More Translations of Vampires in Dreams

Here I am again discussing vampires in dreams…. it is an unavoidable topic for me because more and more dreamers are searching for some sort of understanding within the symbolism behind their vampires dreams.  

Not to long ago, a dreamer submitted a series of dreams about a vampire visitation she was (and still is) experiencing. What I thought to be the common interpretation for a vampire dream, psychic energy vampires,  was actually not the correct symbolism for her dreams. Not wanting to leave this dreamer lost and disoriented I began my seeking and immersed myself into the history of vampires. This was perfect for me to extend myself past what I had always understood to be a piece of the truth. (Plus I am working on a new manuscript on different types of Dream Guides; so I find myself with the ability to offer more in-depth information on the topic of mythical creatures — only to come to understand that Vampires may possibly be more like unearthly beings / a species and could possibility be filed under “Aliens”. 

I always wondered why as humans beings whenever we encounter the unknown we seem to compare it to darkness and negativity. It is not often we stop to place the unknown on a shelf that contains the light or positive energy / entities. Why is that? Why are we unable to see good out of something so mystical and mysterious to us?

Well…. I am about to bring the image of vampires out of the darkness and place it into the light –showcasing them on my shelf of positive entities in dreams. But before I go on, let me say I do not condone killing, blood-sucking, feeding or draining of energy for survival – no harming of each other of any kind is allowed or healthy in my ideal of life and death. I do believe that as in all species there are good ones and there are bad ones – we exist on this planet earth within this universe of light and dark. Some of us go one way into the light, and others turn their backs and find some sort of solace within the dark. Whatever you choose to believe and however you choose to live on this earth is up to your own free willjust remember the outcome tends to be the karma you create for yourself.

Like the dream nerd that I am, I am excited about these expanded translations I happened upon. Back in November I created a post on a different perspective of vampire dreams and now I feel that I have come to a more profound understanding in the past month that I was trying to seek a several months ago. Over the past month I have found myself unraveling what and who vampires may truly be – a species from another living realm. I quickly began speaking with my dream guides, asking questions, while reading certain books on the history of vampires in living and in death. During my seeking, I dreamt having encounters with darker species that informed me I was not allowed to unearth this information — they tried to feed fear into me but I fought back. 

I discovered three different interpretations of what vampires in dreams represent (aside from psychic & emotional vampires); the following are the two positive reasons why vampires may appear in our dreams:

  • There are human vampires aside from psychic or emotional vampires (and different from the many fiction and folklore types we have come to know). These human vampires are an actual species born into the human body (no different than the many species that are of an alien or unearthly being decent and appear in human form). Many of these vampire species go dormant as they live their human life only to be re-awakened at some point in their lifetime from their ‘sire’ (teacher). One of the triggers for re-awakening is through the dream realms (while sleeping), the ‘sire’ will appear and begin to feed off of the dreamer sparking the return to their (the dreamers) true Self / Soul. The dreamer feels alive, and in true form when being feed off of from their ‘sire’. Their senses are heightened and many windows / doors (portals) in both waking and dreaming begin to open, their true journey and purpose in life finally begins. It is also possible for the dreamer to find their truth through their ‘sire’ and realize that they too (the dreamer) are of vampire descent / species.
    • Dream Advice: If you feel this resonates with you and your dream was of a positive light / feeling, I suggest exploring this further. I believe that your teacher / sire will open this portal and reawaken you for positive outcomes. (However, If you feel there is certain darkness or negative energy surrounding this awakening you may be experiencing a spirit possession.)
  • It is also possible for a vampire to feed off a living soul to help that living soul (you the dreamer) to survive through some type of illness. The symbolism of a vampire sucking the blood is equal to the removal (within the living) of what is killing, harming, hurting them (the dreamer) emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and or physically. During waking the person needs to find a magical remedy ( equal to an alternative healing modality) after being fed from a vampire. I do understand that this feeding to heal the dreamer can happen over either several nights / weeks or for a shorter period of time. This is a positive perspective of the powers a vampire has within them.

Soul Possession is the third translation I unraveled, however it is on the negative side and it does not always define what a vampire is.  I wrote more about spirit / soul possession in dreams in another posting.

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