A Wish Fulfillment Dream? Or A Cord Finally Severed?

You may have notice that sometimes your dreams are wrapped around your wants and desires that you find yourself longing for in your waking life. It has been said that if you think about something that you want in waking, prepare for it, and work for it you can manifest it. What about if you dream about it? Can our wishes and desires manifest within our dreams? Is it possible that we have the ability to manifest something in our dreams, whether good or bad – or is it already part of a plan within the bigger scheme of our soul’s existence?

What are Wish Fulfillment Dreams? They are dreams that act out and sometimes grant our every desire whether for positive, negative (or anywhere in between) reasons. They sometimes can be taken literally while other times the dreamer must swim beyond the surface and move down into deeper waters to find clarity. The people who may appear in wish-fulfillment dreams may be masks for what is underneath; or they may be aspects of what we once lost or desire to have. Some people think that wish dreams are more about the positive outcomes we want in our waking lives, rather than the people or characters that appear within these type of dreams. However, I believe wish-fulfillment dreams could represent both – why not?! Dreams have no limitations, why defined them as such.

Do these dream then manifest in waking? I have found that it is possible for some to create in their dream realms and live the outcome in waking.

Dreamer:  For the longest time I wanted a particular person out of my life forever. I was in an abusive relationship that would have killed me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically if I did not find a safe spot within myself and retreat back behind my mind’s eye. I was able to find the inner strength to flee from the relationship after a year, removing my baby and myself from the darkness that overshadowed our lives. I left for a safer life, but the fear left with me; it found a place to reside inside my mind and it ate and breathed there silently. I have looked over my shoulder for many years now, waiting for the darkness to cast a shadow over our now happy life. I can’t help but shake the fear that he will return and finish what he started. For many years I stayed aware, and alerted myself of all those who lurked around me. I have dreamt a few times in the past several years that I have encountered him and the darkness again. I am always extremely shaken up when I wake up from these dreams but all I could do is hope that he didn’t reappear in my waking life. I feel I have been doing a lot of inner work, cleansing, healing to rid myself of the fear for good, then last week I had the following dream:

He found us. I was packing our bags to leave the country and he appeared. Through telepathy he told me to pack those bags as if I was coming with him. “Am I coming with you?” I asked. He looked down at me and smiled that wicked drug filled creepy smile. I felt doomed. This is how my child is going to see him after all these years? I took a hold of my child’s hand and pulled her near. I was all alone no one was going to save me but I was not sure if I could save myself. He told me to hurry that we needed to go. I asked him where he was going to take us but he did not answer. “I knew we would meet again.” I said. “I knew you would return. Is this the only memory you want your child to have of you? You like this dark place?” He did not answer nor did he turn to look at me. He just created more fear to expand in the atmosphere. I lowered my head, grabbed the suitcases, took my child and followed him into the gray space.

Then as we floated through spaces something shifted and we were outside. I noticed there was a very young motorcycle gang on the street; they had stopped and the whole group was facing us. We stopped floating and I looked up as the darkness melted from around my ex. He turned and looked at us. “I need to let you go. You are free.” He looked at me and smiled a gentle smile. “What?!” I exclaimed. “I don’t understand, what is happening? Just like that you free me?”

“You are free to go.” He spoke softly, as if he suddenly was someone else.

I noticed the gray sky was beginning to clear up as this young gangster type guy (dressed very well), wearing expensive sunglasses, walked up to us. He looked directly at my ex and nodded.

“Who are you?” I asked, but no one answered me. This stranger who was well dressed looked at my ex and said, “It is time.”  

Time for what I wondered.

“You are Free.” I heard a voice say again. I glanced back and forth at my ex and this strange guy trying to tap into what they might be saying to each other but I could not make any sense to what was happening.

Then I heard, “You too, it is time for you to go, move on. Follow me.” They nodded at each other.

I could not tell what was meant by my ex moving on. I shouted out quickly, “Are you dead now?”

Then I woke up.

I laid in bed with mixed feelings. Was he dead? Was he trying to get us to move through his purgatory with him? Was that his guide that appeared to offer assistance? Or was this all wish full thinking on my part? Was this dream just releasing built up fear, and was my mind’s eye wishing he was dead and I was free?


