Snakes May Carry A Divine Message Within Your Dreams

SSSSnakes… and Translating Dreams

Snakes appearing in dreams seem to be fairly common for most dreamers. But it is the meaning behind the snake that varies from dream to dream and person to person. If you read my blog you know that I am not the type of dream interpreter that goes directly to the mythology or symbolic meaning of any image, rather I view first from the perspective of how dreams are real, as real as our waking reality – yes your soul did actually soul travel through space passing through and far beyond the existence of time. Yes your soul did exist in that house filled with snakes within your dream. Yes your fear you felt was as real as your fear may be towards something in your waking reality. And Yes those vibrant colors (of energy) on the snakes existed, if you saw it, felt it, sensed it… it was real, it did happen. Why wouldn’t it?  But I will admit I am also a dream translator that will look at a dream from all angles if when something I see – when I receive an intuitive hit — does not give the dreamer an AHA! moment, feel right, or resonate with dreamer I am guiding at that moment. Some people, some dreamers need a little more push or a little more information before they are able to see, hear, and understand what I intuitively have received instantly.

 So back to snakes…. Yes snakes…. Creepy crawling, beautiful, intriguing scary snakes… so different to sense when up close and personal in a dream. Why is it that sometimes we dream and the realness of the dream has truth to it and other times we dream and what we read about the symbology / mythology behind the dream is what reveals the same meaning to us? Are all dreams not real? Are only some dreams a snapshot of our soul traveling to the astral plane, living out it’s (our) true Self…. while other dreams may just be our minds venting out what we have sought so hard to bottle up and store away (whether just yesterday or years earlier)  wanting to shake ourselves up in waking?


I bring these questions up now because I am always sensing what dreamers are wondering and seeking for themselves (or at least my guides in waking and dreaming guide me to hear what dreamers are asking). Is the snake in a dream real or a symbol? I will use the following snake dream as an example to answer this particular question. I have noticed that snakes are popping up suddenly for many dreamers and for myself. Is the snake in my dream a representation of a repressed emotion or thought? Could the vibrant colorful snakes (ready to strike or not) in my dream actually be a piece of the truth my soul needs to live out in order for my physical self to reveal a truth I have kept hidden in this lifetime? Are my dreams and messages everything I need to be able to continue to move forward down my current path? Or are the snakes in my dream and yours just a mythological symbol representing my current waking issues only shedding light on an aspect of my darkness? Or are these questions being asked just all one in the same.


I found myself in a house with a familiar partner (my current partner yet the face was a blur). The house I realized was his and I was moving in. We wanting to move, I wanted to move up north – Seattle area?! This was his house in that area. The house felt dark –not enough sunlight shinning through. Old vintage farm house, remolded lovely, cold, and dark. He began to show me around through the hallway to his bedroom, our bedroom. That is when I noticed the first snake. I jumped on the bed. The red and white tail of the snake shook a little and I felt slightly freaked out. “Snake” I whispered. He motioned as if to ignore it so we laid on the bed talking about our future, our dreams. Suddenly another snake appeared, the tail black and white. I sat up and questioned the two snakes I saw. He nodded not to worry. “Will they bite? Is there a snake problem?” He half smiled. I could tell there was something he did not want to tell me. At that moment two more appeared, green and white tail and a red and white tail. “You must explain these snakes to me. “Just be careful he said. Don’t get to close. Some will try and bite you.” I began to shake. “I don’t want to get bitten by a snake. Do you have a snake bite kit? I don’t want to die just yet.” He responded with a no, “No snake bite kit. And no you won’t die. But you must be careful. I will take care of the snakes and get rid of them.”

I stood up asking to leave the bedroom. “Why are there so many snakes in this house? I don’t want to live in a house with snakes, certainly not ones that will harm me.” We began to leave the room and more appeared. Vibrant colors on their shaking tails. “Just don’t get to close when they coil up.” He pushed me out of the room and into the hallway. More colorful snakes began to slither across the floor. I wanted to run, escape, fear filled every inch of my body. “I will tell my roommate. Let’s get out of here, this is out of control.” As I hurried down the long hallway to an exit door the snakes began to fill up the space behind me. “Why is this happening? What does this mean? I can’t live here with the snakes.” He grasped my hand and told me not to worry.

It felt as if we made it outside, but it too felt dark and musty as the house did. There was no escaping, I must face the snakes, or live with them, or ride them. I felt as if my arm had been bitten. I showed him the redness of my arm.

I am unable to recall anything else. I do remember waking up and wondering why so many colorful snakes, why so much fear towards them in a dream.

