Translating Dreams of Vampires: a different perspective

I found my circle of vampire people. The area I found myself in was a huge hollow dark gray room with very high ceilings in (what felt to me like) an old French castle. They welcomed me with opened arms as I gracefully said my hellos to my familiar souls. As I took part in the gathering, I also noticed myself watching from above looking down and I said to myself “I am here and I am there, how very fascinating this all is.”

None of us looked like vampires, actually many people in the group were my familiars and I recognized them from both my waking and dreaming realms. As I felt a little stunned with what it meant for us to be vampires, someone read my mind and kindly informed me that I was dead and not of my body. They continued on to say, I took this physical form so I could do the work I needed to get done. I nodded a thank you and replied, “So usually vampires are bad, does this mean I am a bad person?” My friends in the circle laughed until I heard a voice say, “Humans are silly. They are scared of everything that is not of human form.” I nodded a thank you understanding quickly what he meant.  Within the circle gathering someone who I once knew very well (in my present waking form) began to lead with instructions of our next task. As I listened I heard myself up above begin to whisper, “Ohh this movie is so familiar, I have seen this before, haven’t I?”

The more I watch myself engage in the gathering, I kept wondering if this was a movie I had seen already? Or was I part of someone else’s dream? Have I been here? Or have I seen this? The chattering of my voice continues back and forth in my head. It began to frustrate me to listen to myself rather than listening to my purpose within the gathering. Finally I blurted out “Ohh yes yes this is a dream.” Suddenly I became very lucid. Everyone in the circle looked at me and then looked above at my other Self. They all smiled. “Don’t worry; sometimes we forget where we have been or why we are here. But trust us you return and become this form when you are needed most. “But I swear I have dreamt this dream before, or is it a movie I saw.”

I suddenly woke up. My mind was retracing my steps and the images of where I was. I could not help but think, “It has been so long since I have returned.”

I am not able to recall experiencing any vampire type dreams before recently. I have had dreams where someone is feeding off my energy, draining me –symbolically representing the actions of a vampire, however,  I don’t recall a dream in which I was told I was a vampire and I was at a gathering of so called vampires. This dream confused me and I went directly to a few dream dictionaries to try and find what resonating with me and my dream. Nothing did.

I understand that Vampires can represent: Feeding off others energy, draining others energy (or others draining your energy); and suffocating. It is possible that vampires in dreams can symbolize seduction, sensuality, fear and death. If the dream relates to someone in your waking life a vampire dream could be translated as this someone  whose charm may ultimately be harmful, such as; drug addiction, sexual obsession, or the like.

Now I am sitting here trying to figure out the dream. Symbolically what vampires represent does not have anything to do with my dream, I know  this. I am unable to relate the symbolic meaning of vampires to my waking life. So as always I tend to look at dreams from another perspective.  There is something more to this dream rather it being aspects, or characters, of myself. I do not feel it has to do with my energy being drained, or me draining the energy of others, or even being involved with someone harmful. No, rather, it feels as if I may have gone back into my past, or to a parallel universe. It feels as if I was perhaps in three places at once; in my bed physically sleeping, somewhere beyond time in another country with a circle of souls (I have never been to France but I find myself there often in my dreams), and up above watching and like a cord connecting myself to myself in the past, present, and future. But why? Why a vampire? I was comfortable in this dream. I felt at ease, there was no fear in this dream, just questions and curiosity.

Every so often, when I find myself in a bind with one of my dreams, I will ask a friend their perspective just to see if they are able to highlight something I am unable to see.

I sent my dream to my friend Kathy in New Zealand and this is what she replied with:

Vampires yes I’ve had this dream too! A year or so ago, in my dream it was like they were existing above – as if living in a space 10 feet higher than the human race. I had become one too!

I think we look and act different to most people. So maybe it’s another form we can see ourselves in — going way out here, beyond. Maybe this “Vampire” does exist and this is a true reality?? Where did it all begin for it to be a part of human history/myth/belief? In my dream I was quite comfortable too. We were not feeding on the blood of humans or anything like that, just existing. Maybe the blood sucking fear we have come from is some type of religious belief/brainwash. Interesting, another dimension maybe?  P.S I’m not one of those vampire crazed fans.

I am relieved to hear that I am not alone in my perspective in this dream, or am I alone in having such a fascinating intense dream of vampires. Human beings are not the end all of souls, there are vast realms of beings that remain invisible behind the curtain. Dreams are here to life the veil on the things we are too frightened (for whatever reason) to view.

