Do You Dream in Color? (or Let’s Banish the Myth of the B&W Dream–CV)

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Do you dream in color?

I’m always slightly taken aback by this question. Doesn’t everybody dream in color? Why I wonder does this question get asked so often?

Not only do I dream in color—but my dreams are in vivid color, sometimes even in over-saturated, trippy, Technicolor. I don’t recall ever having a dream in black and white.

But the questions persist.

I’ve even heard a theory that those of us who say we dream in color, are in fact retroactively projecting the color onto our otherwise black and white dreams. Frankly, I don’t buy that one.

I recently read about another theory, which explains the misperception that people dream in black and white … and this one interests me much more.  It goes like this:

Our dreaming mind is very much influenced by the technology we, as a culture, use. This makes perfect sense to me. I’m sure I’m…

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