Almost done… Night Shift Dreams….

Hello fellow dreamers!

I have not been posting as much as usual because I have been writing my eBook on Night Shift Dreams! And I am happy to say it is in the process of editing… I am almost done! And I am very excited!!!

I feel this guide and the dreams I share of Night Shift Workers will open doors and portals to our dreams….. lifting the veil between the visible and invisible.

This eBook is for those of us who have ever felt:

  • the characters in your dreams were more then just aspects of your selves
  • that you worked all night helping, healing, guiding other souls
  • you encountered many spirits who asked you for help
  • you are able to speak to the departed in your dreams
  • you woke up so exhausted that the physical core of your very being felt as if it never slept
  • you found yourself helping the departed cross over into the light

I will give out more information when the final pieces are completed! Stay tune….

Listen to Dr. Gillian Holloway and Meredith Smith speak with guest Monica Holy about Night Shift Dreams on Blog Talk Radio: