Telepathic Communication with Children- The Basics

Suzy Miller's Blog

I receive many requests to “teach” telepathic communication and connection to the children and as part of  honoring  my connection with them, I frequently say “no”. I see this connection as a service not as a simply a skill.

For me, telepathic communication is a necessary skill set related to my service.  Below you will find what I consider a starting point and some of the basics of telepathic communication on behalf of the children.  I hope this is helpful.

This process is greatly expanded upon and practiced within the three-month Awesomism Certification Process so that this skill set truly becomes a service!




 Honor: The ability to connect to and receive information from the children is truly an honor. It also comes with responsibility, especially when “speaking” for those who are non-verbal. These children are seeking those who can connect with them in a respectful way. Like any relationship, you…

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