Alien Dreams

Lately, I have been receiving dreams from dreamers who are experiencing alien type encounters within their dream realms. None of the dreams I have received thus far have been scary — these dreams I have help decode as an awakening of something beautiful and rejuvenating in some way to the dreamer. I feel many of the dreamers are confused because their encounters with these alien beings have not been as many would expect, rather these aliens are kind, full of light and love –appearing to provide healing and awakening to the dreamer. I believe that many dreamers are feeling confusion on why they were chosen to have this type of encounter.

I find these dreams to be a revelation to many humans– dreams that flip on the switch which had been turned off when born into our human clothing. As the universe shifts, as society feels a sort of crumbling, as lies and deceit are revealed, an abundant amount of people are searching for some piece of the truth and several are finding the answers are appearing within our dream realms.

For many years I had read about these unearthly beings and learned to accept them as positive rather than negative. However, the last six months with more people having alien encounters within their dream state I have fallen again deep into books about different types of alien type beings. Unraveling again that they exist in both waking and dreaming to help guide and heal both humans and those of us dressed as humans.

Many currently exist as Earth Angels, Earth-Walkers, Wanderers, DreamWalkers, Light-workers, Star-people or Starseeds, and the like…. placing themselves in human clothing in order to accomplish the work (as healers) needed to be done here on earth. Then there are the alien type beings we encounter in our dreams, these are our dream guides, angels, spirit guides, night shift workers, and souls from unearthly realms dimensions whose purpose it is to help heal, guide,  and awaken us within our dream state.

Yes, I do believe there are alien type beings who bring us harm, fighting to control our every sense of being. However, I am not speaking of those dark beings here in this posting. I am talking about the beings who show up and startle us with their kindness, who make us rethink our purpose, who reawakening us back into our true selves. What I know here was given to me within my dreams taking me years to piece together…. and it was the books that I began to read years ago that confirmed my dreams of alien beings holding much of our truths within them.  

Dreaming Alien Soul: Depending on the type of alien soul depends on why they appeared? Or is this alien soul you that you are seeing?

Dreams of Aliens Transporting You to Another Planet: Are the aliens transporting you filled with a high vibrational light? If so, then this dream represents you’re reawakening – the end of one path to the beginning of another, a start to your new journey.

Arcturian Encounters: Do not be afraid they come with love, light, kindness to help create peace on earth. They offer knowledge we are in need of. These unearthly beings appear in dreams because they exist in dimensions that our waking mind may not be able to comprehend. Arcturians are here to awaken humans and reawaken their own kind who came to earth as healers. Arcturians are here to help us move through a collective consciousness shift guiding us into a higher dimension, another next step towards enlightenment.  

Hybrid aliens / alien hybrid children: Are you encountering these hybrids? Are they filled with a high vibrational light? Or is there a darkness that envelops them? If they seem as if they exist in the dream realms and are filled with high vibrational light ask them why they are here. If darkness is what they bring ask them to leave, remain empowered in white light, they cannot harm you if you don’t want them to. For more information and a clearer understanding of hybrids read Visitors From Within by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest (Chapter 6 is on Hybrids and Their Creation).

Dream Advice: Turn off the TV, Internet, video games and Turn On Your Dreams. You will be amazed as you take part in your own soul’s adventure unraveling your own truths.




  • We, The Arcturians by Norma J. Milanovich
  • A Wanderer’s Handbook by Carla L. Rueckert
  • ET 101
  • From Elsewhere: Being ET in America by Scott Mandelker
  • StarKids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation by Richard Boylan
  • Star People / Star Born by Brad Steiner
  • The Sirus Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple

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