Without the dreamer investigating the death of her ex (from years ago), she will have to go on instinct alone. She felt as if he had passed but she had mixed feelings in believing such a desire, for if she is wrong in any way the shock value of seeing him alive again may crumble every piece of her emotionally and physically. What I personally believe to be important in her dream is that the fear has died. It announced itself, “You Are Free!” Her own fear released her from it. Whatever inner process and cleansing work she was practicing in her waking life guided her to get to this point – her fear finally died, moved on, dissipated and now it was her turn to begin the process of living within it.  However, she was so used to it existing within her that she did not know how to let go of it. A piece of the energy, a shell, was still left over due to the fact the dreamer was having a hard time believing that the actual fear no longer existed in that space in her mind.

Like with anything – whether good or bad – when we are used to something in our lives, when it becomes a routine or a piece of us, when it finally departs, changes, transmutes in order for us to transform we feel a bit of sadness (even if we feel happy) for the hole (lost) that was created – and is now being refilled – and for a moment in time we have a hard time letting go of whatever it is. However, once we accept it has gone, once we accept the change in our lives, and once we believe that we are free from any aspect of our self we no longer need, our lives begin to open up for us again.

The dreamer and I discussed the symbology of the motorcycle gang and the mysterious well dressed young gangster man who reminded her ex it was time to let go and move on. We explored the translation of her ex physically dying, and his spirit / soul existing in his own purgatory – not moving on but rather roaming with a gang as earthbound spirits: the well dressed guy manifesting as a lost soul, an old earthbound soul who was well aware it was not possible to drag the dreamer and child through this new realm the ex existed in between waking and dying.  In order for the ex to move on in some way he needed to let go just as much as the dreamer needed to let go of her fear that surrounded the past situation.

Different Perspective: The ex is still alive but has moved on — he no longer is searching or holding on to a grudge for them. Whatever is going on in his life he had to disconnect the energetic cord he attached to her and the child. He freed them from his own personal hell. The motorcycle gang may represent who he travels with now, his new family, his new connections, his new reason to exist. And now it is up to the dreamer to accept that the fear has moved out — it is now time to fill the place the fear once resided with new, fresh, and happy emotions / memories.  

I would like to express that the above is the summary of the dreamer’s inner process we explored together. This dream runs deep and is very personal to the dreamer. Not all dreams have one interpretation nor do they have simple explanations when the wounds extend far under the surface. A new sense of healing is in progress for the dreamer and together we are filling in the hole where the fear once resided.

I believe that this dream is both a wish fulfilled and a cord severed. It is possible for the dreamer to have manifested both in dreaming and waking. However, I am personally unable to rule out that this dream may possibly be part of a bigger plan for the dreamer, child, and the ex. Part of each of their journey’s to their soul’s enlightenment, to their personal evolution — a part of their transmuting of aspects of each of their Self.  Darkness falls on most of us as part of our own personal transformation, almost as if we are all in some sort of life training in order for each of us to learn how to manifest our lives with kindness and love.

The one thing the dreamer made a point to tell me after we began working through the dream together was, “I don’t hate him anymore, a piece of me feels sorry for him, but it I have come to understand after sitting with this dream that this was his journey through darkness not mine. I let him continue to take me down with him by living with that fear – I fed him, kept the ugly memories alive in each of us by letting the fear manifest inside me. I want nothing to do with him and I do not wish to ever see him again in this lifetime, but wherever he is I hope he is able to manifest love and kindness rather than the anger and darkness that destroys himself and everyone that gets in his way.”  She is not only wishing a better life for herself, and for him, but by speaking it out loud and living without the fear (taking action) I believe she is starting the process of manifesting happier and healthier lives for all of them.

When we experience such scarey dreams that have emotional wounds from waking, when dreams alert us by turning on the light, they are waking us, saving us, from our own inner destruction. For this dreamer to ever find true happiness, inner peace, and love– she needed to fulfill her own wish & desire of becoming free of the fear that was created by her ex. Her dream helped her realize this.