Windows and Mirrors

It is common for all of us to dream of looking at our physical selves in the mirror or peering through a window to glaze outside or to view the other side. But what does it all mean? Of course our dreams are individual and personal to each of us, and the meaning lies within us translated between the sheets of our waking and dreaming lives.

MIRRORS: Mirrors are a reflection of all aspects of our Self – within the physical and as a soul, in both waking and dreaming. Standing in front of a mirror peering into it may reflect your thoughts and seeking of your inner self.

  • Standing in front of a mirror taking a peek at yourself, may be suggesting that you are trying to get a glimpse of how others view you. What is it that you see? This is how you think they perceive you. Are you feeling good or bad about yourself? Ask yourself: How important is it to you for others to think of in a certain way? Maybe you need to find a way to love you just for you.

  • When confronted with a mirror what is it that you see? If the reflection you see creates an upbeat and positive feeling within you, then your connection with your inner self is as strong as your connection with your outer self.
    • If the refection you see is cracked, distorted, or blurry then it may suggest that you are out of touch with your inner self (subconscious self). Find ways to reconnect with all the aspects of your Self – healing, meditation, or journeying to the center of your soul to become familiar with you again may be needed.
    • If the mirror is double sided you may ask yourself, Which side of the mirror are you viewing from. Both sides? You may be too critical of yourself. If you are viewing from one side, you may feel there are others who are being too critical of you. You may be feeling others are dissecting your every thought and action. Dream Advice: Show the lighter side of you, move through your life with kindness at all times. Return to the mirror and show love towards yourself.
  • If you find yourself standing in front of a mirror and are faced with not seeing your reflection, you may have lost your purpose or lost your way. What path are you on? Is it your own or someone else’s? Have you wandered off your path? Look again in the mirror, ask to see yourself. Dream Advice: Call on your guides to help unmask what you have hidden within yourself. Lean on them for strength and guidance in order to walk your true path again.
    • If you see a reflection not of yourself but of items or objects that are familiar or unfamiliar you may be attached to the material rather than something spiritual. Are you grasping on to the wrong things in life?

A mirror in a dream can also represent an oracle or a slideshow of your past and present in order to predict (or see) your future. It is possible for a mirror to show a reflection of the path you are currently walking down.

WINDOWS: A window can reflect what you are thinking about and feeling within your body, mind, or soul. Glazing out a window could suggest a reflection of your inner thoughts and desires. Seeing more then one window in your dreams could suggest choices, hopes, and possibilities that are to come or that are presented before you currently in your waking life.

  • If you find yourself looking out a window in your dream it may suggest your search or inner guidance. What is it you see out the window? Is there a calm and peaceful beauty in the scenery? This may suggest your ability to remain aware and conscious with your inner self and others that surround you.
    • If the scenery outside is darker or the weather is severe or grave this may suggest some difficulties you are facing or going to face. Dream Advice: Call in your guides to help you through the intense times you may encounter. But know this, by recognizing and acknowledging what you see out the window may be the beginning of the changes you are capable of making within your life.
  • If the window in your dream is cracked or broken this may represent something in your life that you have not fixed or have ignored. What are you not taking care of within your life that is causing you to miss the view outside?
    • If the window is covered up, and you are unable to see outside, this may suggest a desire for seclusion. Is there an aspect of you that feels a need to retreat from something; such as, the world, others, your life, and family or loved ones? If so know that this is ok, we all need to cleanse, recharge, and have alone time. During you waking hours find time to retreat inward for a little while.
    • If you are trying to open the window in your dream and it is tightly shut this may be signaling to you that you are trapped or alone. Do you feel someone abandoned you? Or maybe you have forsaken some part of your Self? Dream Advice: Stop trying to open the window for a moment. Instead of struggling to open the shut window, sit beside the window, clean the window, spend time gazing out the window; what is it that you see?