A week has past now since I experienced this dream and I have come to an understanding of what the dream represents to me. I have newly accepted another piece of my Self that I seemed to forget about. It reminds me that all of us have great power , maybe it is unknown to us, maybe we have forgotten about it, or maybe it remains a mystery to our waking minds, but it is there within us… deep within us… and we can tap into it any time to be used for good. I see my vampire dream as a reminder of my telepathy and psychic abilities I do not use often in waking. I have relied on my dreams to be the portal for these abilities and seem to turn them off for myself on many occasions in my waking. This dream has awoken me as a reminder to a piece of my soul from the past, to use in the present, in order to create my future.

I always tell others “Don’t be afraid of dreams that have meanings in waking that hold a negative or fearful notion. There are a spectrum of positive meanings behind dreams that reveal the beautiful truth to your mysterious images and thought patterns.”

Next time you have a dream in which waking life relates it to the darkness, shift your perspective and view your dream from a positive angle that fits with who YOUR soul truly is. The physical plane is not the only existence in which we live amongst. …..And sometimes an image or feeling is not simply defined by a blanket translation.

As my Reiki teacher said to me, “I believe that everything exists, even those ‘fantasy’ characters, so authors never made up things but merely tapped into the energy out there.”

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What energy are you tapping into within your dreams?

Have you ever had a vampire dream? If so post a comment about your dream or send me your dream for further translation.

14 thoughts on “Translating Dreams of Vampires: a different perspective

  1. I Keep having a recurring dream about a vampire iam however not afraid of him though the strange thing is b4 he comes to me he sends along a silver kitten and it stays with me for 10 or 20 minutes adn then leaves after words this vampire appears but he dose not scare me what dose all this mean?

  2. Greetings Saarah, My hand slipped on the keyboard and the message I was typing disappeared. Not sure if you received my half finished reply, Please let me know. Sorry if I end up repeating myself:

    Since you are not afraid of the vampire, the vampire may be a guide for you. It continues to reappear because it has a message for you that you have not yet received. The kitten in the dream is the message or holds the message that you have not decoded. Next time you go to sleep set the intention to receive the message from your guide, the vampire, that is held within kitten. (Your message may take up to a week to unravel and receive.)

    The kitten may represent an aspect of your Self (or soul) that needs growing and tending to in order to grow. Is there something going on in your present life that is hindering your own personal evolution? For a little more info on cats see my posting on Lions, Cats, Bears Oh My! if the kitten in your dream stays with you for 10 or 20 mins there may be healing you are receiving from it – or is trying to tell you healing you are in need of. How do you feel once you awake from this dream?

    I discuss positive aspects of vampires as guides in a posting called More Translations of Vampires in Dreams This may be helpful to you.

    The color silver represents a higher purpose and or a higher vibration / light. Was the color silver on the kitten bright and shiny? Or was it dull and mute?

    I hope this helps. Once you speak a reoccurring dream out loud or to someone else it begins to shift and change because you are acknowledging the message within it.

    Blessings, Meredith

  3. I also have been having dreams about vampires, I always try to fight them off or hide. They always find me though but I never get bit until last night, The head vampire or so he seemed to be finally bit my neck and I swear I felt it. It was like a thousand needles going through my neck. After that this other vampire bit me so hard that I coughed up blood and my tonsil, it was gross. I was so freaked out, what in the world does this mean? I didn’t watch any scary movies or anything the night before so why am I having these dreams. (More than once.)

  4. Hi Kelly, Thank you for sharing your dream with me. It feels your dream may be about something deeper then what is seen on the surface. However, since most Vampire dreams represent warning dreams it could possibly have something to do with your environment within yourself and / or surrounding you. Who or what is feeding off your energy? Is there anyone in your life draining (exhausting) you? Feels as though you may be in need of some replenishing. I would need to speak with you further to provide the guidance and interpretation you are looking for.

    If you would like to explore this dream with me please visit my Healing Treasure Box page and check out my dream interpretation fees.

