Do I Know You? Dream Characters

Who Are Those Characters in Our Dreams?

In our dreams many times we find ourselves in the mist of unfamiliar faces. Some of them are just faces in a crowd, while others we find hold a wealth of meaning to our dreams, our lives. It’s common to find yourself lost in conversation with a strange character in your dream, asking for guidance, or giving information out to someone else. In those rare moments within our dreams it is possible to find yourself embracing (what we think to be) an unfamiliar soul with such an abundance of love and light that you know deep within the core of your soul there is a rooted connection between the two of you. So, who are these dream characters we keep bumping into?

It is possible they are aspects of our Self illuminated to draw attention to the parts of us that may need tending to, nurturing, attention, or growth. They may be those parts of us we have long forgotten or buried away and are now bubbling to the surface for a reason we can no longer ignore.

It is also possible that some of these dream characters are more than just aspects of our individual Self. Rather they are pieces of our soul’s lives from the past, present, and future assisting us on our journeys through waking and dreaming.  

What I have found to be most common for me, and for some of my clients, many of these dream characters are the people from our soul family. They are in service to us as we are to them. Dreams (just like meditations and journeys) are portals for beings to Visit With Youbeings from both waking and from the many different realms /dimensions. Dreams are one of the many realms we agreed on with our soul family to communicate through. These dream characters, aka our soul family, pop up to remind us of our purpose, offer a lending hand or advice, to forewarn us, to comfort us, to bring us messages that we are in need of (simple or complex), or simply appear to visit with us — to embrace us with love and light.

Next time you are dreaming and encounter a dream character stop and feel through your interaction with them. You may realize that this unfamiliar soul is actually someone who you are more familiar with than you let yourself realize. Think about the conversation or interaction you had with this character in your dream, maybe it is worth more than you let yourself believe.