Types of Dream Guides

(Updated Feb 29th, 2012): I wanted to add that dream guides are not limited to the few I mention below, nor do they have to deceased to be dream guides. They can come in any form of people you know, still alive – familiar and unfamiliar to you. They even may appear as actors or musicians, video game characters, and the like. I also am aware that I mentioned mythical creatures but did not elaborate on them in this posting. I did realize I did not mention gods and goddess as they too could appear as a dream guide; I will touch on all of these more in future postings. I am currently writing a book on Dream Guides and well… I don’t want to give too much away too soon about our fascinating interactions with dream guides within the realms of our dreams…. so stay tuned in…. and send me your dreams!!
What are dream guides and how do we know if one appears in our dreams? Dream Guides come in all shapes and sizes; they are mentors, trainers, teachers, lovers, parents, animals, friends, siblings, strangers, and angelic and unearthly beings. They may even shape shift into any form that resonates with the dreamer in order to pass on a message, wisdom, a warning, or information the dreamer needs. No matter how they appear the reason always has to do with you or for you to be a conduit for someone else. Whether we realize it or not, whether we recall our dreams or not, we all have experienced some type of guide speak to us in our dreams.
Types of Guides – brief overview:
Departed Loved Ones: Many of us lose those we love — friends, family members, soulmates – and we may think we have lost them forever. But most of us find out, when we least expect it, we have not lost them at all — that their spirit surrounds us, guiding us through the ups and downs’ of our waking lives. It is possible for our deceased loved ones to return from their crossing filled with an amazing enlightened love and light. They return as our guides– whether for a moment in time or for an eternity, they are in service to us. Call on them; ask for guidance — for whatever the reason they returned for you and by drawing on their help you awaken to your own inner power, tapping into your gifts. (It is important to note that there is a difference between the departed who have returned after crossing over and the departed who have yet to transition into the light and remain as earthbound spirits. Those that have not crossed and remain earthbound are found to have a lower vibrational energy level – these souls are in need of guidance and are not always capable of providing any guidance to you as a dreamer.)
Unfamiliar Souls / Spirits: Waking life is as much as a mystery as dreaming life, but for some reason it is easier for me to decipher the encounters I experience in dreaming then in waking. In waking sometimes I wish the strangers that offer me advice, out of the blue, would evaporate (how dare they give me their two sense – ha ha)… but in dreaming I welcome these unfamiliar souls and accept the guidance they offer me. In waking and in dreaming we encounter those strangers that suddenly protect us, offer us tidbits of wisdom, point us in the right direction, and give us warmth and comfort when we are without, experience an inner chill, or are distraught – they appear to pick us up and guide us when we need it most, they remind us in our darkest or happiest hours we are not alone, we are not without. For me these are the souls that appear and offer me the greatest guidance in my dreams. I learned long ago to stop, look and listen when they appear.
Unfamiliar souls that appear as a dream guide come in all shapes and sizes; they may appear to help the dreamer only once, or they may continue to appear and evolve as the dreamer shifts and grows. They may shape shift until the dreamer is able to identify with their image and recognize why they have appeared. As all guides, unfamiliar souls who appear to bring a message, warning, offer help, or healing do have a high vibrational frequency and will be filled with an inner light — beware of those who do not, they are not offering true guidance.
Teachers / Mentors: These are the dream guides who appear as teachers – ones we may know from the past or present, along with those we have yet to meet. These guides may be ancient prophets and warriors, magicians, healers, spiritual teachers, wise men and women who are enlightened old souls.  We all have one, some of us have more than one, and they appear off and on as we are ready to receive the next lesson for our soul’s / life journey. Ask your teacher to appear when you are ready to become a student of your life / soul’s journey.
Animal Guides: I believe as all guides are pure there is something so beautiful and pure about an animal appearing in our dreams to speak with us. How cool that we are able to communicate with animals in our dreams, since many of us struggle or could never fathom doing so in waking. In waking, many people have different beliefs on what level of life animals are on – are they below human life or are they more evolved? – just because animals cannot speak in waking does not mean humans are not able to communicate with them.  Animals appear in our dreams as protectors, guides, and aspects of our true Self we have lost or disregarded. They appear to remind us of who we are and who we need to become. Each animal appears in our dreams with their own character meaning; for example, a dog may appear to remind us of our loyalty, or to be loyal to some certain aspect of our life. A dog also represents unconditional love and appears to either give us what we are in most need of – unconditional love; or to remind us that we need to give unconditional love to someone else in our life.
Angels: Angels are the most mystical dream guides to me only because they are the most enlightened beings; they are in service to all. Angels are usually spiritual entities that came into being without physical bodies. They contain within them gender variations, and can manifest as needed to interact with an incarnate being. Angels are known to remain themselves from the moment they came into being through eternity and thereafter. Like every other being they have their own individuality / character and they each have a purpose being messengers for the Source of all creation. The archangels are the most known and worked with, however, I believe that we as humans have a certain amount of angels all around us (waking / dreaming). Because humans have free will angels will not interfere with our choices – unless we ask them for help or direction; however angels will prevent (protect us) death from happening IF it is not our time to leave our human life.
Unearthly Beings:  Unearthly beings are usually beings we call aliens and mythical creatures; they exist in higher dimensions beyond the human waking realm in which we live and breathe.
Aliens (unearthly beings) are capable of time travel, they are more advanced than humans, more aware and awakened, and they are in service to help human souls to find peace, love & light, and evolve into higher dimensions. These aliens (aka extraterrestrials)  speak at a high pitch frequency that hurt are sense of hearing so they have to communicate through telepathy in order for us to understand them. ET’s live in the future and are very aware of our present human situation– they come in peace and are making more of an appearance to help save us.
Mythical creatures are from the past and we as humans have brought them into our present, they serve as our guides to help us survive the present in order to journey into the future – they hold within them the book of all knowledge past and present.