Spirit Possession During Your Dreamtime

While researching and finding deeper symbolic meanings behind vampires in dreams, I came across how vampires can be represented as the dead taking up residence in a sleeping human body. During my recent research I realized that the name vampires was the label being used to describe the spirit possession I discuss below. I personally don’t believe we should use the term vampires as the name to describe a departed soul who enters into the body of a living sleeping body and feeds off their energy for survive. This would be instead a spirit possession. I am realizing that to use the term Vampires to categorize and symbolize all of the undead and feeding actions is restricting in our exploration of the many entities, species, and energies that exist in dreaming and waking both living and dead.

How does a spirit possession happen in our dreams?

The dead, who are in transition and hold an attachment to their once physical life, will search for a way to return back into physical waking form. It is possible for a soul to return by attaching themselves to the nearest person whose energetic field is open (even if it is open just a sliver). The departed soul does not worry about on who the living person is, they just want to feel alive physically again.

Once the departed soul has entered into the home of the living soul, it will creep around the house watching and absorbing the life of the person it has attached itself to. Once the living soul has fallen asleep, the dead soul will then appear in the dream realm of that living person. At this time while the physical body is laying in bed asleep, the living soul is traversing astral planes leaving the entrance to their own body open. Through this portal the departed soul will journey back to the sleeping body and enter into it — leaving the living soul unaware of the intrusion at this time.

Here the departed soul will begin to feed off of the human life force for survival – desperately wanting to live and breathe again. This weakens pieces of the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental Self of the living that has been infiltrated. Sometimes the departed soul is unable to remain in the living body upon waking, this may be because the soul who owns the body is actually fighting the departed soul and not making room for two souls to exist together in waking. If this happens the departed soul will exit and return again at night once the living has fallen back to seep. This can cause problems for the living soul’s astral traveling as it continues to return to a weakening living body.

Other times the departed soul is able to remain in the body of the living and try to share the life of the waking with the soul who belongs there. Together the two souls fight for their position within the body. Feeling disoriented at waking the living person begins to feel that there is a change within certain aspects of themselves. They may develop a new piece to their personality, they may feel run down, depressed, act in ways that are normally unlike them, and even find themselves with an addiction they never had before.

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Suggestion: If you are feeling as though you may be experiencing a Spirit Possession I suggest finding an Energy / Reiki Healer or Shamanic Practitioner (or the like) in your area to help explore this with you further and remove the soul from your energetic space / waking body. The feeling of being possessed by a spirit is more detailed then what I have briefly wrote above. This is a serious matter that needs to be explored and discussed with someone who had the abilities to remove the spirit from your energetic field. There are many resources and practitioners that work in this field, like myself and many other healers I know. Contact ME for more information.

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