More Dream Images Translated

Opening and Closing Doors to a House: Doors are entry ways to our soul. They also represent opportunities that may be presented to us.  Or doors opening and closing could be paths beckoning us to walk or journey’s we are completing. If you are dreaming of doors opening and closing in a house ask yourself, Are you opening and closing these doors or are is someone else? What is happening in your life right now where you feel a decision needs to be made? Or are you waiting for someone to make the decision for you? Whether you realize it or not you are in control of these doors. Are these doors attached to particular rooms in the house? (More about houses click here.) Think about which ones do you want open and which once do you want close? More about Doors click here.

Dreams of Cleansing: If you are dreaming of cleansing yourself, you are already in tune with what your body, mind, and spirit are craving. If you are searching to be cleansed, think about what aspects of you need to be purified. Is there more to your cleansing dream? Just know that dreams of cleansing benefit your physical self and your soulful self.

Decode a Message from a Dream: I have found the best way to decode a message from a dream is to not think about it, but rather receive it fully with all senses no matter what form it comes in. I have had messages in symbols, encrypted, numbers, in other languages, from alien beings with high frequency my ears felt as if they were shattering, telepathically, brought to me by animals, given to me by childhood friends I have not seen in years, and even in my own English language and still was discombobulated with what I was being told. How are you receiving your message you are trying to decode? Who is the messenger? Sometimes the message meant for you is not in the bottle but rather it is the bottle itself. Suggestion: Start by unraveling the meaning behind the messenger.

Example: If the messenger is a childhood friend – what did that childhood friend represent for you? If the messenger is an animal – find out about what that particular animal represents by searching the meaning behind power animals (or animal guides). If it is an alien being trying to speak to you – search the different alien races and find out what they represent. You will be completely surprised what you find.

Urinating in the Bathroom: I have discussed bathrooms meaning cleansing / purging on my blog before (click here for more). However, when you are dreaming of something very detailed happening in your bathroom dream it is important to take note and go a little deeper to find the answer. Peeing in a bathroom in your dream could represent a release of energies no longer needed, ridding of negative or stagnate energies. Did you have trouble urinating? Did it hurt? Did you feel better or worse after this purge? Was the bathroom clean or dirty? Peeing in a dream could also mean Wake Up and Go Pee!  Dream Advice: Make sure you have fully purge yourself of whatever it is that you no longer need within the internal aspect of you.

Dreams May be the Answer: Each one of use receives answers in the way that most resonates with us. Some of us dream our answers, some of us use meditation, many find meaning within Shamanic Journeys’, others look to the universe for waking life signs… and so forth.  We are all different how we go about finding translations to our deepest inner questions but we are all universally connected because we are all looking for the answers to the same internal and spiritual questions. Yes! Dreams may be the answer for you. Ask Yourself: Are you ready to receive the answer in your dreams? Your spirit guides, angels, power animals, and guardians are all ready to show you the way.

How to Make Your Own Dream Cards: Anyway you want to! There is no wrong or right way. Creativity comes from within in any form.

What do Vampires Represent in the Psyche: I wrote a blog posting last month about Vampires (click here) after experiencing an intense vampire dream myself. From my dream I realized that the actual idea of vampires in a sense are misrepresented in our society in tv shows, movies, fantasy novels and they may not be as bad as we think. They are powerful creatures that do not always use their energies in negative ways.

In waking life I have encountered so many psychic and emotional vampires that I have learned to stay clear of a certain type of person. I have taught myself how to protect my energy and physical form from letting others feed off of me draining my energy or taking control of my energetic life. How was the vampire represented in your dream? Was the vampire sucking blood or was the vampire feeding off your energy? Ask yourself, are you the vampire? What in your life are you draining emotional energy from or what is draining physical or spiritual energy from you? Suggestion: If you are the emotional vampire stop what you are doing an find a healthy way to survive emotionally. If you are realizing someone else is feeding off your emotional, physical, or spiritual self I suggest to begin protecting your energetic field by creating a white light around you (every day), burn sage, and take a sea salt bath (cleanse yourself) . And then rid that person (or persons or job or activity) from your life before they (or it) eats you alive sucking away at your very soul.

Why I see Trains in My Dreams: I have discussed Trains a couple times on my blog –you may want to search around here to see what I have to say more in-depth. Trains are a means of transportation from one place to the next. It is what you take on your journey to reach a destination. Some people dream of airplanes others cars, some bikes etc.. If you are always dreaming of trains then usually that means that your transportation of choice in your dream realm. Are you actually on the trains? Or are you just seeing the trains past you by? Dream Advice: If you are watching the trains go by how about getting on the next train and see where it takes you. If you are on a train but never getting off, next time try getting off the train and see where you have ended up.

Positive Encounters with Arcturians: This does not surprise me. The Arcturian beings are a beautiful and soulful race that come in peace. They show themselves in our dreams as we are at our truest and purest selves in our dream realms— this is where they can speak to us, fill us with high vibrational energy and provide us with guidance. Suggestion: Read my posting on the Arcturians and check out the links I provided or even better go read the book We, The Arcturians.

How to Think  High Thoughts: If you are wanting to change your thinking or change the level of your vibration just begin by beginning. Think positive thoughts and your vibrational frequency will begin to lift. More on this here.

Dreaming about World Devastation: These dreams used to bother me a lot growing up, until I realized that the encounters I experienced within world devastation dreams was actually something more meaningful. (More here.) First off let me ask you, Are you dreaming of the end of the world? Are you actually viewing the world in devastation? Or is it a fear you hold within from waking life that is manifesting in this dream? Next I am curious to know: Are you helping anyone in this dream? Encountering lost or hurt souls?

Ask Yourself: What is it you are feeling when experiencing this type of dream? Is your world within you (or externally) coming to an end? Or is the waking life media feeding your thoughts? Do you feel you have tapped into something bigger, like the world’s future?

Dream about Car Accident, Is it a Premonition? I am unable to predict for you if this is a premonition or not, only you may know within what the future holds.  But let’s begin by looking at this dream from another angle. What is happening in your dream when experiencing the car accident? Are you in the car? Are you even driving? Car accident dreams are common when one feels a loss of control in their life or a loss of control over a particular situation in their life. What is it in your life that feels as if you have no control over?

Dreamt of ants in my bed: Usually (but not always) when you dream of ants it may mean one of two things: Maybe something is really bugging you OR maybe you are not working as dutiful as you should be. Or are you working too hard for someone else? I wrote about ants somewhere on this blog a couple of years ago. I dislike ants, they are the one create in waking life that bug me personally. There are too many of them and I always feared they would take over the world. But now living in the Pacific Northwest I have no choice but to find an acceptance of them (they are everywhere here)– I still am bothering by them, but they are a living creature and as long as they don’t crawl on me, my food, or in my bed I can let them be. But when I dream of ants–ugh– I get very annoyed… then I realize what is it that is annoying me in my life that ants are appearing in my dreams. Think about it: How do you feel about ants? Why may they be crawling in your bed?

Ants work in clans and they work very hard never giving up. They serve their queen but never get the sense they are the slave, they are all one. No matter what right now as human beings we are not as spiritually evolved as we would like to think so we are in need of a leader. What are you in need of? Is something bothering you? Are you working too hard for someone else? Or are you not working hard enough?