Symbols and Images Appearing in Our Dreams

Below are some general translations (and thoughts) behind certain images / symbols found in the dreams of those dreamers using the search bar on this blog.

  • Light (any color except black): You are reconnecting and re-energizing the essence of your soul. Embrace this light. Let it fill you and lift your vibrational frequency.
  • Dark colors, such as black: Negative energy that either you are absorbing or dark energy that has somehow attached to you. Is there something within you that needs to be cleansed? Or have you encountered someone else who holds a dim & low vibration within them? Who or what in your life do you need to disconnect from? Suggestion: Light a white candle and burn some sage to cleanse your energetic space.
  • Dreaming of a Train in the Wrong Direction: Trains, Airplanes, Cars, Bikes, even Walking are all ways of transportation we as dreamers take to reach our destination. If you are dreaming of taking a train in the wrong direction you may be traveling down the wrong path. Are you or is someone else in your waking life preventing you from traveling in the right direction? If you are watching a train traveling in the wrong direction maybe you are feeling that you are taking the path least traveled. Ask yourself: What in your dream made you decide that the train was traveling the wrong way?
  • Asking for Guidance in Dreams: To ask for guidance in your dreams just set an intention before falling asleep each night. Wake up and write down your dream. Watch for universal signs throughout your waking day and take note to anything that appears out of the ordinary that may be referring to your request for guidance. (You should receive guidance anytime between 2 to 10 days). Remember the message you may receive may differ from what you were hoping for — don’t miss out our on the answer(s) you asked for.
  • The Dead Appearing in Dreams: There are many reasons why the dead may appear in your dreams (Click here for the blog post), here are a few quick ones: The dead are looking for guidance from you or maybe they appeared to bring you guidance; the dead could be aspects of the parts of you that are ready to move on— new and evolved aspects of your soul are ready to be birthed; the dead could be beings of your soul family–your reuniting with those you once knew.  Dream advice: Explore this type of dream further to find out if you have encountered departed souls or departed pieces of your soul.

  • Moon in the Sky: Translating a moon in the sky depends on the cycle of the moon in waking life. Moon and sky together represents personal growth and external awakening of your inner self. Suggestion: Find out what each cycle of the moon means and connect the dots with where you are in your own personal growth.
  • What does Dreaming my Childhood Home mean? When we travel back into time within our dreams and revisit our childhood home usually the dream is guiding us to the parts of our Selves that need to be healed. The parts we once forgotten or buried deep away in hopes to never remember again. The dream is showing you that in order to evolve, move on, grow and expand to become our true selves we must go back and heal, remember, and to forgive those moments we asked to forget within our childhood years. Our childhood home is the core of who we are and how we became who we are today. Dream insight: Start by reading my posting on the meaning of houses and each room. 
  • Alaska Night Sky: Was the sky full of color? Or was it dark? Did you see a thousand stars in the sky? There is something so incredibly breath-taking about the Alaskan Night Sky, I know I lived there for several years. I could sit for hours recalling the beauty of a crisp clear winter night along the coast of Alaska. If the sky was full of vibrant northern lights, your dream may be showing you there is more beauty beyond the mundane of life. Look past what you normally see and connect with the mysteries of the unknown. Dream insight: Write down what the Alaska Night Sky looked like, and recall how you felt when viewing it.
  • Dreaming about Forgiveness: I recently wrote a blog posting on this; and what I forgot to write in that posting was something my dream guides told me write –but I didn’t want to write it because I thought I would sound silly. Dream Guides Speak: To forgive is to create peace within yourself. To ask for forgiveness is to fill both you and the forgiven with eternal peace and love.
  • the Darkness in the Confines of my Mind: Ask yourself, Why are you filled with darkness? Are you sad? Are you not living as your true self, or as your highest good? What dream are you dreaming that darkness fills your mind? Sit for a moment and close your eyes. Breath in and out slowly and Visualize a beautiful white light filling the core of your very being from feet up through your body to the crown of your head. Then watch as this white light expands with your every breath filling your space with a soft white glow, creating a bubble around you. Sit within and embrace the light. When you open your eyes, keep this white light with you through out your day, every day. Suggestion: Retrace this dream and the feeling of darkness, write it on paper and then burn the paper… this will help shed the darkness of those thoughts and feelings. (Please burn your paper with care. Best place to do this is to throw it in a fireplace or fire pit.)
  • Divine Dream: This sounds so beautiful and full of the pure essence of your very being. If it was, just keep this divine dream as a piece of you.
  • Dreaming of Spiders and Ants: Usually when we dream of any type of bug it means there is something in your life that is bothering you. Ants may appear to show you that something in your life needs more focus or tending to. What are you not paying attention to? Or what is it that you are trying to ignore? When spiders appear they can represent the lack of motherly nurturing you are receiving or giving. Spiders also represent creativity. Is there some emotions you need your mother to tend to? Or does someone need you to tend to their emotions? Are you a creative person but are struggling to tap into this wonderful side of you? Dream advice: Next time you dream of spiders, ants or bugs have a conversation with them and ask them what may be bothering you.
  • Sleeping Inside the Bathroom dreams: The general meaning for a bathroom is cleansing– Needing a cleanse or a purging. This dream could be showing you that you are sleeping through something within  that needs to be purged. What are you sleeping through in your waking life that is taking up residence inside of you? Maybe it’s time to wake up and let go of what is clogging up your life. Suggestion: Next time you go to the bathroom in waking life set an intention to purge out what is no longer needed within you.

My plan is to create a posting of search terms (from my site stats) once a week to give guidance to dreamers who are searching for meaning in their dream images. I do have to mention to please remember the following: each dream is personal to the dreamer. No one meaning is the same for every dreamer. I suggest to take the general meaning of an image and decipher it in the way that resonates with you. Sometimes general interpretations are not enough to find meaning behind your dreams, I am available for individual dream interpretations if you find you want to unravel the deeper translation of your dreams.

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