When Your Dreams Are All About Forgiveness

About a month before 11:11:11 I began having dreams about forgiveness, not others looking for forgiveness from me but me searching, asking, wanting forgiveness from others.

Some of my dreams awoken me with thoughts of frustration “Why am I begging for someone to forgive me about something I did not realize I did wrong?” It took me a few days of dreaming to relax into these forgiveness dreams, to accept that even if I am unaware of what I have done wrong the act of asking for forgiveness is humbling (even when you are not sure why you are asking).

I found myself traveling back in time encountering those I had once forgotten about. I found myself traveling through time to the future embracing those I had not yet met in my physical realm. I found myself sitting in a parallel universe to my present life, begging for strangers, family members, friends, to accept my apology and accept me for who I am now, at this moment. This when on for about a month, with only a few random night shift dreams, healing dreams, venting dreams happening here and there.

And then something shifted (on 11.01.11 to be exact) and I was suddenly released from my sadness and worry, forgiven, set freed from the binds of my own guilt I was not aware I had living within me.

I found myself waking up often wondering if there was a symbol of forgiveness in dreams – Does it speak for itself? Define itself? Or is it more a translation for something symbolic that is more powerful? I wondered about this because when my dreams shifted from forgiveness to peacefulness and then back – to what I find myself doing best in my dream realm – I was not sure if I had an answer to why I was experiencing these forgiveness dreams. I could not help but wonder if I missed an image, a tone, a feeling to what forgiveness represented.

Personally I don’t believe we always need to find an answer to all of our dreams—I believe they will unfold for us as they should. But I continue to be amazed at my forgiveness dreams and I continue to wonder why; why did I transcend from traveling with unknown guilt, to releasing my guilt and sadness, to being freed of a whole aspect of me I no longer needed. What truth did I confront for myself? Should I just let it be as it is and move forward with gratitude?

Dreaming of Forgiveness: Seeking forgiveness, of oneself or others. Confronting the truth.   Willingness to overlook faults or wrongs. Opening up, relieving a burden; forgiving oneself; a need to verbalize, talk and share with others.

Do you believe dreams can be healing? I do. I know for a fact that dreams appear and disappear in ways that may make no sense to our egos, our minds, but are actually healing, guiding, helping all aspects of our Self and our Soul. I may not fully understand why recently I spent each night seeking forgiveness as I traveled to my past, present, and future, but I do feel that these dreams have been shifting and cleansing for me.

Dream Advice: When dreaming of forgiveness instead of seeking a translation you may want to recognize how you are feeling after waking from the dream. The answer may be hidden within your emotions. Do you feel lighter? Do you feel a sense of freedom? Is there a feeling of peace living within you now?

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