Dream of the Arcturians

Lately, I have been researching and reading more on ET’s, souls from other planets & galaxies that appear in our dreams….. You know what I am speaking of….. Those dreams where we are moving through realms and interacting with people we are familiar with yet do not recognize from waking life. Those dreams in which some of us see aliens and either feel fear from the encounters or feel as if they have finally connected with their homeland.  Those dreams in which at least once or twice you have woken up and noticed a cut or scratch on some part of your body.

A few weeks ago I had a vision right at the moment I fell asleep.

I saw three familiar souls (that I now know) looked like Arcturains and there was a beautiful luminous light within them and these colors of white and gold surrounded them like a bubble. I observed them through a clear shield that prevented me from getting too close to them. They turn towards me acknowledging my presence; telepathically I was told they called me to come. It was time to see what I had been inquiring about.  I was mesmerized by the glow of light feeling at peace, at home; and I was unable to concentrate on what it was they called me to see. I noticed they stood around another soul, but I would not see the face of this soul; I did not know if this other soul was human or not.

I woke up. My eyes pooped open, my mind raced, my heart fluttered, and my ego tried to rationalize what I knew to be true. I felt like I had encountered beings in which I held a strong connection to.

The next day I received an email from a dreamer who had just experienced an alien type dream and needed answers to who they were and what they were doing in his dream. The dreamer, I felt, needed to identify the positive or negative outcomes of the dream; the dreamer needed answers I was unable to provide for me instantly without some more information from him. His dream, my dream the night before, sparked something inside of me I never thought to investigate. I have always believed in beings from far far away, I encounter them often in my own dreams – but I encounter them in forms of guides, souls, spirits, and not so much as physical alien beings in human form. For me, it was time to know more and so this began an all out internet search for alien beings of all races. I will admit I have become a little obsessed with the search, and for good reason. I feel I am gaining an abundance of knowledge I hope to share with you within my dream realms. For now, however, I am going to list some sites (below) that I have found to help you with your own encounters that may begin to pop up.

My daughter, who is 7 years old, mentioned to me yesterday that she had a dream of a beautiful angel, a woman who told her she was her guide. She told me that the women was white and gold, filled with light, with amazing wings. My daughter went on to explain to me that her guide told her she was here to protect her in both her dream realms and her waking. She said her angel guide had information about her life purpose and will be with her every step of the way.

I noticed that when I am doing Reiki with a client I have a beautiful winged woman filled with white light that stands above the edge of my Reiki table, above the feet area. I also have an animal spirit of a white winged horse (similar to Pegasus) that began to appear for me a year and a half ago while practicing shamanic journeys. She has stuck with me through all my meditations, journeys and appeared in my dreams at times.

Over the past couple of weeks I dove into as much as I could find on the Arcturians. I discovered information around the connection between the Arcturians and to the angelic woman & the winged horse that both my daughter and I have dreamt and or connected with through healing & meditations. Suddenly, because of my reading explorations on worlds beyond earth, I managed to open a new portal for me to journey through and my dreams are starting to take me to higher realms I was unable to get to before. (I will post as more messages begin to appear in my dreams.)








4 thoughts on “Dream of the Arcturians

  1. your dream about the arcturian reminds me of a recent dream i had, the bubble of white light surrounded him too and he called me telepathically (i was with a childhood friend and it was clear she couldnt see him), such as you i wasnt sure what it was he wanted to show me, as i couldnt focus, i remember looking into his deep, large almond shape green eyes and feeling so much peace! he was small, light brown in colour and dressed in white. thank you for sharing this, Love and Blessed be x

  2. Thank you sharing this. I feel there are many of us who are dreaming and healing with the Arcturians, and other higher vibrational beings. Just last week I was doing a distance healing for someone and it was confirmed to me that the Arcturains work with me, as they appeared to help assist with the healing. It was amazingly beautiful. They are peaceful beings here to help planet earth, the human race, and other beings that exist here to move out of the muck and darkness and into a higher dimensional realm.

    I research and help others through these types of dreams you mentioned. If you would like to share more with me o submit any dreams as part of my research and writings contact me via email directly: dreams@ispeakindreams.com or visit my Calling All Dreamers post.

    Blessings, M

  3. thank you 🙂 what you wrote resonates perfectly with me…yes, i will contact you on this. I have many dreams of such nature and i have also experienced “walk ins” while awake now, lol. I have seen both Pleiadeans and Arcturians, the second seem to be in my environment more so. Love and Light xx

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