Dreaming of a Peaceful Passing

Knowing Someone When They Are Departing From Physical to Their True Essence.

(In my dream below the name of the departed or location was not used in respect to those close to the recently deceased.)

I enter into a day care to pick up my daughter. There was a lot of commotion in the room and I asked myself why I was there. My daughter is too old for daycare I thought to myself. I looked around the room and watched other parents come and go. As I remained puzzled to my location an old friend appeared out of nowhere and greeted me with a joyful smile. I was so overjoyed and shocked to see her. We embraced. It has been years since I last spoke to this person, and she looked and felt so different.

“So wonderful to see you here, Meredith!”

I remained in shock at the sight of her and wondered how I could have ever forgotten about her. I quickly retraced all my friends over the years and could not recall who she was, but I knew her, I knew her well. “What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I should be asking you that, but I know why you came. Thank you for seeing me off.” She continued to smile as I studied her features.

“You look so good, but so different.” I commented to her.

“I am me…. again. It has been a lifetime, but I have returned and I feel so at peace.”

Still I was puzzled but could not help but feel happy and harmonious in her presence.

“We knew each other well for a short time, Thank you for checking on me to make sure I made it.”

“Oh, have you left us?”  I asked with confusion.  

She looked at me and laughed. “Can’t you tell? It’s why you see me so differently then how you once knew me. I am now my pure essence.”

I felt in a daze. “Yes you did look differently when I knew you, but I do not remember how you looked before. “

“It does not matter, but you will understand soon.  It really does not change the fact you knew me and we will see each other again. Just know I am better, I am good here. Thank you for showing up when I called.”

She embraced me again. As happy as I was to reunite with this soul, tears gently fell from my eyes. She waved a goodbye and floated through the small crowd of parents and children, from dark to a soft light she faded pass the yellow and bright white door.

I woke up Monday morning and felt a tug at my heart. I was exhausted and in a daze. I retraced the images of the dream that my mind took back to waking with me for any type of Aha moment about this familiar soul I just encountered. I felt a knowing that whoever I once knew had had passed on, but it bugged me I could not decipher who it was. As the day went on I began letting go of the dream, quietly saying my goodbyes to the soul, hoping I would meet her again in anther dream soon.

The next day I receive a call from a friend. She informed me that this gentleman I once knew well had passed away the night before (when I experienced my dream). AHA! I got off the phone and I quickly gained an understanding to my dream the day before. I had not spoken to this man since 2002 but for a couple of years he and I had the most amazing friendship. We created an innocent bond from our hours of conversations we shared about dreams, the many realms of existence beyond our human form, aliens, astral traveling, along with sharing many good laughs at the obscurity we as humans create for ourselves. When everyone else assumed he was mentally crazy, I believed he was tapped into amazing visions and knowledge that existed beyond our human selves. We were very fond of each other but over time as he was given more and more pills to bury his vividly colorful thoughts and I moved out of town….. we lost touch with each other.

I always feel that certain connections I make with others, connections that create a higher vibrational frequency, tend to be messengers, spiritual guides, dressed in human clothing to keep me on my path.

It makes sense to me, crazy sense, that this Harley Davidson rugged looking man (I once knew back in the early 2000’s) was a radiant woman in my dream. He was human and made many mistakes in his lifetime, but during the time everyone thought he was most insane I saw him as a sweet pure soul – feeding into each others (what others thought of as) wild imagination. I always saw him for who he truly was — I looked past his physical human clothing (we all wear) and observed the silhouette of his enlightened soul.

My encounter with him in my dream was his way of saying goodbye and letting me know he was moving on to a better place. He needed someone to acknowledge his departure before he continue on through the light. I often wonder why certain people are chosen to receive (greet, help, guide, heal) the departed…. but the only general explanation I know to share with others is that our spirit, our essence, finds the person (people) they feel understands them and their death the most. (But yes, this varies depending on the people involved — the above was just a general explanation I was sharing.)

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