Collecting Strange Being Dreams (Alien type dreams)

As 2013 I am no longer collecting dreams for my book research. Thank you for all who have submitted their dreams. If you you like to read my dream books please visit my dream book page.


I am collecting dreams that relate to Night Shift Dreams and VisitationsI am working on a writing project related to these types of dreams, and I am now wondering if alien related dreams or dreams related to “being” type interaction are a sub category of Night Shift Dreams.

Have you ever experienced a dream related to strange “beings” or aliens? If so please send me your dreams and I will respond within 72 hours with a free interpretation of your dream.

If your dream aligns with my research on Night Shift dreams then I will like to use it in my writing project. Please answer the following questions when sending me your dream:

  1. Email me your dream and be as detailed as possible. (images, location, etc..)  with Date and physical location of dream.
  2. Acknowledge and try to explain all of your senses within your dream. (Touch, Feel, Smell, Taste, Hear)
  3. Did you interact with the strange being in your dream? Telepathic Communication?
  4. Was there any type of healing taking place within your dream?
  5. Do you feel as if you were astral traveling in this dream?
  6. How did you feel when you woke up from this dream? Explain in as much detail as possible.
  7. Was there anything going on in your life at the time of this dream? Traumatic experiences? Major life changes? Internal or external transitions in your life?
  8. Do your experience these types of dreams often? If so, can you email me the dreams.
  9. Do you ever have waking life visitations or visions? Can you feel the presence of spirits (ghosts) in waking life?

Thank you for your time in sending me your dream(s). Please also inform me if you would like your name changed if I do pick your dream in my research.