Dreaming of a Friend’s Pet Passing

I often ponder on the thought, if I am being shown the passing of people and pets from their physical life why don’t my dreams entail more clarity and straight forwardness!!! Why even show me dreams before or during other’s physical death?! But then I push away my mental thoughts of rationalizing and take a look beyond the physical. I know why my dreams aren’t showing me in the way so I can prevent the death from taking place, I am not meant to save anyone in the physical sense… I have the gift to help tend and guide during the transition. And maybe many of my dreams are about tapping into, embracing, and enhancing my gifts in order to comfort others within a state of pure essence…..or to shed light on dreamers who share my gift but fear it rather than embrace it.

Before, during, and after the solstice my dreams have been wildly vivid….. while others are taking the holiday season off from work to vacation I have been put to work all night long in my dream realms lately.

The weekend before last I experienced the following dream:

My husband, daughter, and our dog were on vacation. We entered into this large but very old resort. As we were being given keys to our rooms we were told our dog was not allowed to sleep with us, but rather there was a special floor for dogs where they each get their own room and a dog sitter. This bothered me, not having our dog near us, but rules were rules and we were on vacation. The resort felt dark from the dim lighting, and the oldness of the building felt crumbly to me. After we settled in, I found myself wandering the halls of the resort alone and observed myself watching the lives of other people.

My dream shifted and It was the next morning. We awoke and went about the morning without checking on our dog. Suddenly around 11am I realized I needed to give my dog some love. I went up to the dog floor and knocked on the door to her room. A woman answered the door and informed me my dog had not been taken outside yet nor had she eaten. This upset me greatly.

“What do you mean you have not tended to my dog? I was told this was your job.”

She pushed me into the dim hallway while closing the door to the room. She shook her head. I realized I began to call this woman Tina but only this woman’s body resembled the Tina I knew. The woman had shoulder length frizzy red hair and she seemed like she was a few years older than my friend Tina. She held her hand to her heart and looked directly in my eyes. “Honey, this is so hard for me to say but your dog has been poisoned.”

“What? What do you mean my dog is dying? No! No! She has not been poisoned!”

“Yes she has. I am so sorry. She needs to remain in my room.”

I was stunned but I knew she was not talking about my dog. “I hear what you are saying, but I know for a fact my dog is not dying nor has been poisoned.” My voice became stern and a piece of me felt annoyed. I stood there for a moment longer retracing my steps. “Tina, I am sure I believe my dog has not been poisoned. She is not dying. I know this, I am not wrong about these things. I would feel it in my soul. Nope sorry it’s not my dog Sammee you are mistaken. It must be another dog who is dying.”

The woman just stood there looking at me trying to figure out how I was so sure. I asked her for my dog back. I woke up.

That morning after I woke up from my dream I had a sense of a dog dying but I could not figure out whose it could have been. I checked on my dog Sammee and was very confident that the dream had nothing to do with her. I went about my morning tending to my family. A few hours later I received an email from my friend Tina (who I had not spoken with or seen since September). She expressed in a group email that her beloved dog Sasha had passed away in the night. She was old and it was her time to pass on. I was stunned. Why didn’t I figure that out when I was speaking with the lady in my dream as I called her Tina?! Honestly some dreams stump me, and this is one of them. Looking back it all makes sense, but before this email I just jotted the dream down and let go of trying to figure it out. I do feel the transition of the dog’s passing was peaceful or I would of woken up with a lot of anxiety, almost feeling undone.

I just want to mention the following: my dream’s setting was going on vacation with my family and dog. My friend was actually on vacation visiting family with her dog when she passed. Sometimes we just don’t know if our dreams will end up coming true. This is a difficult  truth to pinpoint in a dream — I notice a lot of dreamers search for answers regarding death in dreams coming true — some dreamers are tapped into what may be coming, while other dreamers dream to vent out their own lives in order to grow and expand physically. (Either way I feel all dreamers dream to evolve spiritually and soulfully.) I am sorry if my answer of knowing if death in dreams will come true comes across vague rather then with some type of concrete evidence — death is too symbolic in a number of ways to be concrete. We have to remember all death brings rebirth…. and I believe all living beings die physically and spiritually when it is time for them to transition and transmute.

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