Dreams Are Our Reality Perspective: (My Intuitive Hit after reading this dream.) Your soul astral traveled to a realm in which YOU also exist. There is a transition your soul is moving towards within its relationship with this other soul (boyfriend / partner in dream). The snakes are acting as a current power animal for you, appearing at this moment only to guide you through this new transition bringing you to a new level of being. Snakes appearing in your dreams may represent fear of your shadow side, sexuality, spiritual transformation, psychic energy, moving the dreamer from one level of consciousness to the next.

The fears you are feeling in this particular dream are your own refusal to “not letting go of the physical material waking life part of your Self” in order to move into the next level of your truth. The colorful snakes symbolize what is to come, vibrant energies of your new evolution into your higher self. The fear in your dream is your own ego – the projection of your ego holding you back (your shadow) – afraid of you detaching yourself from it (the ego). You are ready to lift the veil knowing that this world and the otherworldly realms are parallel in your growth— do not fear rather embrace the snakes. You will return here to this other worldly place to continue on your journey.

The darkness and muck is really only that of what your ego traps you in the fear – it is what it has convinced you to feel and fear. The darkness and fear is only an aspect of you because you allow it to be.

Perspective of Dreams as a Symbolic Representation of Your Mind Venting Out Your Waking Life (the symbolic interpretation after my intuitive scanning of this dream):

As the dreamer you create each dream within your mind. Each dream is a piece of art that is created over a short or long period of time. Something in you waking life reality sparked your emotions to create each image in the way that appeared before your dreaming mind.

If a snake showed up in your dreams, what does it represent to you? Scan the setting / location, other images, familiar and unfamiliar people, colors, smells, objects, and feelings that appear in your dreams.

Moving in with your partner: Building a new foundation to a relationship, taking the next step towards a new level or aspect (growth) within the relationship.

Your partner’s face being blurred may represent your realization there are aspects of him that are a facade and his true self has yet to be shown to you fully.

Moving up North: North represents winter, growing old, maturity, death— death of an aspect of your Self, death or ending of a phase of your waking life. 

Old Vintage Farm House remolded but cold and dark: The coldness and darkness could represent what you are unaware of within your partner. Or it could represent how you are feeling deep within the basement of your own soul. The farm house has been remolded, it itself has evolved into the present; ask yourself: is the cold and darkness mine, my partners, or part of what is to come?

Snakes, Colorful Vibrant Snakes: If the snakes were so colorful and vibrant why did you fear them? The snakes may represent a psychic energy that they were offering you (you are in need of); awakening you to your own psychic powers that lay in (the dark and coldness of?) aspects of your Self. As I mentioned above snakes represent: fear of your shadow side, sexuality, spiritual transformation, psychic energy, moving the dreamer from one level of consciousness to the next. Feeling the bite of a snake is a symbolic gesture of awaking the dreamer— to wake the dreamer to a new awareness of their Self.

Facing the snakes, returning to the snakes and asking them why so many of them appeared before you would be an excellent way to acknowledge you have awoken to the dream and its message – you are now paying attention. What parts of you represent the snakes?

The dark and musty feeling inside the house and outside is, I believe, a way for the dream to signal to your ego, your waking mind, that there is no way to run or hide from the inevitable. If your shadow side is creating the dark and murkiness, the snakes are warning you to emerge onto the path towards your next level your must embrace rather than fear.  


Here I believe both perspectives lead to the same translation, the same message. No matter if a snake was an actual unearthly being or the snake was a powerful energy shape shifting into what snakes represent within mythology –by identifying different ways to view your dream world, and dreaming mind, it may become easier to elaborate and connect you to the message being offered. The universe (God, a Higher Power – whatever and however you believe) always has a message for you and it needs you (or it is necessary for you) to receive it. Did you receive the message? Of course you did because you brought the dream back into waking with you to decode its meaning. 

Usually when a message creates fear within you, holds a sense of darkness, feels scary or terrifying it is trying to get your attention. It does not necessarily mean something bad is happening or going to happen to you —it may just mean that for some time now your guides have been sending you off through realms to unravel their hidden messages. Or aspects of you have magically been creating images and symbols to appear in your dream trying to get your attention.

It is easy to past by the images, symbols, messages being handed to you as you continue to fly through the astral planes without the knowledge needed to move forward –now you need the message more than ever and they no longer can allow you to float on by. How do they get your attention? By creating a nightmare or bad dream, by creating a dream that will get your attention or by calling you to the realms beyond in which healing for you needs to begin to take place– WAKE UP they are trying to tell you –TAKE THIS MESSAGE PLEASE!

