrace the information that is spoken to me or to pass the information on to others.  Luckily, since I am tapped into my divine dreams, if I am unable to remember the message I hear, both my guides in my invisible and visible realms will try again to speak the message / information / words in a voice I will eventually comprehend.  

I do not believe a person needs to be clairaudient / clairaudio to hear voices of their guides, spirits, angels, other people, and other unearthly beings. I do believe you have to be open to want to hear and receive the voice and what it has to say.

It is common for me to receive a message from a higher entity right before I fall asleep and even more common upon the period in time when I am transitioning back into my body from the other realms. My home, the place I feel most at peace, most myself, is within my dream realms – parallel universe to our physical reality; 4th dimension and 5th dimensions; and any other realm I have astral traveled too – so many times another worldly being, angel, or spirit guide will call out my name or make a statement to assist me into returning back to the physical. I know when I hear a calming, male, deep voice call out my name “Meredith Meredith WAKE UP!” that I have obviously been trying to resist my return.

Ahh I have to love the voices I hear because they have provided guidance, protection, and messages to help myself and those of many others I have worked with.

Back in the Spring of ’05 I was driving to work. Every day I experienced a peaceful,  beautiful, early morning 45 minute drive from my home (a small cabin in the valley of wine country) to my place of work, which was located beside, and overlooking, the Pacific Ocean. The last part of the drive was up a gradual uphill 4 lane road. This one particular time I was driving the speed limit (50 miles per hour I think it was) in the left hand lane. I had a guy driving on my tail in a Volvo. I was in a zone, feeling at peace, when suddenly I heard a voice whisper to me, “Slow down and move over. Slow down and move over right now.” Without hesitation (and with a gut feeling to listen to the whispered voice) I did exactly what the voice told me to do. I slowed down, moved to the right hand lane. The car behind me sped up and within 5 seconds BAM! A deer came out of the wooded area, jumped over my lane, and hopped into the left hand lane I hd just moved out of. The guy driving the Volvo had hit the deer, the deer flew up into the air, landed in the other lanes (flow of traffic going into the opposite direction), it popped up and jumped away into the woods. I was stunned. I had my daughter who was only 1 years old in the back seat (in a car seat) and my heart raced as I thought. “That could have been us. Someone saved me from a bad accident.” The guy driving the Volvo slowed down, and I slowed to drive side by side with him. I looked over and he smiled nodding his head that he was ok as he motioned for me to continue going. The front end of his Volvo was smashed in, the hood pushed back into his windshield. I kept glancing back at him as I inched my way to the top of the hill. He slowed down more, near the top of the hill, pulled over to my lane behind me, and then stopped on the shoulder at the top of the hill where there was room to stop his car. I continued driving and thought about the voice. I replied out loud “Thank You! Please make sure the deer and man are going to be ok.”

In my mind’s eye I retraced what happened, feeling slightly shocked at the whole situation; I swear from my rear view mirror I was able to glimpse a snapshot of the image of a female spirit whose voice spoke to me, saving me from a tragic accident.

Before that particular experience sometimes I would listen to the voices that would appear to speak to me…. and other times I would shrug them off. Since the deer / car incident, I taught myself quickly how to decipher the voices of my shadow (ego) from the voices of my guides. Now I always listen to the voice that pops up and have learned to ignore or push away the voices of my ego in which I or no one else will benefit from. At times I find myself having to stop, take a breath, and rationalize what the voice is telling me, thinking and feeling it all through for a moment.

As time continues to pass, I continue to grow and find new ways of learning how to listen more intently to what the voice has to say, embrace it, and know it has spoken for a reason – a reason that will guide and protect, impacting me and or others – both familiar and unfamiliar – in my life.

Are you hearing voices? What are they saying? It may not be easy to recall every word spoken to you, but if you start opening up to listening you will find ways to hear, receive, and recall what is being said. Every day I communicate with my guides, in both waking and dreaming, and I find when I tune in, tapping into the power of the voice, I am able to manifest and unfold my life in a happy, healthy, and healing way.