Dreams of Dark Forces

I have been trying to write this post for about 6 weeks now. I keep starting and stopping as other questions, dreams, and life keeps distracting me. So I started this post in the middle of February if I recall correctly… and now I am finally finishing it – updating the time line of the dreams and when this took place. I am not sure where I am going with this as I am still trying to understand why the dark forces are beginning to appear more and more in my dreams and in dreams of others. (My dreams below are not about spirit possession.)

There are many of us who are working for the light, and several of us are experiencing dreams in which we are being watched, followed, chased, and told to stop acting on the light force within us – that which represents our purpose; healing, seeking, helping, guiding other souls. I personally came across some new information, within my dreams, that has sparked a fire within those living entities that work within the opposite forces from where I work. Back in February my dreams shifted from my own personal healing – expanding, and transmuting (like a growth spurt) – back to the night shift work that represents my purpose. In the beginning of February I experienced many dreams in which I watched myself help others as we fled together from the dark energies and some ominous situations — dark energies found a portal through to the realm in which I work during my sleep. This realm suddenly was being invaded by an energetic force / entities that want to repress us during our expansion and growth into an awakening that is much needed for our continuous survival. Sounds like some sci-fi movie or mini-series doesn’t it? Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think, really? Really is this happening to me?? I always turn to my partner after such bizarre dreams and say, I had another weird dream last night (as though it has become the norm). Yes that is all I am able to say some mornings to describe my life in dreamtime.

I completely understand that everything I do in dreamtime is kind-of hard to believe – I question the happenings of my healer friends when they encounter dark entities through healing sessions, yet I know I believe them. Life is not just black and white, it is a gray space filled with unknowns, magical beings, mysterious happenings and an overlapping of the invisible. I know I am not alone in my syfy type dream world– little by little more dreamers are waking up a little bit confused, a little more alert, and much more aware because of the elaborate dreams they are experiencing. Every so often I do ponder on what my partner (so logical and technical) so kindly questions me about my dream myself, “Meredith what if this is all just a figment of your waking reality?” Ha! No way I quickly respond with, “How can you say that if you have no clue what I am experiencing in my dreams?” I think he just likes to push my buttons. But I will admit I wonder ever so often, “Is this our state of mind stimulated by too much television, video games, media, and movies creating the visual journey more and more of us are being taken on during the hours our physical body is asleep? No No… well ok maybe sometimes we are over stimulated, I won’t deny that …. But I truly believe that we are all souls, all pieces of a bigger spirit, tapping back into and astral traveling to the truth of our existence that is beyond the waking realm, beyond what our minds constrict us to see.

Although it may feel as though our existence is just want we see in the waking dimension, I am personally finding that our dreams do tell us the story of all species (visible and invisible) and the purpose of all of our existence. Sometimes I wonder if recalling our dreams is really just a matter of how much you (we) want to remember.

I have seen and felt dark and light forces in waking and in dreaming. I feel the vortex energy of those in the invisible sweeping through me as they try to make their selves known to me. I want to ignore them but am continuously reminded that they exist. I am not alone, and neither are you.

I am unraveling something bigger, as I find myself working with more clients that are experiencing dreams as they emerge into the light, awakening to their dream guides, and beginning to acknowledge that everything they thought they knew is being boxed up and placed aside, and everything they once knew (long before this lifetime) to be true is now being illuminated. And lately, every time a client sends me a dream about the dark and the light they find themselves continuously road blocked by spirits, entities, energy, and strange unearthly beings that wish to remove the light from their path.

I experienced a dream the other night in which a strange being, who has been following me within my dreams, confronted me and told me to stop what I was doing. They reached out and within a blink of an eye pulled me into a darker realm. A little background about my dreams: I experience creepy dreams every so often, but I usually only have nightmares if something is going wrong in my waking life (which is not the case here in this dream). It is common for nightmares to shed light on a waking life spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical issues or pain. However, this dream back in February was a horrifying nightmare (no issues as of yet in my waking life) in which I was captured, pin down, and fought like hell not to be tortured. They informed me of the following: “Stop whatever it is you are doing. Do not reveal what you know, or your life will be taken.”  What I may know in dreamtime, I am not sure of in waking. What I do know is that I have been working with a few clients over the past few months; they are experiencing light and dark dreams – together we are moving through the process of their dreams. And as we unravel a dream, image, or symbol a great breakthrough arises for the dreamer, and we both awaken to a new understanding of our dreamtime and what is really happening within them.

This is my dream that alerted me to the dark forces:

I was walking into a building. I looked back (as I usually do) to assess my space—to make sure lurking eyes are not following me, even though deep down I know they are. I see them sitting in the shadows unaware I am prepared for their arrival. Time passed and everything is a blurr until I am about to leave. Two dark energies appeared shape shifting into human men. “WE finally are able to capture you.”  At first I laughed at them, how silly I thought it all was… to capture me. I refused to give them my power or show fear of any kind. As they stood blocking my view and keeping me from moving forward I responded with, “But it is I who have been waiting for your arrival.”  They seemed confused for a moment and their face expressions went from anger to an evil darkness that nobody should ever be confirmed with. They quickly grabbed me and dragged me from my present moment and into a future moment – the scene shifted.