    Blessings, Meredith

  5. This is insane for the past month now I’ve had a reoccuring dream about vampires it started w me being little in the first dream and now in the most recent dream I am my present age. The thing that really gets me is they all have picked up exactly where the prior dream has ended…right and get this, everytime I have one of these dreams I wake up in the exact same possition I fell asleep in as if my body was just a hollowed corpse the whole night. This last one was one of the realist yet . It wa so detailed . It is also weird that I don’t remember my dream or dreams until I wake up from the most recent one. And I only remember before automatically tossing them into my subconscious . I can remember smells sounds even taste. I saw the most amazing one last night, a girl my age she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. We fell in love instantly and then she told me why she was and surprisingly I didn’t care I Asked her to show me her fangs and she opens her mouth and these little extensions almost jetted outt of her normal looking k9s or whatever the real name for the tooth it was. I remember a fast like jetting sound almost like scraping a sidewalk with a brick woul make. I felt them with my finger they were so sharp. Anyways I ended up telling her I had family and I couldn’t be with her we keep walking and my dad appears in the distance and she looks back at me and said well we can fix that and sprints toward him I didn’t even have time to warn Him before I heard the jetting sound of her razor sharp extended fangs jet out and then she hit Him and it sounded like a stick being thrown through the brush and all I could see was a red mist lingering where my father once stood . I was in shock I passed out. I woke up in this open little cave on the side of a mountain guarded by extended pieces of ivory to act as prison bars behinde them me and her lay in the sand both unconscious. Soon we awoke to find we where incarcerated by some higher power she was scared of and she told me I had to become one. I started picturing her biteing me and told her absolutely not. It got really silent then she pointed out a weak spot in the ivory prison bars and I began to climb I looked at her she gazed at me time stopped for a split second. I began to climb the ivory bars wen I heard her scream this scream I will never forget a scream as if you ha been tortured for thousands of years w your mouth sewed shut and suddenly th stitches where let open. I went to look back at her and ……… That’s when I woke up. 9/12/12 PAC

  6. Hi Parker, Thank you for sharing your dream experiences with me. There is a lot going on here within these vampire dreams, intensity and symbolism pertaining to both your physical self and your soul. You mention it is re-occurring, I sense there is a message you are ignoring within your waking life, so now your dreaming life is trying to get your attention. I suggest starting with trying to identify someone in your waking life that may be draining you emotionally and mentally.

    I am happy to explore this dream with you in more detail through email. You can fill out one of the questionnaires for my research and writings — which gives me permission to use and publish your dreams on my blog or in my current book I am writing, for a free dream translation session via email communication.
    Visitations Questionnaire
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    Otherwise my rate is $25 for a detailed intuitive dreaming session – click here for more information.

    Sometimes our dreams illuminate a fear that already exists within us in waking, you may not realize the fear until you speak to your dreams and ask them.
    I hope to hear from you.

    Blessings, Meredith

  7. I have had frequent dreams about Vampires…
    This is it:.

    Ok so, it was about 2:00pm and I was at school. My school looked different, there was a massive courtyard. And in that massive courtyard were all the 2000 students who are at my school. Then the school orchestra went on stage and they played a song. Then we sang the first ever written song… Then we looked over to the projecter, it was a camera from the Hubble Space Craft. It looked as though the astronauts were in a room, with instruments that our school provided. Then the teachers yelled, “EVERYBODY, GO HOME QUICKLY, THE VAMPIRES ARE OUT!!” We all ran home. I went to my dads house. I felt safe there, but I was home alone. Then I went into the bathroom and there was a man floating on his back in my bath who looked deadly sick. He was on his death bed. Anyway, I closed the bathroom door and I went to clean my room. The someone knocked on my bedroom door and I opened it and I saw a piece of meat on the ground. So I went into the bathroom to check on the sick man. I then saw 2 people there. It looked like 1 was a vanpire and 1 was a holy doctor. The doctor was trying to heal the sick man. The sick man was bleeding a bit, it made the water red which made the vampire hungry. At this time I didn’t know he was a vampire, until he opened his mouth… He opened his mouth and I saw long fangs, the doctor said “GET OUT AND GET BLOOD” He saw me at the door looking. The vampire looked at my and licked his lips. I sprinted to the front door while the vampire was flying. I opened the front door and the vampire turned around and went back to the bathroom. I ran to my next door neighbours house and I knocked on the front door, then that was it. They didn’t even answer the door. Then I just, woke up.

  8. Greetings Ella, Thank you for sharing this dream. Vampires represent many different layers of truth, others, and of our own selves. Ask yourself; ‘What was my first thought, intuition, feeling upon waking from this dream?’

    Dream Oracle: Look for the Trick of the Light. There may be someone (or even you) shedding the wrong light within your present life. Try not to get caught up in the energy of fear that is flowing through our society right now; step outside this energy and look for the light within you – embrace and shine it outward.

    I would be happy to explore your dream more through my Intuitive Dream Translation Services, as there are symbolic layers within your dream to discuss please contact me.

    Or please read and fill out one of the following questionnaires by clicking here.

