Spirit Release: Blurring the Line of Dreams and Waking

Last week I experienced a Spirit encounter in which I had to perform a spirit release and do healing work on myself. I have dealt with spirit encounters in dreams ad in waking. I have helped others through spirit possessions and releases (clients and friends) both in the dream realm and within the Reiki healing work that I do. But this is the first time that I was faced with a sudden onset of a spirit actually trying to enter my physical body while I slept.

One night last week I was having a difficult time falling asleep (only to find out the next day my partner and daughter did not sleep well either that night). Every time I would fall into a deep sleep I was pulled out of the dream realms and back into waking. I began to have a difficult time breathing as my heart beat rapidly and I struggled to catch my breath. Both my daughter and partner explained to me the next morning they too were experiencing the same breathing problems and their deep sleep was continually interrupted throughout the night. But my situation went a step further, and how this relates to my family’s issue with sleeping this same night is currently still unexplainable to me.

 After about 2 hours of my soul floating back and forth between the waking (my physical body) and the dreaming realms, and as my breathing grew worse, I began to get the sense that a spirit somehow latched on to me in such a way that could create some harm within my physical self and for my soul. This is not something I personally experienced before (but I have seen, dealt with, and done lots of research on) …. this spirit was trying to take up residence inside my physical body as my body would fall into a deep sleep and my soul drifted off to the invisible realms. I realized this because I kept waking up abruptly — this was my soul trying to awaken me so the spirit would be unable to fully reside within me.  Intuitively aware I awoke into both my dreaming and waking at the same time! I was fully lucid could see every detail of my bedroom perfectly– I could tell I was in my body but I was not fully (mentally / ego) awake.  I was able to see the spirit near my body as, at the same time, I was pushing the spirit out of my body, resisting its presence. Something was off kilter and I felt caught between two worlds. I began fighting the spirit but quickly realized that was not the way to solve this encounter. Telepathically, I called out to my guides to help me remove this spirit from entering fully into me and to provide guidance as we all carry it towards the light.

Lately, I have been learning more about working with angels and archangels and I recently found out that my archangel is Metatron. I felt this was the perfect time to utilize his guidance to help release this spirit out of me and into the light. Metatron appeared in an instead of my call and guided me through the process of releasing the spirit and protecting the boundaries of my energetic space while handling the spirit with love and care.

Grasping on to pieces of my self, I pulled strength from my guides and calmed down. I set the intention to send the spirit into the light with the assistance of my guides and angels.  Being half awake and half dreaming, this was really an intense experience that I prayed I was handling carefully and in the correct way. With the spirit becoming resisted, my guides informed me that I needed to vocalize with authority that the spirit was not invited to remain and needed to leave my physical body. Telepathically I asked my guides if I should find out why and how it came to cross my path, however they loudly said NO and explained to me that my purpose was to help transition the spirit back into the light and not counsel it. 

Seconds later I felt a THUNK! and then I felt a physical yank. Suddenly I felt myself fall back into my body and I woke up completely. Standing in front of me was a low vibrational spirit – a man with a black hooded sweatshirt. He, it, felt creepy. I wanted it removed from my presence and the presence of my loved ones; I did not want it to remain in my home lurking around. I called to my angels, guides, everyone and anyone of a higher vibrational light and asked them to help guide this spirit into the light. Again he resisted with any higher vibration. For a moment I felt angry at him, why was he here and who was he, why me?! What did I do in which he, it, felt it had a right to enter into my energetic space! Archangel Metatron swooped down and closing my eyes soothed my core being with energetic lights of violet. A feeling of peace swept over me and my mind set changed from anger to love. I opened my eyes and telepathically explained to the spirit that this state of searching for a physical body to reside in was not is true place in his eternal lifetime. I explained there was so much more awaiting for him if he would just let his guides guide him to the light. I sent out rays of love and light , filling ever piece of his being, as I explained to him he will feel peace if he let’s go of the physical.

I pointed to the corner of my room and told him to take a look. The way to the light was being shown to him right there. The room illuminated with vibrant colors of white and gold, “Look. Look. If you just look behind you, you will see and feel what more there is to be offered to you.” He continued to hesitate and I was weakening. I was exhausted t from head to toe I honestly felt my angel, my guides, where keeping my head lifted and my body sitting up straight.

Finally, as the room filled with more guides pointing the way, and after what seemed like 10 or 15 mins, he nodded and accepted the light, welcoming it. Part of my bedroom darkened while the other part filled with more rays of white light; and with the love from all of us slowly he moved upward. My room darkened, it was about 1am and within moments of his leaving my heart slowed back to its normal beat. My quick breathe quieted down and I relaxed my body, snuggling into my bed. Trying not to retrace the parts of this experience in which I was awake and the parts in which I was asleep, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Not waking up again until morning.

The next day I felt physically worn out, a little ill… but in a way I feel it may be par for the course after what I went through the night before. To have that spirit enter into my body hurt physically; as the residue of its force remained for a day after it transition. Once I moved through the process and recovered from the soreness, my mind and spirit snapped quickly back into place. Since this has taken place I have become stronger in my ability to speak with spirits in waking and in dreams. I have tapped into a whole new level of connecting with my spirit guides and angels; and have less fear around seeing in the dark. I have also provided myself with extra healing and TLC.

There are several excellent resources (websites and books) on Spirit Release. I do not advise taking this on alone or without an intuitive healing ability, research, and some type of training. There are several professional healers that know how to handle spirit release and spirit possession. I am happy to point you in the right direction if you are unable to locate anyone in your area.



I am personally able to offer assistance, guidance, and healing to you in the Spirit Release process if you find you have a spirit or entity attached to you. I am well trained and intuitively tapped in to those who experience psychic attacks, spirit attachments, and are in need of clearings.  I will happily refer you to someone else, if after speaking with you, you needs are beyond my training and abilities and if I am unable to provide the assistance and healing you need.  Contact me to discuss a Spirit Release, Clearing, or Energy Healing session further.