Calling All Dreamers!!

I am no longer collecting dreams for my research on my books. Please do not submit any dreams via the survey.

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Please Send Me Your Dreams Related to Guides or Unearthly Beings Appearing in Your Dreams!

I am collecting dreams for a research writing project I am working on. I am looking for dreams related to Dream Guides. Dream Guides may appear in any form (such as; angels, ghosts/spirits, animals, unearthly beings,  ET’s, familiar or unfamiliar people either alive or deceased) to offer a lending hand, bring a message to you, guide you through a personal issue, or to offer an answer to a question. These dreams can come in any dream type: visitations, nightmares, venting dreams, precognitive dreams, healing dreams, guidance dreams, wish-fulfillment dreams and the like.

I will be using your dream(s) for a dream related writing & research project I have started this Jan 2012. By submitting your dream you have given me, Meredith Lugiai Smith, Professional Dream Intuitive () permission to use your dream (and publish it) for any related publishing (articles, books, etc..) I am involved in.

Please make sure you add your email address to the questionnaire. If I decide to use your dream and need to speak with you more about it I will need your email address so I can communicate with you. There are no longer any guarantees that I will be able to respond to your dream(s) you submit to my questionnaire / permission form. I receive many dreams for my research and from paying clients –and I am no longer accepting dreams for free interpretations. If you choose to submit a dream to my research and I decide to use it for reprint in my books the survey monkey form you fill out gives me permission to do so.  

Please do not contact me directly to submit your dream for my research.



Thank You for sharing your dreams with me!