    Merry Solstice! Blessings, M

  9. I fell a sleep last night about 1 which was late for me I was with vampers I don’t think I was a vamper I remember the vampers taking a man with them then to a room I was crawling into this room where light was coming through the vampers could go near the light but I crawled through it I was looking down at the floor but the light was on me and I was fine , I then saw the vamper drinking blood from this guy he was still alive the poor guy was screaming then I woke up x

  10. Thank you for sharing your dream with me. If you would like to explore this dream more with me please visit Intuitive Dream Translation Sessions

    Dream Oracle: What do you continue to stare at that you are not “seeing’ fully? Suggestion – Sometimes it is our own life we view with shades on. Don’t let others feed off you and dis-empower your true spirit.

    Please feel free to contact me via the link above to receive a full reading translation of your dream.

    Many Blessings, Meredith

  11. Hello, Meredith, and everyone else who may stumble upon this page like I did. Searching for some deeper meaning to vivid dreams, and sub-conscious imagery.

    I had this dream this morning, before I woke for work. It was erotic, sensual, and dark. I can’t help but reflect, and remain somewhat stimulated by my experiences.

    I wake in my dream, and find myself as a vampire, oddly comfortable, and aware of my state and power. I go to prey and find sustenance. Instead I have turned a girl, Asian, 5’3, early 20’s, into a vampire as well. She is seductive, and alluring. The blood lust is arousing, and the girl is my pet, in some respect, but she is also reckless, and acts of her own accord. We are out in the night looking for sustenance, and somehow get involved in a car accident, which is notice by many spectators. The other party in the accident is aware of our state and appears to want to harm us, or at least stop our efforts to consume. We flee and split up, and meet up later. She now has a few friends which she decided to share “the gift” with. In time they have all become consumed by the desire to prey on the living, and are reckless in there consumption. I come into what seems to be my apartment, and in the main room there is blood finely splattered on the wall, the floor and various items in the room. I find it somewhat unsettling. I pick up a shoe, and there are tiny drops of blood inside and out. There is a closet not more than ten feet away, and there is blood, and an offensive odour coming from there. It’s the bodies of their victims, their prey. I realize they have been feeding in our safe spot, and feel they have forsaken it. As a group, they are strong, dangerous, and unpredictable,yet seductive in there manner. An overwhelming wave of ethics, morals and passion are in conflict with each other as I debate my tactics, and approach or to flee for my own cause. I try to approach but then find myself again conflicted with a sexual desire to embrace them, and share their blood lust, but also have the conflict of human moral, and taking the lives of the innocent. Trying to decide between selfish desire, and the greater good. It proves difficult. In the process, I am able to kill two of them, as some form of an attempt to correct my wrong doing of sharing my gift with someone so unappreciative. Then, I am taken to what feels like a later point in time, and I find myself with a cow, that seems to be very much okay with me commanding it where to go. I assume it is my will which controls it, and move the cow into a truck to bring with me to its end. As if feeding on the cow would quell my inner-turmoil, and subside my lust for blood. I say lust, as I felt strongly aroused whilst feeding. The imagery and the sensations were very powerful, and still resonate as I reflect. I drive to a specific location and unload this cow from the truck. The truck which was involved in the accident has obvious signs of damage from the incident. As I am unloading the cow, I am approached by the same person who was involved in the accident and was intent on stopping what we had become. It is unclear how, but it is plain to see that he is well versed in what is happening. He has the persona of a doctor, or even a “Van Helsing” arch-type. He admits to me that he is aware of what is going on, and at this point, I come to realization that he is not as much a threat as originally perceived, and that he may be an ally, willing to listen. I say ” You may want to sit down, as I have to be honest with you…..” At which point, I wake to waking life and get ready for work, spinning from the experience of my dream. Mesmerized by the fem-fatals, and their alluring whispers, desirable bodies, cold wit kisses, and darkness of character, that is all so strangely sickly sexy….

    I share this dream as I am a vivid dreamer, and love my adventures, and love to share them as well. The logic of metaphysics are unknown to me, and I find it hard to discount that which we do not know.

    I thank you for reading, and look forward to other experiences, comments, and interpretations.

  12. Hi, so the other night i had a strange dream and i cant seem to figure it out. i had a dream i was already a vampire, and i my friend was trying to kill me because she found out i was a vampire, so i ran into a storage room and she was there, i turned around almost like i hissed at her with my fangs hit whatever she was trying to kill me with out of her hand and ran. i think i had other vampire friends but i really dont remember then i woke up. i always dream i am a vampire in a dream once ina while. i dont understand it ):

  13. Thank you for sharing your dream. I am happy to explore this dream with you off line through my intuitive dream translations and readings via email or skype. For more information please visit:

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