Hummingbirds, Deer, a Great Blue Heron, and more: How the Universe Sends You Messages in Waking

Four to five mornings a week I wake up before dawn and set out on an early morning run. I love these runs; they help me slowly move back into the physical realm after spending hours within the invisible. Over the years I have learned to take notice to all universal signs that appear in both waking and dreaming. I have realized that as I grow older, remain more protected from the outside physical world, and grew to be more aware to my surroundings (of what I can and cannot see), I am clearly tuned in to the universe on these morning runs. All my senses are heightened from my recent return from the dream realms.  Running for 8 miles is the moment, in my waking, when I fine tune my intuitive abilities, I see more clearly behind the veil of this visible life; I listen to the voices speaking to me and take heed their words; my creative juices flow (if I was able to record the images and thoughts in my mind I imagine I would be farther ahead with my writing and production of books), I remote view and tap into images of positive nature (removing the negative), and I daydream manifesting this physical life in the way that I desire to live it.   But the most wonderful thing about running in the early morning hours, as dawn rises, is I encounter the universe speaking to me through nature and animals.

Although every bird has a meaning that is personalized to each of us, I listen to the musical chirping the many different types of birds sing to me on my run. I take note that they are cheering me on and their musical notes keep me from falling into a negative mindset of the anxieties and harshness of my daily life. Every so often I am lucky to see a rare bird, or an animal I rarely see, pop up and onto my path… and at that very moment I know the universe is sending me a message.

Eagle: Vision and Spirit, this eagle that I was granted to see one early morning soared above my head and followed me down my running path for a short distance. Beginning of January in the Pacific Northwest on an early morning winter day is not really the most logical time to create such a goal as distance running. (But I like a challenge in my normal routine family life, for a free spirit like me being confined to one place weakens my spirit unless I find new and changeling goals.) The eagle watched over me as I was beginning my goal to gain the ability, courage, and strength to become a distance runner after recovering from two leg injuries. As it had its eyes on me, we melted our ability of sight together to envision what I am able to accomplish.  

If an eagle appears for you think about the courage, strength and vision you may need for yourself to soar to higher places. Reach deep down and inspire yourself to look at life from an aerial perspective – is your vision of yourself, something, or someone limited? Take an elevator ride to the top of the largest building where you live, step out of the deck or take in the view from a window from that building, look down, look all around you, how do you see things now?

Blue Heron: A few times now I have been lucky enough to pass a blue heron in the creek in the early morning hours. I am fascinated with these birds; they are so tall and sleek, eloquent and quiet. I always feel as if they are at perfect peace with their surroundings; they are capable of just being present in the moment. When I lived in Alaska there were blue heron sitting on the rocks of the bay, sometimes I would ride my bike to their location and just sit and observe them. I would try to find their secret of inner peace and their ability to just be present in each moment.

I know that the blue heron I have passed, a few times the past couple of months, is the same one… I can just tell. He appears in the moments my emotions have gone hay wire and I am of need of some grounding in both my thoughts and within my life. I am one to always want to take off at each second I have an opportunity, and when that moment does not arrive my emotions begin to get the best of me… and I begin to feel as if I am trapped in box. So when I see this great blue heron I know the universe is telling me to breathe, to calm down, and to find some peace and grace in the mundane of my life. To be present and embrace being a loner. Blue Herons are loners…. and like I as a loner journeying solo through my dual lives I must remain present and embrace the peace that is present in each moment.

If a blue heron appears for you think about the positive aspects in being alone in the present moment; then let your soul awaken. Disregard the disapprovals or judgments from your own ego or from other people, and make a stand for what you deeply believe in. Like a blue heron you may find yourself on a solo path, think of yourself as a traveling light balancing within the harsh and calm winds of time.


Hummingbird: The other day, when I should of being running, I was enjoying the early morning sun on my back deck. A hummingbird appeared in the distance and sat on the phone wire above me. We decided to watch each other, and in silence we sat. I began thinking about why this hummingbird has appeared for me and realized that I see a hummingbird on my run every time I am feeling or being lazy in my life. Hummingbirds are incredibly hardworking and full of energy, and the days they appear for me I am being and or feeling neither of those two things. The universe has a sense of humor I see. Hummingbirds are also filled with love and represent big hearts. They need little to survive or to feel joyful. This made me wonder…. Am I lacking the ability to let go of my needs in order to feel love and joy within my home? Or is it a little bit more of a push of strength to create a sanctuary that I am in need of on this particular day?

To me hummingbirds are magical so when they appear I feel it is magic I may be lacking in my life. A hummingbird always makes me smile and so I realize that it brings that energetic lift I am in need of at that very moment. What energy lift or heartfelt embrace are you in need of?


Ducks: I understand that ducks are common, almost a dime a dozen around here, but I must say when I see them I am fascinated with them. They fly and swim in large packs which are elements I am unable to relate to as a lone traveler.  What intrigues me so much about ducks is that they wear their emotions on their sleeve. Have you ever noticed that you can tell how a duck is feeling by the sound of their quacks and their actions? I love this about ducks; they don’t hold back, they will express their feelings without a care in the world. So when I am running on the trail along the creek and I see a group of ducks I feel I can tap into their conversation and know exactly how they are feeling, what they are saying, and what they are going to do that day. This makes me realize that the message the universe is sending to me is to get in touch with those emotions that desire to bubble to the surface, the ones I keep pushing deep down to the core of my soul just so I am able to appease others.

