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During my waking hours, whether I am spending time with my family, relaxing, exploring outdoors, or helping another dreamer, I am always thinking about the dream realms and processing not only my own dreams but the dreams of others. I will admit I have a difficult time detaching myself from my dream realms in waking, sometimes they blur as my dreams come true. Lately, I have been contemplating more and more on the realms our soul travels to during our sleep – when our soul leaves our resting physical body to return to home, that place that is invisible to the naked waking eye – finding myself reading more, thinking more, processing more, and writing less.

I find myself waking up inside my dreams, aware my physical body is sleeping but my soul is elsewhere – traveling beyond space and time. My soul arrives and settles into a place where it finds itself at home again…. and I ask myself out loud “Where am I?”  Does this ever happen to you? It is happening to me more often each night.

Since I was little I have accepted the fact that my dreams are my gift; what I see is what I am meant to see, and where I go is where I am supposed to go – returning to realms my soul is familiar and unfamiliar with. I wonder if I am pulled to places, realms, destinations that are part of my path – my soul’s destiny – equivalent to when I am working to help souls heal and cross over. But what about the times on my not on duty? Where do I go then? Home?

There is one particular realm (dimension, plane of existence ) I am stumbling upon that has the same type of environment as earth, a place where my soul continues to return to lately. Is there a parallel universe to earth? And if so has there always been and I am just awakening to it? Or is there a separation, a split, beginning to take place between those who have and are raising their consciousness and those who are not. These dreams I have been living in lately are taking me down a path of more exploration, awaking me up to the endless possibilities of our future.

Is it possible a parallel earth exists – separate from other realms, dimensions, and other planes of existence?

I have heard the thoughts of my other healer / intuitive friends, along with the detailed descriptions of dreamers describing their realms settings that are similar to many different places, of both natural and man-made structures, on Earth. But they are dreaming of a superior Earth one where unity, teachings, community, peace, and growth are more evolved –we as species are more evolved. This is an Earth that is beginning to blur the boundary lines between waking and sleep, of our current reality and the other reality that is more advanced – moving the invisible into the visible. If this is not a parallel earth where love, laughter, strength, confidence, telepathy, our infinitive magical gifts / abilities are highlighted, high frequency of energy and light exists within all our lives, then where it is we could possibly be astral traveling to?

A week or so ago I began dreaming of my parallel universe.  My dreams for the past 9 nights have taken me home to the life I consciously desire. The differences in items, objects, structures, and the like are minimal; the only thing is although it is oddly familiar in sight my feelings towards are foreign, maybe out of confusion of asking is this home or is the other reality home.  I am on my home planet I am told by my guides, but why does this home look like my other home? The same people are in my life. My same house, clothes, material things exist around me. There is a slight difference in my actual location – very similar to the Pacific Northwest but no cities or suburbs reside where I live, more nature amongst small towns and communities. The main difference is me, the people who surround me, the energy within us and within the atmosphere – there is a collective consciousness that is not hidden but intertwined with a high vibrational field that runs through every living and non-living thing. Within us and around us inner peace shines out, we are content, filled with love, light, and positive energy. We are able to manifest our desires but we never desire anything more than we deserve. We are highly advance here using our resources, our abilities, our gifts to survive – there is no doubt in anything we do and we all communicate the same, through telepathy. 

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The following dream is one of my parallel universe dreams, this is the dream that woke me up to my two worlds blurring:

I was dreaming I was living in an unfamiliar house (in waking) that was familiar in my dream. My dream’s backdrop was a dark winter evening and it was snowing outside. I was bundling my daughter up because she wanted to play in the snow. My dog sat beside us wagging her tail excitedly to go outside. I looked up away from my action of zipping up my daughter’s coat and turned to look out the French Door windows. I glazed at the fluffy white snow falling heavily from the midnight black sky. I was beckoned by something to move away from my daughter as I drifted towards the French door windows (similar to the ones we have in our waking life house). Confused for a moment, I looked around me as if I knew where I was suddenly and I whispered out loud. “Wait, is it actually snowing this much in waking right now?”  I placed my hand on the cold glass door and looked back at my daughter and my dog. “I need to go see if it is just snowing here or back there too. I will be back soon.”  

Suddenly I woke up to an early March morning twilight. I sat up quickly and looked out the window above my bed. It had snowed, just a light covering nothing like the snow in my dream. I laid back down and waited to see if my daughter or my dog felt my disappearance from our dream share –parallel reality- or if they too moved back into the visible as I did. I heard my dog get up and move around downstairs, but my daughter remained motionless – no sounds coming from her bedroom. I closed my eyes wanting to see if it was possible for me to return back into the dream. I was curious about the house, the scenery, and the comfort both offered me. My mind searched desperately for an image, I needed to see in waking where I lived and who I was in dreaming.

Whenever I dream of this place this land where the other me resides I see and visit small towns, small communities that are highly evolved, highly advance beings. It is surrounded with mountains, filled with snow, rugged land and forest terrain all being warmed by the bright yellow sun. I could be surrounded by snow or swimming within the crystal blue mountain lake — I am rarely ever cold in this place even if it is snowing or raining. My home, the same one I live in in waking sits in the middle of this paradise Earth. I feel it is a snapshot of my true home. But as I don’t have all the answers and I too seek for the truth, I wonder if it is I who creates the perfect temperature mix of cold and hot, along with the beauty and landscape I visit in my dreams. Which brings me to ask, do we create all our dreams and desires and experience them coming true in the higher astral realms? Or does this homeland, and all other planes of existence I love so much, exist with or without me – Was I born into the creation?!

As my dreams continue to awaken me to what my soul knows to be true…I continue to live in my dreams within a parallel universe (to earth?!). This is not the first time I have arrived here in my dreams, nor is it the last. But it is the first time that I am noticing a separation between me on earth in waking and me more evolved with a higher vibration of light existing in dreaming. Is this a parallel universe for human beings? Or have I returned to my homeland, back to my true self, clothed as the soul that represents me. I never see me in these dreams, just others as I know them. When I wake up I am more confused than ever with where I am – which house am I waking up in.

The other night I was trapped between the two worlds and I was sleep walking around my bedroom feeling as if I was in the parallel dreaming world BUT actually seeing around my room as though I was in my current waking world. I realized I had suddenly turned on my lamp to see more clearly. I began talking to myself looking frantically for an object that I had just been using in my parallel realm, which I was unable to locate in my waking world. I sat back on my bed seeing my waking room, feeling my dreaming life. But instead of panicking I asked my soul to return to the place my eyes and mind were visually seeing. A moment later I was able to comprehend I was back in waking reality and the object I was using was one that only existed in my dreaming realm. To retrieve that object I needed to lay down, put my physical body to sleep, and return to the parallel realm. And that is exactly what I did, I turned off my light and placed my body under my covers, closed my eyes and asked to return to the other realm.

Lately when I wake up in the early morning I find myself rolling over and going back to sleep, I feel so exhausted living this dual life. I know my life lessons are here right now in waking, my work is in my dreams, and my dreams are my truth. So how does the parallel realm fit into all this? Why and how am I here and there, both in waking and dreaming, at the exact same time?

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Sweet Dreaming…. I hope we all find our way back home.

More on Dream Settings to Come!

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