Venting (Releasing) Dreams

Venting dreams also are known as everyday life dreams or releasing dreams. These are dreams in which we let go of those little (or big) things we encounter in our waking life reality from the day, week, or month before. These are the type of dreams that release pent up emotions and issues from (but not limited to) our jobs, personal life, and everyday encounters and or actions. Venting dreams are important to each of us because they help us let go and move on with our waking life. If we did not have venting dreams our thoughts, emotions, desires from our jobs, personal life, family life, and the like, would fester inside of us and bubble at the surface at the most inconvenient time. Not to say it is not healthy or good for us to release our emotions and desires when we are in waking, but this type of venting dream helps us weed out the entities, our personal affairs, those material objects, people, and emotions that appear in our daily lives in which we need to deal with ourselves.

Experiencing a venting dream, I believe, is common for us all — whether we recall the dream or not. These dreams help departmentalize emotions, ideas, thoughts, desires that may have subconsciously gotten out of control within us. These dreams release from us something as simple as a conversation with a co-worker that may have turned sour, for example- something spoken to us that we happened to ignore in waking but is bothering us internally. Or a fight we may have experienced with a friend, boyfriend, or family member that has heightened our emotions so internally it is eating us up deep within. Or maybe the dream released from us our worries over a simple happening that we did not recognize first as some type of nuisance, but soon realized it was taking up much of our thoughts or focus in waking. Venting dreams are our way of tending to ourselves—helping ourselves let go in order to rationalize, heal, and move forward in a healthy way.

A dreamer who is having financial difficulties, overwhelmed with student loans, shared the following dream with me:

My family and I were sitting around a strange home. I stood up and said, “It is time, I am going to have to rob a bank.” I looked at my young daughter and she wanted to help me rob the bank. I turned to my husband in the next room and said, “We are going to rob a bank. I am ready. You don’t have to, this is my burden. Stay home I will take care of everything.” I was filled with fear and shocked at my wanting to do such a horrible thing as rob a bank. But in my dream I felt it was my only solution to remove the burden of my student loans.

In this particular dream the dreamer had been holding within her a fear of the inability to pay off her student loans. She felt haunted by her unpaid loans and in waking was paralyzed in helping herself find a way to pay down her debt. She had kept this feeling bottled up from her husband and sat alone with this overwhelming emotion she had internalized so deeply—- so deeply that it was unconsciously affecting her energy levels. At the moment her inner self was no longer able to carry the weight of her negative and sad emotions around the debt she experienced this dream. Her internal self needed to let go of the emotions and energy, focused around her debt, that were taking up residence within her Self.  An aspect of her inner Self had to release her fear (she had not been able to shed from her everyday thoughts for a long period of time) before it manifested in a way that would become unhealthy to her waking Self.

Of course the dreamer never had any waking intentions of robbing a bank or to do anything irrational (although some people do get to that point in their life when they lose all sense of hope and the fear takes over). The dreamer (and for most of us) needed to experience a venting dream– to release….. and by recognizing this dream, it helped release her negative thoughts and fears she felt about her mounting debt. She mentioned to me after releasing her thoughts into the dream, and after sharing the dream with me, she was able to wake up” –slowly letting go of pieces of her worries ensuring herself the strength to process externally over the course of a week

 “I did not realize that my worry around my student loans was taking on a life of itself inside of me. I scared myself with this dream. I was watching myself plan to rob a bank.”  Rather than continue to live in her own fear around debt, (which by living in this internalized fear she was manifesting a negative energy around her debt and money) she instead began to list ways to help relieve the debt over time. The dreamer ended her time with me by saying I look back at the dream and now laugh, “I could never rob a bank no matter how much debt I am in. I know there is other ways, with positive outcomes, to deal with my financial issues. What a silly dream but what a powerful one for me.”



Another type of venting dream could relate to issues in our personal or employment lives that we tend to bury, ignore, or brush off. Our dreams will alert us to these thoughts and emotions that we let fester within us — consciously we try to let it roll off our back but subconsciously we vent out that which we don’t want to be burden us any longer within waking.

I believe that all venting dreams have a positive outcome in some form. But what about the positive venting dreams? I believe that venting dreams can also release pent of high energy store within us, desires we may internalize and visual only through random day dreams, and or happiness stored within us that we may not vocalize or show others in waking. Sometimes those dreams of flying, entering a beautiful house to call home, looking at yourself in a mirror and seeing the glow of your own beauty, travelling in a fast car down a windy road on a beautiful sunny summer day, or encountering and embracing your soulmate who moments before was just a mear stranger— these are examples of releasing happiness, positivity, and desires of some thought, action, emotion, or object we internalize just yesterday in waking.  

There are times when I feel my venting dreams are similar to my daydreams I experience. I guess one could say that venting dreams may in a sense be an aspect or extension to our daydreams— actions, thoughts, aspects of us, desires, happiness, sadness, anger, and so forth that we are unable to share with others but instead project it out through our mind in waking– releasing aspects of those binds we create for ourselves.