If a duck appears for you feel through your emotions and ask yourself, what feelings have I buried that need to be spoken or are in need of healing? Ducks represent comfort; they are connected to water which represents emotions. Let yourself become comforted by the waves of your emotions, ride the waves. Become a dream traveler and get in touch with the astral planes of your existence; through your travels learn to see clearly through your emotions.


Dragonflies:  Ahh the magical dragonfly! In our old house for some reason we had many dragonflies in our backyard. I was never sure why since we did not live next to any stream, river, or mounding water (the main rivers were at least 2 to 3 miles away). I would sit in my backyard and watch the dragonflies eat all the mosquitoes and ponder on why there were so many back dragonflies back there. Of course this led me to read the universal message the dragonflies were trying to communicate with me – find joy and gratitude in your surroundings even in the mist of misery. Oh… and did I dislike living in that house and neighborhood. So when I would lie in my hammock and let the dragonflies swiftly fly all around me, I would try to list the reasons I was thankful — even though I felt stuck in the mist of negative energy rays from the people that resided all around me. Dragonflies teach us to bend, twist, adapt, and shift in various ways as they bring offerings of colorful light rays. As they swiftly travel by us, they bring the message of finding acceptance in what we have even when our world feels like it is crumbling to pieces. I have come to an understanding of what message a dragonfly speaks to me when it is flying beside me as I run through the streets of my (new and happier) neighborhood. It is reminding me to see the positive in the mist of grayness, to be thankful for the small things… for when the small things add up, they create a bigger life to be thankful for.

If a dragonfly flies past you or comes to offer you colorful rays of light it may be throwing magic dust to help change the way you see your current life –offering you new and positive perspectives to your current vision. It’s time to transform, recreate yourself, and transmute into your true beautiful Self.


Deer / Buck: It is not often I see a deer in my area, although I don’t live in the city I am not in a rural area either.  Close to trails, country sides, lakes, creeks, rivers and woodsy areas I do understand that it is possible to come across a deer. Although I have only seen one deer, and this particular buck appeared at the perfect moment in time on my run. Startled at first to see one so close, the buck and I shared a moment, locking eyes I smiled. Deer are so gentle and kind and I knew the universe was sending me a message. Before it turned to run off behind a patch of trees I thanked the buck for appearing— I had not been so kind and gentle with my self on those particular few days. I was already aware of what a deer symbolized, as I work with the deer sometimes when I am doing healings (and I do pull the deer card often when using power animal cards during my own readings). Sometimes when I encounter the harsh people in life I soak in their negative energies and place harshness on myself. Other times I find myself being an outcast mom, a loner who has a hard time relating to other moms and the perils of parenting. A deer is a reminder for me to be gentle to myself and to others in my thoughts, not to judge, and to remember that kindness goes a long way. 

If a deer appears for you ask yourself, Are you being gentle and kind to yourself and others? Or is it you that needs some loving TLC from others? Be thoughtful with all your words and thoughts– remember it is just as easy to manifest the negative as it is to manifest the positive. A deer in spirit also represents necessary survival skills, a deep connection to the woods, and finding alternative paths to the same end goal. Is your path to difficult to continue on? If you are capable of dealing with anything that comes your way, take the trail less traveled through the woods.


Frog: This may be a sad one to bring up, but I feel I must. Yesterday as I was returning back on the same route I came across a frog that had just moments before departed her life. (She was not there when I past this same spot earlier, so I knew her life had just ended.) I slowed my run and looked down at her lifeless body as I sent rays of love and light on her transition from physical to spirit… and on her journey through the realms to the afterlife. I am not heartless but death does not sadden me unless there is a reason to be sad about it. I felt a knowing that her transition was a beautiful one so there was no need for filling her space with sad thoughts and pity. As I left her with blessings I noticed fairies lurking behind the bushes waiting for my departure so they could come bless the body. I nodded to them and smiled as I continued the last leg of my run. I knew her death was a message for me (as I believe in a way death can signify messages and lessons for those who are still alive) and I asked the universe for some clarity. What a time for clarity, I was about to run up a steep hill on my 8th mile; my knees were aching and I wanted to quit. Why me! I wanted to scream, why can’t I relieve my anxiety and find calmness in a non movement way.

Frogs are able to live in two very different worlds; this is why I feel a common bond to frogs; as I live in the dreaming realms and in the waking realm – two different worlds. (But they don’t have to be so different – we as humans create the separation between them and have not learned to adapt amongst both worlds. I have learned to combine these lives of mine, adapting…. finding myself blurring the boundary lines.) Frogs live on land and in water which I believe could translate to each of our clairvoyance and clairaudient abilities – speaking the truth, listening, seeing, and communicating clearly within our logical minds and within our emotions. Frogs also represent proper cleansing – the past few weeks I have been experiencing a purging and cleansing of my physical body. So why a dead frog? What message is speaking to me? As I ran up that hill not giving a second thought to the pain, clearing my mind completely I heard a voice that spoke — Rebirth, the frogs death is a symbolism of the rebirth you are about to experience. AhA!

If a frog appears for you it may represent you are in need of a thorough cleansing. It also may be signaling you to adapt to your dual lives, two different worlds that are pulling and stretching you in opposite directions because of your resisting – combine them and you’ll be surprised how well they mesh. And so let your magical transformation and cleansing begin!

When we receive messages from the universe — brought to us by our guides, animals, or from others — they are personal to the individual. The next time an animal appears and the feeling emerges within you that this animal has a message for you, think about what the animal means to you and relate it to your waking life, then connect the dots. The message will keep appearing, even shifting with your emotions, until you receive it. 

There are many excellent resources on the internet, and within books, that help guide each of us to translate the symbolism behind each animal that appears before us with a message from the universe.