I was laying on a table by force as they  explained to me what my options were – none that they suggested allowed me to remain alive emotionally or spiritually. I turned my head towards the left and then back to the right and I noticed that the surrounding walls were filled with light — I knew there was hope for me and my ending was not near. This gave me the strength to fight back, resisting their persuasion to turn against myself. As they try to defeat me, repress me, and tie me down, my body felt beaten upon and I became tired. They spread opened my legs and made note of my pelvic bone – pointing to it, touching it. A hammer appeared and was being held by the hand of the master’s servant.  “Birth happens through this canal. I can stop any and all rebirths with what he is holding.” The master entity spoke through telepathy. I wanted to close my legs and prevent my pelvic bone from being smashed, my physical mind laying in my bed in waking could sense the pain – but I shook my head and reminded myself that my physical self did not exist in this realm. I pulled my arm up with all my strength and grab the arm of the servant that held the hammer. I tried to pull it down to grasp it but two against one, this was not the way to escape. They yanked my legs back open and smirked, darkness flooded the room and I continued to deny that pain could happen here, wherever here was. I asked, “Let me do it myself. Let me inflect the pain on myself.” I thought this would be a great way to retrieve the hammer. It worked as I was handed the hammer. I quickly took it and began hammering the entity closest to me. And although it worked for a moment, they were able to pry the hammer from my grasp. They shook their heads telling me I should not have done that. I began to scream for help, calling all guides to come to my rescue. “No one can hear you here.” I was told. And at that moment as the hammer was facing my pelvic bone, I was swept up and out of the room.

I woke up suddenly grasping for breathe. I sat up and began crying.  

This dream left me physically and emotionally exhausted for two days. I kept experiencing  odd pains within my physical body in the exact places they  tried to create the pain in my dream. In my recent dreams, I have not had an issue removing myself or fleeing from those who are following me or try to harm me. I always remain aware and protected in my dreams…. but this time it was different setting, a different sense, a different type of dream.

I experienced this dream a few days later:

Again I find myself running down hallways in buildings that were once safe houses for the living and departed. They (whoever they are, is still not clear to me) have located those of us whose purpose is to seek, guide, and heal. As I run I begin to think about who they  might be; trying to figure out the best way to fight them. But I keep finding myself running an unable to stop. Why do I not stop and fight?  As I run others begin to appear in front of me, I find myself grasping on to frightened people / souls and pushing them forward into hidden doorways and portals so these dark forces that are chasing us are not capable of capturing them. Some of these people I run into are paralyzed and they are unable to move when I push them through a door. I realize quickly I must keep moving with them rather than hide them, so I see now they have a purpose if they run with me. Together we run through hallways and enter into a hotel to escape the constant shape shifting happening outside. Telepathically I hear, “You cannot move into my truth because the energetic fields are down and we do not want you to be trapped in there.”  I wanted to stop and shout out, “What are you talking about?” but I have to keep running or those that are running with me will stop and become paralyzed again. We keep running through the hotel hallways until a door appears filled with silver light, we run through and find a safe spot to decompress and regroup for a night or two.

As everyone rests I count our group and feed them (food appeared in the room). I comfort those who are crying and tired and remind them that their portal will appear again if they feel they are unable to continue running. They nod in comfort and I sense they don’t want to leave me alone. I find I am the group leader and must remain awake to keep watch as everyone else sleeps. As I stare into the quiet I whisper, “Tomorrow we will run and I will make them go through the doors, windows, and portals that appear. It is for their own safety.”  

I woke up.  

I tried to look at these dreams from the perspective that the fear is within me and the dark forces are an aspect of me — my shadow, my alter ego holding me back, holding me down as I try to accomplish a few major goals in my waking life. The pelvic bone could represent birth, being a woman and maybe I am going through changes within my body. But none of this resonated with me after process the first dream for a few weeks. No, it feels as if something else is happening as I lift the curtain on these dreams. Who were those strange beings – they were very dark feeling and very intelligent. They knew what they wanted and what they were doing.

The second dream although filled with dark forces chasing me I know was a Night Shift Dream. I may have been running from someone or something but I was working to save those that were able to save themselves.

So who are the dark forces and why are they popping up in our dreams?

One dreamer, who has shared so many amazing dreams with me, started experiencing  she began awakening to the many realms and lives beyond the visible: “I have dreams of math symbols and lights almost every night, or dreams of new places (earthly places) that have been depressing the last few nights. Being followed and watched is also a theme. I knew I would shift and that I always can’t have amazing dreams….”

She and I discussed  being followed and watched as this has become a theme for many dreamers who have started to awaken to the messages being given to them within their dreams. Please remember I have only given a tiny snap shot (in this blog posting) of my over all discussion with this particular dreamer. She has shared many dreams with me and we have had an open line of communication for the past few months.

My response: “I notice that when someone begins to awaken to the knowledge and guidance given in their dreams, there are shadow people, dark aliens, creatures, and ghost that carry around a very low vibrational frequency. They will follow a  dreamer around whose vibration and light is rising. From all our communication and dreams we have been discussing I am getting a hit that this is happening to you. But since I don’t know the details of these particular dreams I am unable to rule out that your ‘being followed and watched’ dreams has to do with some aspect of your Self and your shadow side in your current waking life. Ask Yourself: What is it you are in fear of? Is there something you are hiding that others may want to see? The best thing to do is to stay empowered and protected in your dreams. Make sure there are no openings in your energetic field. Protect yourself by envisioning a white light surrounding you like a bubble. Try not to feel or project any fear (just gives the followers / watchers more energy to feed off of). And if you are able to become lucid, try to switch from the person who is being followed and become the follower –Start following those that are watching you to see who they are and what they are doing in YOUR dream.”

 I came across this article yesterday: The Guardian Code Activation.