The snake dream above was not tended to be a scary nightmare but rather a bad dream to awaken the dreamer to take a seriously look; to begin preparations for what was about to come next. The outcome of the dream is actually one that could be absolutely beautiful if one is ready to receive and accept the transformation to come – completing another level towards higher consciousness. The dreamer has been signaled by the snakes that they are just one step closer to completing their soul’s transformation.

With any symbol, look at what the symbol means to you. For this dream I asked, “What does a snake represent to you and how does it feel to you when it appears in your dream.”  

By all means you can go further with this dream, or any dream, and continue to analysis each piece, word, image and break it all down to find how it correlates with some (or every) aspect of your waking life. However, sometimes I feel by doing that you have already missed the message; or even that you may be so blocked up (energy blockage) that you are unable to see what may be clearly in front of you. If for any reason this happens, I suggest some healing, energy work, Reiki, Shamanic healing, or any alternative healing modality that is able to help begin the healing process and unblock any blockages, stagnate energies, negative energies or the like. By doing this it will move the dreamer towards seeing and receiving the meanings, and messages, of their dreams more intuitively and more often.

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8 thoughts on “Snakes May Carry A Divine Message Within Your Dreams

  1. I had dream of a long poisionous snake crawling on me and later it climbs over a banana tree…in that dream actually i have not seen the snake exactly…after some time the snake turn into beautiful woman and she was saying i’m very hungry…what does it means?

  2. Greetings, Thank you for sharing your dream.

    Ask yourself: What are you hungry for? Is there something or someone missing you in your life that you desire desperately? Be careful where your hunger lies.

    Each dream is symbolic to the dreamer, to fully understand your dream it would be best to discuss this further. I do provide Dream Translations if you would like to explore what this dream means for you.

    I am offering a special New Years Rate for dream translations click here

    Blessings, M

  3. Thank you very much for your reply
    The snake who turned into a beautiful woman fed at my home.
    Then she has given some medicinal herb to cure disease to one of the old person in our home and she said some word related to making promises to God.

  4. This is very beautiful! Thank you for responded and sharing this with me. So may I ask, do you feel the snake represented rebirth? Or more of a metamorphosis?
    Sounds like the snake, the woman was a healer guide. Any more developments?

    I do accept dream guide dreams for my research I am finishing up for a dream book I am writing. If you would like to contribute this dream and even explore it more via email visit the following link and click on Dream Guide Questionnaire form:

    Glad to hear you were able to translate your dream. Many Blessings, M

  5. Once again Thank you very much for your reply.
    I do not even have any clarity about my dream.I thought it’s a strange dream that is why i have requested you to interpret the dream.
    Actually , In my dreams I sometimes things that are going to happen in the future. They sometimes come true 100% of the time. These dreams are very random and rare. I have not had one for a few months now I have had a dream where I am at a place I will not go to for months or I will see people I have not met yet. I am not sure to go so far as to say I can see part of the future.
    I thought this could helpful for your research on dreams.
    all the best for your research.

  6. Thank you again sree. Feel free to email me directly to explore this more. Or fill out one of my questionnaire forms that relate to my dream research. I do prefer to carry a dream exploration via email rather here in the comment area of my blog roll.

    I sense in a way you do have some insight into your own snake dream. Usually our first instincts upon waking holds the key to the translation. A snake can represent transformation and rebirth — it may represent being the womb of this woman who emerged (birthed) and carry a great message of healing (or the healer within you) for your own soul’s journey.

    Blessings, M

  7. ok well i hate to put this all out there but here it goes…. i am in a very bad postition i have a recent ex of five yrs and now a new boyfriend that i jumped into a realationship with right away. my dream was i was at my exes house babysitting and it was night time and raining i saw a huge red snake with a flat tale. i rushed to the bedroom and saw two more baby ones and a med size one. i ran outside to a car i didnt reconize in driveway and out came my exes dad who has passed about 5 months ago now its sunny out and daylight i go bck to bedroom and layed on bed and baby snakes were tryin to attack me the med snake got onto the bed and attacked me but i grabbed it and held it and screamed for my exs dad and he came in and took it out of my hands on the way of takin it out the snake took his flat tail and spit blood on my arm from his tail. i jumped outta my dream. like i said i hate to do this but i need help im also in an early pregnancy 😦

  8. Thank you for sharing your dream. If you would like to explore your dream with me, I provide Dream Interpretation at a rate of $25 per dream, for more information click here.

    There are also an many online dream forums that may be beneficial to you and other dreams you may have. A great place to start is

    If you search through my blog postings on snakes I believe my postings give a general insight into what snakes may represent to a dreamer. Snakes can represent renewal, transformation, a guide with a message, and they can shape shift to get your attention on an issue you are not paying attention to.

    Blessings, M

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