Shared Dreaming

The other night I experienced a dream with my daughter. It was not actually the details of the dream I am going to share here but rather what happened when I left the dream and moved back through to waking.

At the end of the dream my daughter and I were in a small narrow side street trying to walk through a bad neighborhood with seedy looking people hanging around. We climbed up a ladder to an opening that gave us two options to walk in. Either we could go up above the highway and back to where we needed to be or down below under the highway which looped back around to the street we needed to be on. The upper way was much more dangerous but a quicker way to our destination, the lower way was safer but much longer and darker. I peered out of the opening looking in both directions. The stairs going up had holes in them and walking them would be tricky. The stairs going down seemed stable and secure. As I was making my final decision, I was woken up by my husband who was coming to bed.

He got into bed and I said quietly, “You woke me up from a freaky dream I was sharing with Sequoia. I left her there.” At that very second I hear my daughter yell out from her deep sleep, “NOOOOOOO! Nooooo!” Her voice sounded in distress. I felt terrible. I visualized her peering through the opening of the hole looking for me…. extending her arm, reaching out her hand searching for me as she screamed. My husband said, “Well it sounds like she just realized you left and may not be returning.” My heart sank. I knew that it was now her dream and she needed to find a solution to whatever it was she was dealing with. I visualized her dream guides, spirit guides, even her angels offering her assistance in some way. I sent out protection energy as she made her way through her dream feeling alone.

In the morning I asked my daughter if she recalled the dream we shared, she shook her hand no. Then she said, ” But I do remember having a lot of fear and being alone in my dreams last night.” I gave her a warm hug.

I just want to add that before the point in my dream in which I was peering through the opening trying to figure out the best option for my daughter and I to walk in, I was dreaming alone. I was wandering the streets experiencing my own dream, next thing I know I am dreaming with my daughter quickly trying to move us through a bad area. I wondered if I was I called (or pulled) into her dream to help her get out of a particular situation? Or to guide her through the choices that she was unable to see presented before her? Did I need to help her to the opening, show her the options and then remove myself from her dream? I wondered what she thought in her dream the moment she saw I had vanished. I realized that this was not my dream, this was her dream that for whatever reason I entered into.

Shared Dreaming: To experience the same dream with someone else (loved one, friend, family member). There are two types of shared dreaming: Mutual Dreaming and Concurrent Dreaming.

With Mutual Dreaming dreamers plan to meet in their dreams sharing a dream together by setting the intention, or incubating the intention, before falling asleep.

Concurrent Dreaming is when two or more people share a dream without planning or preparing ahead of time. They do not realize they have shared a dream until they recall the dream and share it with each other in waking.

When I was in my late teens to early 20’s I had a couple of friends that would practice shared dreaming techniques with me. One friend and I would practice OBE and astral travel together while still awake late at night, then we would continue our astral traveling together by meeting up in the same dream. The next day we would recite the details of the dreams together, sometimes our dreams would be exactly the same, other times we would experience a shared dream and some of the colors or details of the location would be slightly off. While we would share a dream we would become lucid and at times manipulate the dream to see how much we were able to create and control within these realms. Our shared dreaming was not like the movie Inception (although I feel that what that movie suggested is possible), our mutual dreaming was more about experiment, testing our physical boundaries, and finding truth in our belief that we are actually spiritual beings dressed in a human suit.

I also experienced a high frequency of concurrent shared dreaming with a boyfriend around the same time I practiced with my good friend. Actually when I met my then boyfriend for the first time I felt this electrifying energy right away….. I knew him from somewhere!! He had so much light around him and every aspect of him was familiar. One of the first things I recall saying to him was, “Hey I know you from my dreams.” I was right! Our dreams were spectacular together, we traveled to realms we knew existed far beyond our waking minds before and after we met. I think in the beginning he was taken back by our shared dreaming, I could recite every detail of what we did together in our nightly dreams. Soon it became so common we just accepted it as the norm, secretly we both knew that our existence past, present, and future was not of this earth.

Are you experiencing shared dreaming with others?

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