And More Dream Images Decoded

Spirits Visiting My Dream World: Ask them what messages they have for you. Or are they appearing asking for your guidance? Sometimes in our dreams we appear to help others. Dream Advice: Next time Spirits visit ask them if they are in need of your assistance or if their appearance brings messages from the beyond.

Why do I always end up at train or bus stations in my dreams? Do you get on the bus or train at these stations? This is your transportation through some journey you are on. If you are not getting on the bus or train, what are you waiting for? Hop on and see what your next destination has in store for you.

Asking for Messages in Dreams: Our dreams are designed to give us both the guidance we ask for and the answers to those questions we are too afraid to seek guidance for. Sometimes our dreams hand over the messages and other times they take us through a maze scattering our puzzle for us to piece together. Just know that the messages are being offered us to us nightly.

Fire: What rages within you is it passion or anger? Tame the fire and you will be able to handle any passionate or intense situation that comes your way.

Dreaming I am Going to Die in 10 Days: Do you fear the transformation that is coming your way? What aspect of your Self has become old, needs to be laid to rest, and is ready for rebirth? Do not fear any type of death it is part of the many lives we all are given.

Dreaming of Your Childhood Home: To move through your present into your future you must heal the past. Are these good memories you are dreaming about or are they memories you once buried and are now bubbling to the surface? If they are good memories, maybe these past emotions are connected with your present as a reminder to hold dear those who surround you. If they are memories full of sorrow, maybe it is time to heal the past in order to create your beautiful future.

Images from a Past Life: Your soul may need you to recall the pieces of you that you have long forgotten. Use the images and feelings of this past life for your present one— there are many aspects of our lives past we sometimes forget to tap into and utilize for our present.  

Leaving Each Other at a Train Station: Your life journeys are directing you both on different paths. Maybe it is time to say goodbye. Has your personal growth become stagnate?  Life is filled with many encounters, both positive and negative, that when we least expect it take us in directions opposite from each other.  

Familiar Souls: These familiar souls may be part of your soul family from the many lives past. Sometimes we do not encounter those in our soul family in waking but rather we see them in our dream realms. They provide us with the comfort we may be missing in our waking lives. They appear at the moments we need them most, to help us continue down our life path.

Spirit of Past, Present, and Future: Why are you needing a life review? What have you lost in your present waking life in which you need guidance to continue forward with love, kindness, and light.

Envisioning Yourself as a Light Ghost: How wonderful you can step outside your physical self and view the true image of your soul. We are all light ghosts in human clothing.

Dream of September 11, 2011: What may be starting to tumble down in your life? Maybe this dream is saving you from an upcoming disaster (and I am not referring to death). What obstacle is blocking your way that you may need to call 911? Look to the numerology meaning of 11, it is said to be the most intuitive of all numbers and it is associate with faith.

Anxiety Over the Future: Is it your future you have anxiety over or the future of society? Or maybe it is both. Anxiety and fear bind us. They create a low vibrational field and chain us to it. You may be tapping into the collective energy in the air and it is creating anxiety for you. The best way to rid your self of anxiety is to let go of it. Try meditation or yoga. Create your life with positive thoughts and positive outcomes (even through the simplest acts). Break the chain that binds you and begin to create a new collective flow of love and light through kindness to yourself and others.

Clawing My Skin: What is bothering you so much that it is clawing at your skin? Is their irritation in your life internally or externally? I suggest getting to the root of what is bothering you and the clawing will begin to subside.

Crescent Moon: You are in the beginning stages of new personal growth. Enjoy your internal and external expansion.

Receiving Your Soul Name: Our dreams give us the messages we need at the very moment we awaken. Our true names have been long forgotten in our human form, by being reminded of our soul name we are reminded to who we truly are …. and that our physical selves are just one part of our whole journey.  

Money Donations: Are you donating the money or is someone donating the money to you? Or maybe you are watching the donation of money as a bystander? In our dream realms it is not truly the physical form of money we are in need of. The symbolic meaning of money is translated as nourishment for our spirit and soul. Depending on who is doing the giving and receiving depends on what type of nourishment you are in need of. Are you feeling malnourished? Or are you offering nourishment to those who are in need?

Poison: What aspect of you are you poisoning in your waking life? Or are you poisoning someone else? Many of the foods, drinks, actions, lifestyle, etc are poison to our spirit and soul. If you are dreaming of poison your dream may be signally you to stop whatever you are doing for fear of some type of harmful destruction to you or someone else close to you.

Moon Sky: The Moon is said to represent personal growth and fertility. The Sky is said to represent transcending of body, mind, and spirit. It sounds like your dream of the moon sky is showing how you are awakening to your true self.

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