Images of Death in Dreams

I am noticing that more and more people are dreaming of death and searching for the meaning of death that appears in their dreams. Dreaming of death is such a broad image, feeling, and symbol: it has several translations and its true meaning is individual to each dreamer.

If you dream of death it does not necessarily mean you or someone you know will physically die.  There is a universal shift taking place right before our eyes, and although we cannot see the shift with our physical eyes, we can see it with our dreaming eyes, we can feel it in the depths of our spirit and souls, and we do sense it both in waking and sleeping. This shift emerges before us in many ways that may resonate with each of us differently. This shift is a beautiful awakening to what we have let ourselves forget. For dreamers we may see images, experience death and destruction, and feel the change taking place— but most of us are not really sure what the change really is; it is our dreams that are alerting us to this metamorphosing. Death in dreams is one aspect of showing us that the old ways are dying for new ways to emerge.

As I mentioned above death has several meanings (and although it is possible to dream of your own death or the death of someone else) I suggest looking deeper past the surface of your waking life when receiving a death dream.

Dreaming about death telling you how you will die: I received a dream like this when I was very young and I understand how scary it can feel. Always worried that this day is laid out ahead of you. So you know how you will die, and your mind has taken control and you may live in fear of that one thing every day for the rest of your life—but you can’t really live like that. I suggest looking at this type of dream in a few different ways:

  • You were given a gift to see your future. So how about honing in on this amazing ability and using it for good? Why do you think you were shown your dead? What is it you can now prevent in your life, or in life in general, from happening?
  • Maybe your future death is a metaphor for the day your old ways die and your true self emerges and shines through. Are you waking up yet?

Or how about seeing this death dream in a whole new light!

  • Maybe it was not your actual physical death that will take place… maybe it is a spiritual death or an emotional death. Maybe you are actually going through this death right now – in this present moment – and an aspect of you is dying (or is now dead) and you are currently going through a transition (or a transmuting) for the grand rebirth of that new aspect of you to emerge!

Is there a part of you that is dying or may die soon? Or maybe an aspect of yourself that needs to die in order for you to move forward? Is there something you won’t let go of? Dream Advice: Maybe your dream signifies the day you release yourself from an emotional, physical, or spiritual bind (or bond).

What’s the Difference between earthbound spirit dreams and visitations: I have discussed earthbound spirits and visitations in a previous post on my blog, but here is a condensed version. These are one in the same. The difference is actually between earthbound spirits and spirits who have crossed over and then returned –both of these types of spirits showing up in your dreams or in waking life are considered visitations. Earthbound spirits are those souls who are attached to their physical lives in some way and have not found a way to let go. In turn, these spirits are earthbound and are confused about their death; they have not crossed over. These spirits are harmless and any negative energy they reside in is created by their own inability to let go. Their energy turns stagnate and creates low vibration— this is what you may feel, for example, when you walk into a building and get a sense of creepiness or feel scared for some reason. The spirit cannot harm you, you are just feeling their stagnate energy / emotions and low vibrational frequency.

Souls who have crossed over return into our visibility with high vibrational frequencies, with beautiful energy filled with love & light. They return for many reasons, such as; as angels, as spirit guides, and to guide loved ones. These spirits are of course harmless and they are invisible messengers and healers for humans.

Dreams about seeing a murder take place (Witnessing a Murder): Let me as you this first, who’s murder was it you saw? Was it your own murder? Was it a murder of someone else? Depending on other emotions and details within such a dream depends on the translation. Maybe you experienced a precognitive dream…. Or maybe you witnessed an aspect of you being murdered because you were not capable of letting go or changing some part of you. Ask Yourself: Who or what did the victim represent for you? Who or what did the murder represent for you? How did the dream make you feel? Has anything begun to shift in your life since the dream?

Dreaming of alien trying to kill you: Aliens in dreams could represent aspects of your own self that feel alien to you. These aspects may be trying to break free because you have buried them so deep within. It is also possible that a real alien being, such as the reptilians or greys, were trying to kill off the pieces of freedom within you that represent being a human. (These types of aliens are said to come to earth to take away our freedom and enslave us – read my post on aliens hereand also check out the site: ) . I suggest that you begin by looking at your dream by describing what emotions bubbled up within the dream and give more details of your dream— then reenter you dream and change the setting. What would happen if you asked the alien why it was trying to kill you? What message would you receive? How about digging deep and pulling up that which you buried long ago and get to know it again, or decide to make peace with it.

Dreams of Disembodiment: These dreams appear to help heal parts of your emotional, physical, and or spiritual self. Don’t be afraid when experiencing one of these dreams. Let yourself flow through the steps of whatever happens in these dreams. Dream advice: Interact with this dream and see what unfolds.

Dreaming about a person who died a long ago: Often we dream of visitations from the departed –some we know and some we do not. Usually when the dead come calling they appear to bring the dreamer (or someone you know) a message or to offer guidance. Without knowing more details of the dream I can only provide a suggested general meaning. Ask Yourself: Did this person appear for you or for someone else you know? Retrace the details of the dream, do you feel the departed appeared with a message or could it be that what they once represented is their message for you? What aspect of yourself is connected to an aspect of the departed?

Your sister dead in your dreams: When we dream of the death of a close relative these dreams may represent sometime of wake up call to the dreamer— the dream may be trying to get your attention about something. I never want to disregard the chance of a dream being precognitive but only the dreamer truly knows if their dream is predicting some piece of a future event. Many times our dreams come to us all scrambled up and we should try not to interpret the dream at face value. Did the dream take place during or after the death of your sister? Is there an aspect of your sister that resonates with or is completely opposite of your line of thought? What is going on both internally and externally in your life in which your dream guides are using an image of the death of your sister to gain your attention? Because I do not have more details to this dream related to the death of the dreamer’s sister, I can only offer a suggested general meaning. Dream Advice:  If possible, give your sister a call and tell her about your dream, maybe she has a message to offer you…. Or maybe she is in need of your guidance.

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